The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/19/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Zack reveals to Erica,for the first time that he is Alexander Cambias Jr. She is determined to buy both him and Ethan off in order to protect her daughters and prevent them from taking away Ryan's company. Adam blackmails Tad to help him find Liza and Colby in exchange for destroying the tape where Jamie and Babe threaten the homeless man. Babe almost tells Bianca that Bess is her child but cannot get it out.

ATWT by Linda

Carly has invited Holden, Hal, Tom and Margo to all welcome Jack home. When he doesn’t show up, she goes to the Lakeview and confronts Julia. Jack, on his way home, stops at Al’s to pick up a piece of chocolate cake for Parker. Alison gushes over him, telling him how perfect he and Carly were. As Jack leaves, the diner is held up. As Jack takes down the perpetrator, the perp’s gun goes off. Lucy accidentally spills the beans to Rafi, Rafi furious when Dom tells him to chill out and let him take care of the business end of things. Rafi talks with Aaron and offers to train him so he’ll have a decent fight, Aaron reluctantly agreeing. Dom threatens Dusty again, but instead of being angry with Lucy, Dusty kisses her and tells her that he wants her there, by his side. Jennifer tries to make up with Nikki, so that Mike will consider being the model for her new jeans line. When that falls flat, she still convinces Mike to become the face of Street Jeans. Jordan convinces Lucinda to consider buying out BRO, but when he discusses it with Jennifer she tells him no, flat out.

B&B by Boo

Thomas sees Caitlin at the restaurant and brags to her what a mature relationship he and Amber have now. Stephanie continues to try to talk some sense into Amber about only being friends with Thomas until Amber runs from the room to get sick. Stephanie realizes what this might mean and takes Amber straight to a doctor to have a pregnancy test ran. She calls Thomas and tells him what is happening and to meet them at the doctorís office. Amber has the test taken. While Thomas, Stephanie and Amber all wait for the results, Stephanie and Amber continue to argue. Thomas starts to freak out a little bit at the prospect of being a father.

Brooke visits Nick and tries to explain the fashion world to him. She gives him the advice that he should only carry Forrester Creations in the Jackie M boutiques because Spectra isnít up to the standards that Jackie M customers are used to. Nick tells her that Felicia has told him that things are looking up at Spectra. Brooke tells him that even though Felicia and Thorne are working for Spectra now, neither know enough about Fashion to make things better for Spectra. Felicia overhears the conversation and confronts Brooke when she leaves Nickís office.

Days by Danielle

Mimi’s stopping of the music pushes Shawn and Belle farther apart. Belle decides to finally turn to Philip and Shawn decides that it is time to physically move on with Jan. Kate calls Brandon with the news that the Basic Black charity foundation thinks his organization is a good choice to invest in, only if he comes back to Salem to make a presentation to the board of directors. Sami fantasizes that Brandon comes back to her and tells her that he is the man for her.

Hope, John, Brady, and Nicole devise a plan to spread out and search for the rest of the prisoners. Hope delights in telling Nicole that Victor is alive and on the island. Billie finishes downloading the files to a CD but hasn’t had a chance to look at them before being stunned by Bo. Patrick follows Tony’s orders to start the sequence for blowing up the island.

GH by Lisa

Durant survives surgery. Carly apologizes to Jason for accusing him of shooting Durant. Carly sits with Durant as he wakes up and later tells Sonny she can't turn her back on her father. Durant tells Steven getting shot gave him another chance to use Carly to destroy Sonny. Sonny doesn't know how to respond when Michael asks him if he kills his enemies. Ric advises Sonny to keep the truth from Michael.

Jax and Courtney are prevented from leaving the country after Mac accuses Jax of hiding Skye. Jax is forced to spend the night in jail while the police look for evidence indicating that Skye has been in his penthouse. Brook Lynn flirts with Diego after seeing Lois with Alcazar. Lois calls Brook Lynn's bluff and makes a date with Alcazar.

GL by Boo

Reva and Sandy search for Tammy while Josh and Frank search for Reva and Sandy. Reva and Sandy donít find Tammy and J.B. in time to stop them from making love, but J.B. manages to be gone before they see him. J.B. then tells a disappointed Tammy that he thinks he should leave town until things calm down with her family. Tammy comes up with the perfect solution when she decides to go with him. Josh and Frank catch up with Reva and Sandy and Reva fills them in. Frank takes Sandy back to the hospital to await Josh and Reva pressing fraud charges on him. Billy throws a celebration for Olivia and Bill. Unfortunately Bill canít stay long when he gets an urgent call from Harley. Phillip shows up to offer his congratulations. Phillip lets Billy know that he knows it was Billy that tried to get Olivia deported. Dinah gives Olivia a broach that used to belong to her grandmother to thank her for not ratting her out.

