The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/12/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Bianca is ready to give her top to Ethan so he can prove he's a Cambias and she expresses that she is ready to move on and no longer needs any memories of Miranda. But Jonathan Lavery is able to take it and looks like he wants to destroy it in order to prevent Ethan from proving he's a Cambias.

JR has succeeded in getting Babe to sign away her parental rights to Bess. At first she is not worried since the contract she signs only enables him to take Bess Chandler from her, who does not actually exist, yet is says nothing about his having any rights to Miranda Montgomery. Krystal and David tell her that does not matter, she has still gotten herself into terrible trouble signing the document. They are all worried about Krystal's unsuccessful attempt to get Kelly Buchanan to give Ace to Babe. But David says he will find a way to get Paul Kramer to admit to what he did so that only Paul will pay, and both babies will be with their respective, rightful mothers.

ATWT by Linda

Carly gets on a semi and when Hal calls her, she finds out that Julia was spotted just outside of Louisville. Staying at a motel because he was too tired to drive, Jack finds his badge tucked away in Julia’s makeup bag. Emily makes Alison wait on her and they’re relationship begins to thaw. Aaron signs on for the fight despite Lucy’s objections. Barbara uses the kiln in the ceramics room to melt her jewelry and make keys out of the impressions they got in the soap.

B&B by Boo

Ridge and Thorne continue to argue and things start to get a little physical. Amber gets scared and calls the police. When they arrive, Thorne tries to tell them that it is all just a family argument. Ridge goes after Amber when she calls Thomas her boyfriend, and the police grab him and slam him against the wall. Ridge continues to fight when Thomas joins the group. He immediately goes to Amber to comfort her. Ridge finally listens as Thomas tells him that he wants to be able to tell his father everything, but canít because he knows that Ridge will freak out like this. Ridge finally breaks down and the two of them cry as they hug. Nick and Felicia discuss her new job and his concern for his father. Deacon continues to convince Jackie that she needs him in her life. She gets so upset trying to convince him that she wants him out of her life that she ends up collapsing in his arms as Massimo watches on. 

Days by Danielle

Lucas and Sami taste wedding cakes and end up with more on their faces than in their mouths. Lucas asks Will to be his best man. Lucas brings Sami to Alice’s so he can treat her to a real date, likening it to Sami’s prom. They run into Eugenia who is angry that Sami isn’t suffering like her. Belle denies having slept with Philip but Shawn doesn’t believe her. Mimi is determined to get Belle and Shawn back together. Jan threatens to tell Rex about Mimi’s abortion if Mimi doesn’t do as she says and keep Belle and Shawn apart.

Brady and Nicole make it into the airshaft unseen by the guards or Tony. Someone turns off the power to the airshaft security, which enables Brady and Nicole to make their way through the airshaft where they are forced to split up due to Brady falling through to a lower airshaft. Tony devises a plan to use the fact that Hope and Billie don’t know that Patrick is working for the DiMeras.

GH by Lisa

Luke and Skye contemplate the identity of the woman who framed Skye for murder and held Luke at the asylum. Meanwhile, Dillon creates the mood of the film "Casablanca" on the Haunted Star as he and Georgie plan on making love for the first time. Mac warns Dillon not to help Luke and Skye. After their hiding place in the park is discovered, Luke and Skye head to the Haunted Star where they interrupt Dillon and Georgie's kiss. On Kronos, Nikolas and Emily search for the Garden of Aphrodite.

A woman explains to Nikolas and Emily how they can break the curse in the garden but claims the garden was destroyed in an earthquake years earlier. Jax arranges for Lois to watch Diego while he has dinner with Courtney. Jax tells Courtney how he feels about her and asks her to do the same. Lois suggests that Diego go to the carnival with Brook Lynn and Lucas.

