The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/18/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Erica tells Zack her main goal is to get him and Ethan out of town and out of hers' and her daughters' lives. But when they talk, he reveals to her that he knows all about her history with her father, and she reveals that he reminds her of Michael Cambias. Greenlee accidentally spills to Ethan that she's heard that Zack Slater is Alexander Cambias Jr. Kendall tells Ryan she no longer wants to hurt him but believes Ethan. Kendall is however, very baffled to hear that Zack could be Ethan's father and wonders why, if that's the case, did he not help Ethan take down Ryan and get the Cambias fortune for himself as well as for his son.

ATWT by Linda

After much debate, Jack swears to Carly he’ll come back to Oakdale, but he’s bringing Julia and JJ with him. At the press conference, Lucy remembers Raphael and they embrace. Roseanna forgives Paul and asks for a second chance, Paul more than happy to give it to her. Bob tells Ben because there’s been a charge against him, he’ll have to submit to a urine test to clear his name. Ben refuses. Roseanna tells Carly to hang in there, urging her to fight for Jack and their life together.

B&B by Boo

Ridge visits Massimo and learns from Stephanie that Mass blinked and had a tear roll down his face. After Stephanie leaves, Ridge sees the same reactions from Massimo after Ridge puts the Marone ring back on. Ridge is convinced that Massimo is trying to communicate with him, regardless of Deacon’s discouraging words. After Ridge leaves, Deacon takes off Massimo’s Marone ring and puts it on his own hands. He brags to Massimo that he is now living Mass’ life, and can get real used to it. Massimo quietly plots his revenge. Thorne and Darla discuss the positive future that is now at their feet. Stephanie calls a truce with Amber, and again tries to explain to her why the relationship with Thomas is wrong. Amber collapses in terrifying pain as her and Stephanie try to work things out.

Days by Danielle

Jan comes close to telling Rex about Mimi’s abortion, forcing Mimi to stop the music and thus break up the dance between Belle and Shawn. Shawn refuses to believe that Belle would have come down to see him the night that Kate turned him away and picks a fight with Philip. Kate decides to use Brandon to keep Sami and Lucas apart. Brandon comes back to Sami’s apartment and insists that he’s the only man for her.

Billie knocks out a guard and steals his uniform. Billie tries to download files from Tony’s computer but Bo stuns her, thinking she is one of the guards. Patrick comes to check on Hope and she knocks him out. John reaches her cell and pulls Hope into the airshaft with him. Nicole insists on finding Colin to clear her name.

GH by Amanda

Life returns to the garden of Aphrodite as Emily and Nikolas kiss, moreover, Emily feels strong and healthy. John Durant's shooting is announced on television as Alexis, Steve, Sonny, and Mikey look on. Once Sonny knows Carly is fine, Alexis corners him and accuses him of trying to kill Ric. Ric runs into Lana, the hitwoman as he makes his way to Durant; she fakes that she is a reporter and tries to interview him to cover her own running away. Her gun is found in Jason's jacket, and as he is brought into the station, Sam runs to him, falling, but the baby appears to be all right. Ric is touched by Alexis' concern for his well being, and tries to get her to admit to feelings. She will let him hold her hand. Lucky is perceptive enough to have a feeling that Alcazar is behind the shooting, and Lois lays into Lorenzo when he bad mouths Sonny to Lucky. As Nik mulls over his past, Em suggests they face it by returning to his Island, which he is loathe to do. He still has doubts about his family and curses. Lois catches Lorenzo paying off Lana. Even Carly believe Sonny had Jason shoot Durant.

GL by Boo

Cassie goes off on Dinah and Jeffrey when she catches them kissing. She later catches Dinah coming out of Edmund’s suite again and continues to harass her. Edmund tells Cassie that she should just let the past go. Dinah overhears and comments to herself that it is time to go to ‘phase two’. J.B. continues to pressure Tammy into sleeping with him. After several attempted delay’s Tammy tells him that she is ready and they start to make love. Sebastian, Michelle and Holly leave for Santa Domingo. Reva tells Josh the whole truth about Sandy and the two of them go to the hospital to be there when Sandy wakes up. Meanwhile, Sandy desperately tries to get a hold of Reva to tell her that Tammy is in trouble. When Reva finally comes to see Sandy, with the help of his laptop he makes her understand that J.B. is her son Jonathan and that he is with Tammy to hurt her. Reva starts to leave to look for Tammy, but Sandy insists on going with her.

