The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/14/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Jonathan fights with Kendall at Fusion.  When Ethan arrives, he fights with him, too.  Ryan and Greenlee arrive.  Ryan tells Ethan that he might know how to prove who he is; he invites him up on the roof.  They go up there and argue, dance around, and threaten, but nothing gets accomplished.  Kendall and Greenlee decide to call a truce, but Greens warns Kendall to stay way from Ethan.  Kendall worries when Ethan says she has to stay out of the way of what will happen next.  Reggie, Danielle, and Jack come to Lily's rescue when her "new friends" (the hot girls at school) dress her up like a tramp.  She insists on staying at school, so Jack lets her stay, with Danielle's jacket on.  Reggie and Danielle threaten the girls; Reggie wants to do something to get back at them.  Edmund tells Maria that he is through thinking about Zack or investigating him.  She is very relieved but then has to leave when Zack phones her.  Edmund tells Aidan that he is backing off, too.  Ryan arrives and tells them that he thinks Zack is really Alexander Cambias, Jr.  Myrtle yells at Zack when she runs into him near Michael's grave, for dredging up the past and hurting Bianca.  He asks her to tell him what Michael was like, so she does.  He gets upset and tells Maria that he is starting to believe what she said about Michael.  He blames himself for everything Michael did, and for his death.

ATWT by Linda

Jack doesn’t remember Carly, but he did remember Parker’s name when he saw his picture. Julia comes out and Carly goes nuts – telling her to tell Jack that she knew about her and his children. Alison gives Will good advice and becomes his friend. Jessica interrupts Ben’s meeting with Bob, throwing the divorce papers he filed. He tells her he wants her out of his life, but she sees him take the painkillers and calls him on the lie he told to Bob about being off of them. Rick and Barbara nearly get the keys taken from them, but Otis has decided to tell their doctors they should be separated. They formulate a plan to make the maintenance guy sick, so they can escape in the ambulance. Paul surprises Roseanna at Carly’s house, helping her with the kids and making her smile.

B&B by Boo

Felicia explains to her parents and Ridge why she took the job with Thorne. Ridge works himself into another anger fit, thinking that Thorne is trying to destroy the whole family and heads to Spectra to confront Thorne again. The whole Spectra crowd (Sally, Clarke, Thorne, Darla, Felicia, Amber, and even Thomas) rally around Thorne with moral lifting conversation until Ridge shows up to confront Thorne. They all rush Thomas out before Ridge enters. A horrified Massimo watches on as Deacon drugs Jackie and once again convinces her that she needs his help in taking care of everything.

Days by Danielle

Lucas surprises Sami with a romantic bedroom setup in her apartment. Shawn insists that he likes to hang out with Jan but not live with her. Shawn gets into a fight at Alice’s and threatens to fight Philip when he steps in. Mimi tells Rex that she has something important to tell him. Belle decides to enjoy her evening with Philip instead of feeling sad over Shawn.

Tek tells Caroline and Victor about Shawn’s accident. Victor insists on handling Nicole on his own. Billie takes credit for Nicole’s screams when confronted by Tony. Billie admits to Hope that her kiss with Bo has brought back old feelings. Brady is able to save John from the fan, minus a cut to John’s foot from the fan. They split up and John heads to rescue Bo who was put into solitary. Nicole is almost spotted by Tony and Bart but she hides in the airshaft. Colin begins to convulse when given a new dose of drugs to keep him sedated. Brady finds Nicole but Tony hears her shriek when Brady covers her mouth.

GH by Lisa

Alexis is consumed with worry when Kristina spikes a fever. A sympathetic Carly assures Alexis she will do whatever she can to help Kristina, even if it means telling Sonny the truth if Alexis chooses to do so. Alexis realizes Steven believes Kristina could be seriously ill. Durant catches Carly snooping in his hotel room. Carly is affected by Durant's apparent sincerity in wanting to be a part of her life. Durant warns Jason he will go after Courtney if Jason continues to come between him and Carly. Alcazar orders Lana to assassinate Durant at a press conference that evening.

