The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/20/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

David, Tad and Brooke are all trying unsuccessfully to prove that JR and Adam falsified the video that supposedly proved that Babe and Jamie threatened to kill JR. Babe goes to Llanview and tells Paul Kramer she knows he took her baby to give to his sister Kelly, then lied to Adam and JR because they threatened him, by telling them that Bianca's daughter is theirs. He tells her he can make it look like she stole Bianca's baby only so she could get the Chandler money. He's able to scare her. But Jamie is determined to help her.

Kendall tells Bianca she refuses to help Babe get Bess back from JR and believes Bianca should also wash her hands of their problems. She also reveals to her sister that possibly Zack Slater can unravel some mysteries to her if she talks to him and asks if he is Alexander Cambias Jr.

ATWT by Linda

Jack arrives at the house and only recognizes Parker, though he doesn’t remember anything they did or why he recognized him. Meanwhile, Carly confronts Julia and they argue, JJ coming in and accusing Carly of trying to take Jack away. Back at the house, Roseanna encourages everyone to go and then leaves when Carly returns. Carly and Jack talk, but JJ calls him on his cell phone and tells him about Carly and Julia’s fight, Jack telling Carly to never go near his wife again. Julia, after the fight, runs into Lisa who tells her all kinds of interesting information about Carly. Paul and Jennifer discuss Jordan’s offer from WorldWide, and Paul hints that perhaps they should take a serious look at the buyout. Nikki advises Jordan to just hang in there, Jennifer wants her new line and eventually she’ll come to him for help. Holden stops by Al’s and learns from Alison that Aaron is going to box, Aaron showing up and Holden asking him if he’s lost his mind. When Roseanna returns from Carly’s, she goes into the barn and Paul has decorated it, also providing a dinner. When she asks if he did it for her, he tells her that he did it because they love each other.

B&B by Boo

Brooke and Ridge discuss the conversation that Brooke had with Nick about not putting Spectra in Jackie M. They also talk about Thomas and Amber again. Ridge predicts that the worse is yet to come. Nick is a bit amused at Sally and Clark’s attempt to impress him, but looks at the line anyway and is impressed. He indicates that he would be interested in carrying Spectra at Jackie M. The doctor tells Amber, Stephanie and Thomas that it would be very dangerous if Amber is pregnant. She may die if she tried to carry a baby. We still wait to hear if Amber is actually pregnant.

Days by Danielle

Belle decides to make love with Philip. Shawn stops his love making with Jan because he doesn’t remember their sleeping together but decides to make love to Jan when they witness Belle and Philip making love.

Nicole sneaks away from the group to look for Colin. She finds Patrick instead and tries to convince him to help her find Colin but he refuses. Billie slips into a hole in the airshaft that leads down to a fiery pit. Hope finds them before Bo can risk his life by climbing down to save Billie. Hope tries to convince Bo not to risk his life for Billie and Billie decides to let go from the edge and fall rather than let Bo try and save her. John and Brady work together to make their way to the generator. They notice that the entire room is covered in traps.

GH by  Amanda

Ric comforts Alexis who pretty much admits to caring about him. Thanks to a tip from Luke, Jax is picked up for aiding and abetting, prompting Skye to decide to turn herself in; however Luke and Dillon have a better plan, something on the order of Thomas Crowne Affair that involves springing Faith out of jail. As Emily and Nik give Lucky the good news of the broken curse, Tracy gleefully calls Helena to tell her the curse appears broken. Edward plans to elope with Heather to Paris, who demurs, then later is caught by her fiance talking to "herself" about her dreams of Luke in the attic. Later she fantasizes about marrying Luke while getting hitched to Edward in front of the JP. Helena vows that Emily and Nik will never be happy, if she has to do a repeat of what happened to Kristen, Alexis' mother. Fortunately, Lucky is nearby to hear all this and arrest Helena for Kristen's murder. As Alan and Monica realize a thief has been in their home, Tracy finds the note announcing the marriage and they plot to end it. A young Lilah visits Edward in a dream. Jax is released thanks to Alexis. Somehow, Helena gets out of custody to menace both Emily and Kristina in the chapel.

GL by Eva

Philip gives Lizzie a puppy to cheer her up because she is depressed about causing Sandy's accident. Later Gus decides to check Ruth's references because he doesn't trust her. Gus advises Philip to fire Ruth because he feels he can't trust her. Philip refuses to Listen to Gus because he doesn't trust him anymore. At Farley's Bar, Coop and Buzz meet with Lizzie to apologize because Coop crashed the Bulldozer through the Spaulding mansion gate. Lizzie assumes they know about the accident and almost tells them everything. Coop reluctantly agrees to take the job as Lizzie's driver to pay off the debt he owes to Philip for Damages he caused when he drove the bulldozer through the Spaulding mansion gate. Coop and Lizzie get along like oil and water on Coop's first day on the job.

