The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/13/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Bianca needs to know what happened to her top that would reveal that Ethan is a Cambias. She suspects maybe Zack took it to prevent Ethan from having the Cambias fortune. She suspects possibly her mother took it for that same reason. Zack and Ethan suspect Ryan. But nobody knows what it was Jonathan Lavery who took it, burned it and destroyed the evidence except for Maggie. Jonathan tells Maggie about his protectiveness toward his brother. And she seems to understand and lies for him to Bianca when she questions him.

Reggie and Danielle confront the high school girls who are exploiting Lily and getting her to do their homework for her. They successfully put them in their place, but Lily still is convinced that they want to be her friends and she sneaks off to go and find them.

ATWT by Linda

Alison asks Lucy if the fight is legitimate, Lucy assuring her it was and then Aaron as well. When Lucy returns to Metro, she asks Dusty to have Alison banned from the gym, even after Alison apologized at Aaron's behest. Dusty then tells her that she needs to occupy herself with things other than the fight, because her father is complicating things. Holden threatens Craig to stay out of Lily’s life, Craig shining him on. Jack confronts Julia about his badge, Julia telling him that the hospital gave it to her, having found it on a maintenance worker and that she’d wanted to get settled in Louisville before telling him about it. He gives her a week to get JJ settled and then they have to go to Oakdale. Carly is trying the trucker’s patience, but when Parker has a vision about a white horse and three crowns, she knows the motel he’s staying at. Just as Jack goes to pack the car, he runs into Carly.

B&B by Boo

Mark gives Jackie a shot and some tranquilizers that make her feel really out of it. She agrees to let Deacon stay at the mansion and help her with Massimo. Ridge and Brooke discuss all that happened at the trailer. Brooke is starting to identify with Amber, much to Ridge’s dismay. Ridge realizes that he can’t keep trying to keep Thomas and Amber apart. He just hopes that Thomas will come to his senses soon. Thomas and Amber spend a quiet evening with a bowl of chili and discuss their plans for the future. Thomas wants them to move in together, but Amber thinks they should give Ridge more time to adjust to the thought of them as a couple. They reaffirm their love for each other, both deciding that they have the ‘real thing’.

Days by Danielle

Jan repeats her blackmail threat to make Mimi keep Shawn and Belle apart or she’ll tell Rex about the abortion. Belle points out to Shawn that he can’t say he loves Jan. Jan tells Shawn that he has told her he loves her before and convinces him to go back to her house to make love. Kate and Eugenia form a partnership to try and break up Sami and Lucas. Lucas works out a surprise with Rex to have him and Sami crowned king and queen just like as if they were at their prom.

Brady is reunited with John. They decide to try and escape via the air vent but the fan comes on and John slips toward it. Brady tries to reach for him. Nicole decides to get out of the air vent and jumps down into the mystery prisoner’s room. She turns the prisoner over and realizes that it is Colin Murphy. Tony and Bart in the control room hear her screams.

GH by  Amanda

Just as Dillon reaches the 'here's lookin' at you kid' point with Georgie, Luke and Skye crash in on them, needing to hide. No sooner are they hidden with the kids now faking a make-out session, Mac busts in, breaking them up and forbidding them from seeing each other again. Courtney admits she's not sure she'll ever be ready to go farther with Jax. Steve and John argue over Carly, with Steve's job on the line depending on how convincing he is. After his job is secure, they part, but Jason is waiting to ask Steve what's the deal? Despite Steve's evasive omissions, Jason seems to have a solid grasp of the situation. Lois walks in as Lorenzo completes giving his hit-woman orders. Diego needles Lucas over Brooke Lynne. When it looks like the two boys will fight, Sonny and Carly show up. Sonny tells Diego to leave Brooke alone and takes her to her mother while Carly talks to her brother.

Luke and Skye get away. Even though Georgie and Dillon are banned from seeing each other, they do, and plan to help Luke and Skye. Diego makes the mistake of beating on Jason, or trying to, then bragging about being Sonny's friend. Jason takes him home but forces him to confess. Durant vows to stay close to Carly. Brooke rags on her mother about Lorenzo, then gets grounded. However, to teach Lois about bad boys, she decides to chase Diego or look that way. Diego asks Jason for a job, but both he and Courtney refuse. As Carly watches, Lorenzo's hit girl, Lana, flirts with Durant.