OLTL by Janice

Natalie finds Dorian’s stolen jewelry in a dumpster and turns it into John. She notices how upset that he is about Antonio. They discuss their past history; John reassures her that it wasn’t all her - “it takes two to tango.”

Natalie confides in John that she’s worried about Jessica and Tico. She tells John that Antonio looks like a totally different man. Natalie is unhappy as she overhears John talking to Evangeline inviting her to stay with him as long as she likes. In New York, Dorian tells Antonio that he has the same look in his eyes as his father and he will lose his family if he continues his present ways. Dorian is appalled when he puts all of the Santi money in the wastebasket. As Dorian takes the money Antonio slips a CD that was in the safety deposit box into his pocket. The CD is a list of the most powerful people in the world that El Tiburon intends to get to know. David cashes in some of Dorian’s bonds to get money to replace her jewelry. He clasps a necklace around Kelly’s neck. Kelly tells David that she’s made mistakes with men and she really doesn’t want to hurt Dorian. He assures her that they are only friends. Dorian comes home to find David leaning over Kelly on the couch. Riley looks for Jenn and Natalie tells him she might be with Paul at a motel. At the motel, Paul is out of the room and Jennifer rummages around for the tape. As she leaves Paul’s hotel room, Riley finds her and thinks the worst. Duke tells Kevin that he will hang out with Adriana or he will let the voters know that he dislikes Duke’s Hispanic girlfriend. There is a misunderstanding at the train station when the teacher still has papers showing that Blair has sole custody of Starr. Starr is upset that she was humiliated in front of fellow students. Natalie thanks Kevin for paying off Paul to get out of town. She wonders if Paul was blackmailing Kevin. Dorian is notified that her jewelry has been found. John asks her if anything is missing. Dorian does not tell John that the key is gone. At the diner, Natalie tells Antonio that Jessica misses him and Jamie. Adrianna walks in with Jamie as Antonio is leaving. He holds a sleeping Jamie promising to be back with her soon. John admits to Natalie that he has a hard time staying mad at her. She thanks him for forgiving her for all of her misdeeds with Paul. Antonio and John talk about “El Tiburon’s” shooting at the pier. John wonders if the death will allow Antonio to get back to his real life.

Passions by Suzanne

Sam goes to re-arrest Mrs. Wheeler, but Martin urges her to flee, so she does.  Sheridan tries to think of a way to help Mrs. Wheeler and she also questions Martin about whether he or Mrs. W. knew Alistair previously.  He is evasive.  Sam and Luis go out to look for Mrs. W. but don't find her, so Sam puts out an APB on her. Meanwhile, Katherine visits Alistair in his hospital room.  She tortures and threatens him a little and then tries to get him to agree to their previous deal, but he won't.  He is intent on her going to jail.  She uses an empty syringe to threaten to inject an air bubble into his IV, but just then Sheridan walks in, aghast.  Eve tells Gwen, Ethan, Theresa et al. that Theresa can't carry the twins any more; they will die because Theresa is too small and they are fighting for oxygen, food, etc.  Gwen and Theresa get very upset.  Eve tells them there might be one thing they can try, but the price might be too high.  Fox takes Whitney to see Ivy.  He asks her for help in talking to Julian about getting his birthright back.  She agrees and apologizes to him for the years of neglect in favor of Ethan.  When she hears he needs a place to stay, Ivy invites him to stay there with her, Sam and Jessica.

Y&R By Christopher

Sharon and Nick discussed her restlessness, and he promised to get her a job working with Newman Enterprises cosmetics division, giving her a chance to show off her beauty and brains. Angelo worried about having to be in a Church for Bobby's wedding. Bobby told him he wanted him by his side, and that everything would be perfect. JT and Brittany had more wedding talk, and Mac later told JT she was surprised he was supporting a wedding he disagreed with. Bobby and Brittany learned they couldn't be married in the Church because of Bobby's occupation. Phyllis refused to tell Daniel about her trip to Georgia. Damon visited Phyllis, and she admitted she'd seen Dominic Hughes, and that he would likely be a free man soon. Damon said he wouldn't breathe free air for long. Brad visited Nikki to find out what was troubling her. Though she tried to make him leave, she finally broke down and asked him if he was Charles Robert Cassen. Jack harassed Victor at The Athletic Club, taunting him about how Abby wanted nothing to do with him, just like Victoria.

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