Luke and Dillon are almost discovered by Edward and Heather as they raid the mansion. Luke heads up to the attic. While looking through the Ross Duncan murder file that Georgie stole from Mac, Skye realizes that all the calls placed to St. Gabriel's asylum were made from her cell phone while she was in prison. Nikolas and Emily kiss on what they believe to be the remains of the Garden of Aphrodite but the curse isn't broken. Immediately following, Nikolas believes he has spotted the actual garden.

GL by Elizabeth

Ruth meets with Gus for her interrogation. Gus can’t decide whether Ruth is the best Spaulding employee ever, or the snake. Reva calls Jonathon’s school and hears from ‘Owen’ who is really (JB with an accent). Reva enlists the help of Jeffery to get to the bottom of the Sandy/Jonathon scandal. Billy admits to Reva that he was the one who had Olivia arrested by the INS. Bill and Olivia get married.

OLTL by Janice

Marcie and Michael go to New York so that she can meet with her publisher. Michael runs into Dorian there and she lies that she is there to go shopping. Before he finishes his conversation with Dorian, Marcie’s brother, Eric, comes along. They briefly discuss Eric’s upcoming engagement and plans to start a family. They are both ecstatic when Marcie meets up with them saying that the publisher has agreed to publish her book. Evangeline and John are watched by a man at the train station as they wait for Evangeline’s train. When she returns later in the day she is attacked by a man who is upset with a black woman dating a white man. Michael comes to Evangeline’s rescue when he witnesses her attack. Tico and Jessica have dinner with Kevin and Viki. Sonja is at the same restaurant and taunts Jessica with the fact that she and Antonio are together. Tico comes along and tells Sonja that he had all of his mother’s belongings destroyed because of her relationship with the Santi family. Sonja excuses herself and Tico works his charm on Viki. Viki is still not convinced that Jessica has married for the right reasons. Antonio is denied access to Manuel’s safety deposit box because he doesn’t have the password. He leaves, but finds an entrance through some ductwork, and with superhero type antics, is able to lower himself into the vault and gain access to the box where he removes a small package. He gets out of the vault just in time as Dorian comes along with the key and password. Dorian is furious that the contents of the safety deposit box are gone. John follows Sonja to the location where she is supposed to meet El Tiburon.

Passions by Boo

Fox and Whitney defend their feelings for each other to Chad, Julian and Eve. Julian and Fox have a heated argument with Julian ending up slugging Fox in the mouth. Whitney starts to realize that her little game with Fox is costing too much when Julian throws Fox out of the mansion and out of Crane Industries. Pilar tries to convince a non-believing Paloma that she is very much loved and cared for by her family. Theresa collapses in pain and realizes that she is bleeding. Sheridan momentarily believes that little Martin is her baby again, before realizing that he canít be. Beth is able to convince Luis that she really cares about Sheridan and understands her pain.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Christine and Damon discussed Daniel, and Damon's plans to leave Genoa City, before Christine innocently mentioned that Phyllis had gone to Georgia. Michael told Kevin he had asked Lauren to dinner, then argued with Gloria when he learned she and Kevin had discussed his love for Lauren. Daniel urged Kevin to tell Michael how hurt he was really feeling, and learned that Kevin and Mac had befriended one another. He asked Kevin to put in a good word for him, then rushed off, having a brainstorm about how to win Mac back. Kevin tore up a picture of Lauren, moments before Michael approached him, wanting to talk. Nikki told Victor why she suspected Brad was Charlie Cassen. Victor begged her to keep it quiet, so as not to complicate things for him and Abby. Nikki was disgusted by his selfishness, but relented when Victor tearfully said he'd lost Nick and Victoria and didn't think he could lose Abby, too. Ash told Brad about her fears where John and Gloria were concerned. He recommended she see a lawyer. When she tried to mention Victor, Brad said it was her - not Abby - that wanted the relationship with Victor, then stormed off. Jill refused to run off with Elliot. Jack and Jill confronted Elliot together, but he said he'd be long gone with the money before they could prove anything. He said good-bye to Jill and left. She crumbled in Jack's arms. In Georgia, Phyllis told Dominic that she'd keep Damon away from the hearing if he promised to never go near him when he was released. Dominic sadistically said Damon was the first person he planned to look up once he was free.

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