At Spaulding, Harley finds Phillipís model of new Springfield by accident and calls for Billís help. She gets her scarf and then her wig caught in the shredder and raises suspicion from Gus when she wonít open the door to Phillipís office to let him in. Bill arrives at the window in time to save her from being discovered. He tells her that he found something that just might bring Phillip down as he helps her out the window.

OLTL by Janice

RJ signs over Ultraviolet to Rex. At the diner, Natalie tells John that she hooked up with Paul because she was looking for John’s attention. John tells her Cramer took advantage of her and she shouldn’t blame herself. John tells her he’ll always worry about her. That evening Natalie can’t get John off her mind and keeps replaying all of their moments together. Dorian hides the Santi money from David and takes Kelly shopping. John sees all of her purchases and reminds her that any money Manuel Santi had was gotten illegally and belongs to the government, not to her. David is upset to find that Dorian has changed the safe combination. Kelly tells him that she thinks she should move out. Dorian calls from the police station saying she’s been arrested for passing marked $100 bills. Antonio is surprised to find that Sonja has moved into his loft. The CD that Antonio found in the safety deposit box has scandalous material on many influential people. Antonio shares a letter that his father wrote stating that Tico felt that he was ready to take over the family business. Manuel wrote that he was going to tell Tico that Antonio, not he, should be the one to run the organization. The note was written the day before Manuel was gunned down. Antonio goes to Lion’s Heart with a gun. At Lion’s Heart Jessica is unhappy that she and Tico aren’t spending any time together. He tells Jess that he is cutting Sonja out of their lives because she wasn’t supportive of their marriage. Jess tells Tico that she will be ready to make love soon, but she needs some time to adjust to their new lives together. Tico tells her that she’s sure they will be together soon and produce an heir. Jennifer tries to explain to Riley why she was in Paul’s room. He’s not ready to understand and goes to talk with his father. Daniel cancels his dinner date with Nora. Matthew doesn’t want to go to school because he’s being bullied.

Passions by Suzanne

Whitney and Fox sit around the Bennett house. She remembers happier times there with her family and the Bennetts and muses how it is all changed now. They discuss many things. Fox knows she has been very hurt by finding out about Chad being her brother, but he wants to take care of her. There is a lot of hugging and Whitney kisses him when he mentions that he wants children someday. Sam, Luis and Martin search for Sheridan and Katherine on the Crane estate. Martin remembers building the gazebo to hide some terrible secret for Alistair. At the hospital, Ivy yells at Julian for tossing Fox out and threatens that she will spill a bunch of family secrets to the tabloids if he doesn't reinstate Fox now.

Sheridan stops Katherine from injecting an air bubble into Alistair's IV, saying that he is not worth her sacrificing herself. When Sheridan wonders how her mother the saint could have loved Alistair, Katherine tells her how Alistair tricked his wife and lied to her but really loved her sister. Sheridan wonders how she knows this, so she covers. Alistair calls Sam to have Katherine arrested again, so he arrives and does that. Sam takes Katherine off to jail. Martin tells Alistair that he'd better not press charges against her, or he will tell everyone what's under the gazebo. Also at the hospital, Eve tells Gwen and Theresa they can abort one baby to save the other (otherwise both will die). Theresa refuses, even though Ethan and Gwen beg her repeatedly.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Neil told Nick the timing wasn't right for Sharon to join the company, and certainly not in a high-level position. Nick accused him of trying to protect Drucilla's job, and threatened to go to Victor, while Neil told him to feel free. Drucilla told Sharon she couldn't join the already crowded cosmetics division. Sharon accused her of feeling threatened, while Dru said they'd just wait to see what happened. Victor told Devon about his childhood as an orphan and asked about Devon's absentee Father. Drucilla interrupted their meeting, told Victor about Sharon's desire to work for NE, and asked about Devon. Victor insisted there was more to the story of Devon's Father than anyone was letting on. In front of Jack, Ash lectured Abby about blaming Victor for her accident. Jack later told her to stop defending Victor. Ash said he would never understand, admitted to having confusing feelings, but refused to share them with him. Nikki told Brad she'd had him investigated and apologized for killing his brother. Brad stunned her by revealing she had the wrong guy... he was NOT Charlie Cassen. Kay agreed to let Bobby and Brittany have their wedding at her estate. Brittany blasted Mac for suggesting she postpone the wedding, and was shocked when Bobby announced it would be at the Chancellor Estate. Phyllis told Damon that Dominic Hughes was reformed and would be released. She begged him to give up his vengeance and focus on them. Damon said there was no them, said good-bye to Phyllis and left her in tears.

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