On the Boat, Sebastian gets a call from Blake begging him to come get her. Sebastian refuses but asks Blake not to tell anyone where Michelle and Holly have gone. Tony sneaks on the boat to protect Michele and is almost shot by Sebastian. Sebastian talks to himself and says there has been a change in plans. At the Beacon, Blake and Ross argue because Ross had her arrested to keep her from going on the trip with Sebastian. Ross thinks Sebastian is just as dangerous as Roger and wants to investigate his past. Blake gets even more angry at this suggestion and decides to stay and have a drink rather then go home with Ross. Blake makes Danny think Michelle has left town with Tony unaware that he is actually with her. Danny calls Michelle's cell phone and Tony answers the call. Danny hangs up the phone when he hears Michelle's voice in the background. At the Mansion, Bill discovers Philip's wrecked car hidden on Spaulding property. Harley confirms its Philips car when she finds something with his initials on the front seat. Harley takes tire tracks and pictures of the car to determine point of impact. Harley is later told by the lab that the tire tracks match those of the car that hit Sandy. Harley smiles because she thinks she is going to send Philip to jail for causing Sandy's accident.

OLTL by Janice

Paul tells RJ that he will get him his money. Jamie attempts to choke Paul to keep him from bothering Babe. Kevin wonders why Paul is still in town with all the money he paid him. Paul wants more money to keep him from telling about Ace. Lindsay tells RJ she’ll kill Paul if he lays a hand on Jennifer. Lindsay fears Paul and what he might have on her. Todd wants Blair to marry him today by a Justice of the Peace. Blair wants a big wedding. She promises Todd that she isn’t going anywhere. Todd is unable to get the license, because Todd Manning does not exist. Kevin arranges a photo-op handing Ace to Kelly then leaves her alone with the baby. Paul arrives and tells Kelly that Ace is stolen. Tico goes to the loft to see Sonja. He asks her why she never told him that she’s been working against the Santi organization. As he hugs her, he tells her that he’s proud that she’s a federal agent. Sonja is uncomfortable as Tico massages her neck and shoulders, knowing that it’s all an act. Antonio goes to Lion’s Heart to tell Jessica that she needs to get away from Tico. He informs her that Tico has taken over the Santi organization, killed Isabella and framed her to be El Tiburon. Even the letter that Manuel left in the safety deposit box is unable to convince her. Later, Jessica confronts Tico with all the information Antonio told her. He swears that he is not guilty of any of Antonio’s claims. Tico tells her she has to choose between ending the marriage or giving him absolute trust. Jessica vows she trusts Tico as Sonja tells Antonio that she knows that Tico is El Tiburon.

Passions by Suzanne

Alistair tells Martin that if he leaves Katherine to him and doesn't tell about what's under the gazebo, he will make sure that Martin is happily reunited with his family. Sam takes Katherine to jail. Gwen begs Theresa to save one of the babies. Theresa talks to her famly about it. Gwen freaks out while talking to Ethan about the babies and suddenly collapses. Luis and Theresa agree that they hate Martin and wouldn't welcome him back since he has deserted them for all those years, which upsets Pilar. Katherine meets another prisoner who killed her husband to protect her daughter. The woman urges her not to lose her daughter no matter what. Sheridan visits Katherine in jail and demands to know why she feels this connection to her. Katherine at first denies it but then seems ready to tell the truth.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brittany - though initially disappointed - agreed to have the wedding at The Chancellor Estate, only after Bobby questioned her desire to get married at all. Mac told JT that Brittany was definitely only getting married to prove something, rather than for love. Nikki and Bobby discussed the wedding, before Bobby said he wished Nikki hadn't been taken. Bobby then encountered Ash - alone and thinking about Victor - talked to her about her wedding, and let it slip that Nikki and Victor's relationship was - in his opinion - on rocky ground. Ash seemed pleased with this information. Neil refused to discuss Sharon with Drucilla. They spoke about Devon, and agreed they should try to find his Father. Lily agreed with them, hoping this would make a difference in Devon's life. Nick disappointed Sharon by revealing that Neil had refused to hire her at NE, and said they should just wait it out. While Nick went to meet Chad for a beer, Sharon went to Victor and asked him for a job. He turned her down, suggesting she focus on the children and not make the same mistakes he did with Nick and Victoria. Jack advised Brad to take a final stand to keep Ashley from Victor's arms and strengthen his own marriage. Brad felt it was a lost cause and that he shouldn't have to fight for his own wife. Nikki brought dinner to Victor and Devon, told Victor she was putting the past (Charlie Cassen) behind her, and made plans to spend a romantic night with him. PREDICTION: MALCOLM WINTERS - RETURNING NOVEMBER 1ST 2004, IS THE FATHER OF DEVON HAMILTON.

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