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AMC by Jenn

JR blackmails Babe with a tape showing her and Jamie sounding like they were threatening to kill him in order for Babe to inherit the Chandler fortune. He tells her if she signs over full custody of Bess to him, he will destroy the tape and keep her and Jamie out of prison. But if she does not she will lose Bess and her freedom. At first she is not afraid, knowning there's no way he'll get custody of Bess since she is Bianca's Miranda. But Krystal is unsuccessful persuading Kelly Buchanan to admit that Ace is not her baby, Jamie is unsuccessful at getting Paul to admit to kidnapping both babies, and David doesn't have a plan right now to protect Babe and Krystal from getting in trouble for keeping Miranda from Bianca. David attempts to get Zack to keep him out of prison for kidnapping Adam, solely so he can help his daughter. After David has managed to help Babe, he says, Zack may do whatever he wants with him.

ATWT by Linda

Julia and Jack run, Carly and Roseanna hot on their trail – and Carly has found out that they aren’t headed to Nashville. Hal and Nikki find out from Kylie that Jack has married Julia, also finding that there is forger in town – the sheriff is going to take them to him. Barbara and Rick hide in the bathroom and make impressions of the guard’s keys in soap while he is using the toilet. Jennifer and Paul make plans to assure that Barbara is out of their lives, but mostly Will’s. Will overhears them and destroys Barbara’s picture while Jennifer is showing Paul the boiler. Holden catches Lily in Rose’s clothes, that being the last straw. They decide to separate.

B&B by Boo

Thomas convinces Thorne to go to Furnace Creek to make sure that Amber is okay. He later steals Brooke’s car keys from her purse and heads to Ambers himself. Ridge confronts Amber about sleeping with his son and things get out of control. He starts to choke her just as Thorne arrives to pull them apart. Thorne angrily tells Ridge that he will not let Ridge push him, Amber or anyone around anymore. Jackie invites a priest to the mansion. While she tells the priest that she totally blames herself for Massimo’s stroke, she doesn’t see that Massimo is crying. Later Deacon stops by and again tells Jackie that he loves her. She gets angry with him for talking like that in front of Massimo and asks him to leave.

Days by Danielle

Belle and Shawn argue about who cheated on whom. Jan keeps stepping up to answer for Shawn. Shawn is convinced that he saw Belle and Philip together personally and that Belle is only lying when she says that she and Philip never slept together.

Doug had been watching Tony but reports to Abe that Tony has gone missing. Abe refuses to let Tek send everyone currently in New Salem back to old Salem on a boat until all of the captives can leave at the same time. John tries to pick the lock to the holding cell but is shocked. Next he, Roman, and Bo form a human ladder to get to the airshaft. Tony calls Patrick up to the control room where he questions Patrick’s loyalty. Patrick proves his loyalty to the DiMeras by telling Tony about the plan to escape via the airshaft. Tony electrifies the airshaft to prevent further attempts and leads John out of the holding cell. Brady and Nicole make their way to the compound undetected. Brady spots the outside end of the airshaft and decides to use it as a means of getting inside the compound.

GH by Amanda

As Nik chokes Helena into gasping out the word Aphrodite, Liz finds Emily gasping for breath. After Sonny watches Lorenzo's arrest, Sam comes to him expressing her worry over Jason. Luke and Skye go on the run. Alexis and Ric are able to stop Nik from killing Helena, and in the moment she asks for alone with him, Helena repeats her warnings. Lorenzo's stash turns out to be baking soda. Luke gets Skye a disguise from a bag lady, and she demands to know if he really abandoned her to jail; he admits to being drugged and not knowing what he did. Carly breaks it off with Durant, not knowing Jason hears every word and tells Sonny. A cop arrests the bad lady who sold Luke the clothes. Using the magic book, Nik is able to locate a clue that sends him and Emily packing for Greece. Sonny and Carly bond over her grief. Lorenzo plots to destroy Sonny.

