The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/15/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Erica notices Maria holding Zack in her arms, consoling him over the shock he's gotten to realize for the first time what his brother was all about. She instantly assumes Maria is cheating on Edmund and confronts her about how dishonorable that is to do to Edmund when he's in a wheelchair. But Maria tells Erica she's a fine one to be judging, knowing that not long ago Erica abandoned her daughters and went gallivanting off to Vegas.

Edmund makes it obvious to Ryan and to Aiden that he's discovered some sort of "secret" about Zack Slater but will not tell them. They are still determined to find out Zack's secret. At the end, Aiden discovers that Zack is really Alexander Cambias Jr. Bianca has a discussion with Zack where she's puzzled to hear him talk about how anybody who has the Cambias fortune is cursed, or how or why he'd have such strong feelings about it.

ATWT by Linda

Alison defends Will against the bully from the pond, and she makes up with Susan when her mother tells her how proud she is of her. Paul and Roseanna kiss, but memories of the cabin and Cabot’s death stop Roseanna in her tracks. Carly convinces Jack to return to Oakdale, but he refuses to leave Julia and JJ hanging. Jessica tells Bob that Ben is taking drugs and Bob asks Ben to put the pills on the table to show him. Lucinda makes a deal with Craig, but uneasily.

B&B by Boo

Thorne stands up to Ridge at Spectra and tells him that he will not let Ridge bully or intimidate anyone that is now working for Spectra. He sends Ridge ‘back to work’ with the warning that Spectra will be a very big success. The whole Spectra crowd cheer Thorne on after Ridge leaves. Stephanie pays a visit to Massimo and notices a tear run down his cheek.

Days by Danielle

Alice’s holds a dance contest to benefit a homeless shelter. Mickey accepts Bonnie’s marriage proposal. Bonnie calls Shawn Sr. and convinces him to move on with Julie. Shawn Sr. asks Julie out on a date but decides that he isn’t ready to move on when Julie turns him down. Rex plays Belle and Shawn’s song as he makes everyone switch dance partners. Belle, Philip, Shawn, and Jan are forced to switch with each other in an effort to bring Shawn and Belle back together.

Victor insists on taking care of Nicole and Jan himself before they can get their hands on Brady and Shawn. Maggie worries that she is too late to keep Mickey from moving on. Brady and Nicole return to Colin’s cell but only find a row of pillows in his place. Billie tells Hope about how she can’t have any more children so she has nothing to offer Bo like Hope does. John helps Bo escape and they head to rescue Hope and Billie but arrive too late. Tony delivers orders to proceed with a doomsday scenario starting with Hope and Billie. Hope and Billie overhear Tony tell Bart his plan to destroy the evidence by blowing up New Salem and everything in it.

GH by Amanda

Sonny restates his devotion to fatherhood to Michael, then calls Jason who happens to be with Durant as they speak. Durant has just threatened Courtney; Jason wants to kill him, but Sonny will settle for Jason attending a press conference where he is to announce he's going after Lorenzo, who happens to be planning to kill Durant at that moment. Dillon's cinema psychotherapy does not make Skye feel any better, nor does Nik's kiss make Emily feel uncursed. While robbing the Q mansion, Luke runs into Heather- in the attic, and agrees to a stalemate, silence for silence. He does not see his wife being held prisoner. Lorenzo catches Diego spying on him, forcing Courtney to come to the rescue. When Steve begins diagnosing Kristina, Alexis gets antsy, convinced he's keeping something from her. When she leaves, Ric asks for the truth. Nik finds the garden and struggles to get Emily to it in time; and they do get there and kiss. At the press conference, Durant announces Carly is his daughter and has her stand beside him. Sonny sees it on tv. As Durant hugs her, Lorenzo's shooter fires, hitting Carly. The doctor wants to keep Kristina in the hospital 36 hours, but Steve still is unsure that the diagnosis is simple.

GL by Elizabeth

OLTL by Janice

Dorian is upset that the safety deposit box is empty. She figures out that Antonio was the man who tried to access the box earlier. She goes to Antonio’s hotel room, finds a way to be left alone in Antonio’s hotel room, and opens the contents of the box. Just as she is about to unwrap the inner layer, a hand is clasped over her mouth from behind. Natalie brings Jamie over for a visit with Jessica. Natalie pressures Jess to tell her that she’s unhappy with the relationship. Tico pretends to be happy to have Jaime there, but he tells the butler never to let her in again. Jenn goes to meet Paul at his hotel room. Unfortunately, Paul is being thrown out for non-payment of rent. Jenn takes him to Capricorn to get him drunk. She plans to steal the tape as soon as Paul is passed out. In the warehouse, Sonja has been followed by other INL agents who shoot the man pretending to be El Tiburon. It turns out that the other agents are working for Tico. One of the agents calls Tico to tell him that the job is done, and for $60,000 Tico is told that Sonja has been working undercover against him. Sonja goes back to Lion’s Heart to pick up some things. She tells Jessica that she is moving into the loft with Antonio. At the police station, John finds out that Evangeline was attacked. He vows to make sure that the man pays. He and Michael and Evangeline go out for a drink. Afterwards Evangeline and John go back to his hotel. Nigel asks if she’ll be spending the night. John looks uncomfortable as he goes to get Evangeline’s bag from her car. Matthew questions if Bo is in love with Dr. Miller. Bo denies that they are in love - they are just dating. Matthew says he’s given up on girls since Starr dumped him.

Passions by Suzanne

will be late

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Sharon's handling of a rude customer left Nick worried about her growing restlessness. Nikki advised him to be patient, while he told her not to put her friendship with Brad second to Victor's selfish needs where Abby was concerned. Dominic explained that he wanted to apologize to Damon, and tour to tell his story to troubled youth. Phyllis said she believed him, but urged him to stay away from Damon for everyone's good. When she left, Dominic smiled to himself. A drunk Damon told a nosy Dru to stay out of his business, then said a cryptic good-bye, telling her to always watch over and protect her daughter. Ashley and Victor bonded over talk of Abby and their past relationship. She swore he'd never lose Abby, they held hands and looked close to kissing. Kay learned what had happened with Elliot and Jill. Jack revealed that he'd had Elliot's overseas accounts frozen, thus saving Kay's millions. She offered Jack the CEO job, but he refused. Michael and Kevin hammered out their issues about Lauren, but when Michael noticed the ripped up picture and Kevin demanded he thank him for leading him to the woman of his dreams, Michael realized things were far from over. Phyllis returned, thanked Christine, and learned that Damon knew about her trip to Georgia. She phoned him and begged him to meet with her so she could tell him what had happened. He insisted she shouldn't have gone, said he was in no mood to talk, and hung up.

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