GL by Elizabeth

Olivia shares a jail cell with Alex, and they create an alliance. Coop comes at the Spaulding mansion with a bulldozer and does some major damage. Gus agrees to help Phillip with the background checks. Bill decides that to help Olivia he may have to marry her. Gus’s first interview is Ruth. Coop is given the option of working for Phillip or going to jail.

OLTL by Janice

Nora is a little shaken to learn that Bo and Asa’s doctor, Paige Miller, are out on a dinner date. Daniel is a little annoyed with Nora’s reaction. The four of them end up dining together - which they all believe went “really well.” Dorian goes to New York City. She insists on leaving David behind to take care of Kelly and Adriana. David and Kelly appear uncomfortable. Dorian is upset that Kelly has decided to work for Viki. Kevin attempts to win his family so that he will look good politically. Viki recognizes what Kevin is attempting to do, but tells him that maybe it will make him come around in the long run. Todd tells Kevin that he plans on running an article in the Sun and he hopes to get an interview from Kelly. Kevin then brings Ace to see Kelly, offering to let him stay with her for a whole day. Kelly decides to refuse the opportunity to give Todd a quote for the Sun. Viki praises the Love Project crew for the work they have done. The crew goes to the train station to see Marcie off to New York City for the meeting with her publisher. Jennifer gives Marcie a suit for her “power meeting” in the city. Jenn is distracted thinking about sleeping with Paul and Marcie worries that something is wrong. Rex tells Shannon that she won’t have to worry about anymore vandalism at the project. He also tells her that he has his club back. Blair goes to see Asa in the hospital and convinces him that they won’t prosecute him for attempted murder if he won’t prosecute them. Asa agrees, but is still planning revenge.

Passions by Suzanne

AT THE CRANE MANSION:  Paloma gets caught by Pilar sneaking in late but hides her dress and lies about it.  While looking at pictures of little Ethan, Paloma explodes and wants to know why Pilar never wanted her home.  Theresa and Pilar tells her that's not true, but she doesn't believe it.  Theresa tries to set her straight on what's been going on.  Paloma tells them about the man that filled her head with fear and suspicion; they figure out it's Alistair from seeing his picture in the paper.  Theresa suddenly feels pain and worries about the babies.  Ethan prepares a romantic evening from Gwen, who is very happy that things are going her away, especially now that Theresa has signed those papers.  Eve and Julian bask in the afterglow but still worry about their children.  Chad has a fantasy about breaking up Whitney and Fox's love-making as he stands outside the pool house.  He beats Fox to death in his fantasy.  Eve and Julian find them there, so Julian goes in and tells them to quit it; he forbids Fox from seeing Whitney again.

ELSEWHERE:  Luis tries to hide from Sheridan that he is going to visit Martin, but she insists on going with him.  Beth is annoyed that Sheridan comes to her house with Luis and she tries to keep them from the baby.  Her mother makes sure they see him, and he walks right toward Sheridan.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Phyllis urged Damon not to go to Georgia, to no avail. She let it slip that she was taking a trip of her own, and wished him luck on his. Daniel learned Christine was staying with him, would not tell her what he'd done to get grounded, and asked about Danny. She admitted they were taking a break from their romance to work out issues in their own personal lives. Phyllis arrived in Georgia and came face to face with Dominic Hughes, the killer of Damon's young son, Elias. Brad told Jack about Abby's accident and desire NOT to see Victor. Jack urged him to use this time to get closer to Ashley and Abby, and shut Victor out completely. Victor told Ashley about his bad meeting with Brad, said he needed Abby in his life, and admitted he was happy to know he and Ashley shared a child. They embraced. Harrison refused to go with Kay to confront Arthur, but was glad to learn she'd hired an investigator. She warned him to find another job and stay out of her life. The Chancellor Industries accountant revealed that Elliot had been embezzling millions from the company. Jill confronted Elliot, who admitted to doing it and begged her to go on the run with him, to share their love, insisting Kay would never have them followed or prosecuted. Paul and JT told Nikki that sealed Cleveland court documents revealed that Brad had changed his name. They said a source was looking into it. Nikki told Victor of her suspicions that Brad was the brother of the boy she killed.

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