GL by Boo

Billy runs into Tammy and J.B. outside of Company and warns J.B. not to hurt Tammy. J.B. takes his plan a step further by getting Tammy to admit that she is ready to make love to him now. Michelle and Danny have a huge argument because he wants her to seek help with a memory specialist. Michelle feels there is nothing wrong with her, she is just a different person than the Michelle that he married. Reva continues to worry about Sandy, even though she knows that he has lied to her and everyone. Billy shows up to offer some comfort and gets Josh on the phone for her to talk to him. Sandy wakes up briefly and tries to write a note warning Reva, but J.B. catches him and gives him more morphine to make him pass out again. Later, Reva again promises Sandy that she will protect him, and prove that he didn’t kill her son. Cassie is furious when she catches Dinah in Edmunds bed, but Edmund confirms that he told Dinah to stay in his room. After Dinah leaves, he explains to Cassie that he was trying to keep a drunken Dinah from telling everyone that Cassie held her at gunpoint. Cassie confides in a very thankful Edmund that Sandy is not Jonathan. Sebastian asks Ross to help him locate Ed, to which Ross flatly refuses. Blake and Ross make new promises of trust and no secrets from each other in an attempt to get their marriage back on track.

OLTL by Janice

Antonio finds a key among the contents of Dorian’s safe. He arranges a meeting with El Tiburon to hand over the materials he found. Sonja tells John that she is a federal agent. She tells him that she is worried about Antonio. John tries to get information from her when Antonio walks in. Antonio refuses to give John any help in cracking the Santi case. After John leaves Sonja tells Antonio that, according to Tico, Isabella was El Tiburon. Antonio can’t believe that that could be possible. John tells Natalie that he and Evangeline are going to go forward with their relationship. Natalie tells him that she won’t get in the way. At Capricorn, Rex discovers that RJ has had floor plans made up for the Love Project site. Rex believes that RJ is the one sabotaging the Project in order to get his hands on the land. Paul offers to give Lindsay’s sex tape to Jennifer if she will sleep with him. Bo tells Daniel that he’s a fool to give up on Nora. Daniel takes Bo’s advice and decides to try to get back with Nora. Kelly has a visit with Ace at the diner. Babe makes an appearance. Kelly is curious as to why Babe is so interested in her baby.

Passions by Suzanne

Chad tells Julian in no uncertain terms that he is accepting his job offer because it's a good one, not because he wants to be close to his father. Ethan discusses Chad being at Crane with Fox as he drives him home and advises Fox to play fair with Chad rather than fighting him. Fox boxes in the gym to blow off steam. Eve finds Whitney in her room as she is taking the bottle of pills. Whitney hides them and pretends to want to chat with her mom. Whitney drugs Fox's drink while he is boxing. Kay, Simone, and Tabitha can't believe how outrageous Paloma is acting as she dances on the bar's pool table with two guys. Chad goes to the bar; Simone still can't believe he is her brother but hopes that Paloma doesn't hit on him. Tabitha is hopeful when she sees how Paloma acts; she hopes she can draw her to the dark side. Rebecca tells Gwen that they should sneak the lawyer's papers into Ethan's papers so Theresa will sign them without knowing. Gwen is reluctant but Rebecca convinces her that they will only use the papers if Theresa double-crosses them. Pilar counsels Theresa not to go ahead with her plan to keep both babies.

Y&R By Christopher

Neil and Devon bonded over basketball, then shared a heart to heart in which Neil apologized for hurting Devon and urged him to face his future like a real man. Nikki told Victor not to be surprised by Brad's hostility considering he blamed him for the death of his and Ash's baby. She didn't open up to Victor about her suspicions that she'd killed Brad's brother. Paul informed JT that they'd be investigating Brad as the brother of Joshua Cassen, and told him about Brad and Nikki's history. Jill informed Kay and Arthur that she'd accepted Elliot's marriage proposal, and Arthur suggested they have a double-wedding. Noting Kay's distracted mood, Arthur wondered if she was losing her feelings for him. She insisted she wasn't. Later, still troubled by Harrison's allegations about Arthur, Kay hired Paul to investigate her fiancee. Victor met with Brad, who refused to help convince Abby to give horseback riding another chance. Victor accused him of being selfish. Jill told Jack (on a date with Elise) that she had accepted a marriage proposal from Elliot, gave him a chance to change her mind, and told him if he was a real friend he'd be happy for her. Ash told John not to trust Gloria, and he told her to back off if she couldn't be happy for him. Ash told Gloria she did not like her, called her a goldigger, and warned she'd be watching her closely. Gloria told her to go ahead and insisted it would change nothing about hers and John's love.

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