GL by Elizabeth

Michelle and Danny argue and ultimately decide to split up. Sebastian invites Holly and Michelle to come away with him to search for Roger’s treasure. Harley tells Phillip that she wants a truce for the sake of the kids. Rick goes to talk to Phillip and tells him he needs to change for the sake of his children. Olivia doesn’t agree with Harley’s truce. Frank apologizes to Alan for pulling a gun on him and Alan accepts. Phillip goes to further lengths to find out how Zach was taken from the mansion and orders background checks on everyone, including Ruth. Danny punches Tony. Olivia is taken away by the INS.

OLTL by Janice

Rex tells RJ his theory that RJ is behind the sabotage of the Love Project. He offers to keep quiet if RJ will forgive his debt. He also asks him to watch out for Lindsay and drop the complaint against Natalie. RJ gives Lindsay a gun after Bo refuses to give her a gun permit. Sonja tells Antonio that the INL believes that Isabella was El Tiburon. Antonio still believes that Tico is El Tiburon and has planted the information to incriminate Isabella. Antonio arranges for Sonja to meet with “El Tiburon” with a fake key and he heads to New York with the real key. As Dorian raves about her empty safe, she is appalled when David breaks open a bottle of champagne. She is extremely suspicious when he hauls out a copy of the safety deposit key. He works to convince her that he wasn’t the one that broke into the safe. Dorian calls Paul to come to LaBoulee. Paul is surprised when David gets him in a choke-hold and tries to force a confession out of him. Dorian finally believes that he wasn’t the thief after going through all of his pockets. Paul tells Jennifer to meet her at his hotel room if she wants to get the tape of her mother and Rex. Riley wonders why she will be seeing Paul later. Jenn makes up a story. John and Evangeline talk about the good time they had at the football game. They go back to John’s room and, after making love, decide that it’s better with strings attached. Daniel apologizes to Nora for the way he acted about Bo. They agree to have dinner together and end up at Capricorn where Bo is dining with Asa’s beautiful new doctor, Paige Miller.

Passions by Suzanne

Pilar thinks that Theresa should worry about taking advantage of Gwen and Ethan, since she intends to keep her babies, and also what revenge Gwen will want.  Rebecca and Gwen slip the papers from Rebecca's lawyer in with Ethan's paper.  Ethan has Theresa sign the papers.  Eve tells Julian that she's happy because Whitney visited her.  She and Julian wonder if Simone and Chad will also come around to forgiving them.  Julian and Eve make love.  The two guys in the bar fight over Paloma until the police come to raid the place.  Chad and Paloma chat about how he is working at Crane Industries.  Chad gets Paloma out of the bar before the police come, but Kay, Tabitha, and Simone are arrested.  Kay tells the officer that Sam is her dad, but it doesn't help.  Whitney changes her mind about drugging Fox, knocking spiked lemonade out of his hands.  They kiss and start to make love in the pool house.  Chad walks Paloma home but sees Fox and Whitney through the window on his way out.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Gloria eavesdropped while Ash again begged John to ditch her, but he refused. Gloria convinced John to take her on a trip so they could be alone together, and he admitted that he'd fallen in love with her. Kay told Paul and JT about Harrison's accusations that Arthur was a murderer and hired them to investigate him. She later encountered Harrison, working at the hospital. He accurately guessed that Arthur had been begging to move up the wedding plans. Elliot begged Jill to give up her entire life and go away to travel the world with him. She agreed to think about it. Later, she was confronted by the head accountant for Chancellor Industries, who insisted the company was in trouble and something bad was happening. Nikki opened up to Bobby about her relationship with Victor. He suggested she might be better off if she ended her marriage. Phyllis told Daniel she had to go out of town and leave him with Christine for a few days, but refused to answer his questions about Damon. Brittany surprised JT with a new suit for her wedding, but ended up being the one surprised when she was stunned speechless by how handsome he looked in the new duds. The sexual tension and chemistry was undeniable between the two as they shared a special moment, and Brittany realized all the things she'd never be able to share with Bobby.

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