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AMC by Jenn

David informs Babe and Krystal that when the DNA tests are revealed, they can all three look as though they had no clue that the two babies were switched, since Paul Kramer did it and both Babe and Bianca were drugged and wouldn't have any way of knowing until now. He tells them that it will be a win-win situation for everybody except Paul Kramer who will go to prison for a long time for what he did. The only thing he doesn't like about this is that it might enable Krystal to marry Tad. Tad is very puzzled at why David, Krystal and Babe are all so happy after finding out again, that David is Babe's father, when Krystal recently told Tad that that was her biggest fear. ANd he also wonders why they'd be happy that Jamie is not the father of Babe's child. He asks Jamie about that. But Jamie cannot reveal to his father what he knows about the baby that Babe met in Llanview whom she believes is her son. Krystal goes and talks to Kelly Buchanan in Llanview who currently has Babe's baby. She makes a deal with Kelly to give the baby to his real mother, informing her that by doing that she can ruin her ex-husband's campaign for lieutenant governor, something she believes Kelly should want to do. JR and Adam are very disappointed to learn that Zack Slater will not help them get David Hayward in trouble for kidnapping Adam

ATWT by Linda

Dusty refuses to sign Aaron because Lucy won’t let him. Dominic tells him he and his girlfriend can rot in Oakdale if he doesn’t sign him. Carly finds Julia’s house and pounds on the door, a mysterious hand going to answer it. Nikki is temporarily reassured that Mike and Jennifer were only working on the boiler, until she finds the pictures that Jen took. Lily pretends to be Rose and Dominic tells her everything about the boxing deal. Henry gets arrested when he winds up out of the car and sets the alarm off.

B&B by Boo

Amber fills Thorne in on all that has been going on between her and Thomas. She explains about the restraining order and thanks him for the job offer, but says she can’t accept the position. Thorne convinces a very thankful Amber that she can still work for him and offers her some advice on how to take care of the restraining order. Thomas has it out with Ridge and Brooke about Amber again. He proclaims his love for Amber and tells his father and Brooke that they will just have to get used to the idea. Ridge doesn’t take the news well at all, and pays a visit to Amber at her trailer. He is determined to make Amber take him seriously this time. Deacon convinces a very skeptical Jackie to let him stay on at the mansion and help her out with Massimo. After Jackie goes upstairs to rest, Deacon smugly rubs it in Massimo’s face that he is there to take care of ‘everything’.

Days by Danielle

Celeste warns Lexie that if she allows herself to fall for Tek, it will only bring heartbreak. Tek reunites with Abe on the island and tells him that Lexie has not moved on with any other man. Tek tries to use a satellite phone but is shocked. Brady and Nicole secretly hitch a ride with a Jeep driven by henchmen. Nicole almost trips up a trap. Bo and Billie descend upon Hope and John and help them fight off the henchmen. They are all then hit by darts and taken to a holding cell deep underneath the ocean. Tony comes on an interactive video screen and gloats. He admits that he is behind New Salem and tells how he set Marlena up to look like she committed all the murders. Tony orders Hope and Billie hit by darts again and taken away while Bo, John, Roman, and Patrick are all stuck where they were standing.

Jan convinces Shawn to move out of his loft and get rid of everything that reminds him of Belle. Jan snoops through Mimi’s purse and steals the slip from the Salem Women’s Clinic to use as blackmail in case Mimi ever tries to break up her and Shawn. Shawn thinks that he really saw in person all the instances between Philip and Belle that Jan sent him via live video feed. Belle tries to convince Shawn that she never actually slept with Philip but he doesn’t believe her.

GH by Amanda

Edward and Heather show up at the police station right before Ric is forced to transfer Skye to another prison, to tell her that they are getting married. Durante sets it up so that it looks like Lorenzo blew up Sonny's warehouse. Emily still feels horrible, thanks to nothing physical. Helena is sure that it is the curse for she is keeping the maledictions book close to her at all times. Steve tells Carly Durante is capable of the explosion, but he's not sure about it. Tracy pulls the surprise of the day, stealing the Maledictions book and taking it to Nik and Emily. Emily doesn't want to trust her, but Tracy goads her into wanting to fight like a Quartermaine. Sonny arranges for Alcazar to be arrested by Mac's force. Helena goes to the police station and manages to freak Alexis a bit before Nik traps her in a room demanding to know how to save Emily while he strangles his dear granny.

GL by Elizabeth

Michelle has another flashback of her mother. Sebastian meets RJ, finds Cassie’s coin and tells RJ that he’s here to claim his birthright as well as for revenge. Cassie sends Tammy to get Sandy’s computer so that Reva can see if there is anything on there about Jonathon. JB gets to the computer and deletes all of the files that he sent to Sandy. Reva finds out that Jonathon may be dead and that Sandy knew about it. Dinah gets drunk and begins stripping on top of a pool table. Edmund is called and comes to her rescue.

OLTL by Janice

Marcie’s book is accepted for publication and she makes plans to go to New York City. Paul gets money from Kevin in exchange for keeping quiet about Ace’s true parentage. Instead of paying RJ the money he owes him, Paul blows the money at the track. He reverts to blackmailing Jennifer again about her mother and Rex’s sex tape. Natalie finds Paul at Capricorn and he taunts her about McBain. She lashes out at him and John pulls her off of Cramer and advises her to stay away from Paul. Blair is angry that Todd seems to have published the Sun only to go after Kevin. Todd convinces her to read the articles and see that he has only published the truth. They agree to work together try to trust each other. Antonio continues to have dreams of Isabella telling him that she was murdered. Tico has someone call Antonio pretending to be El Tiburon. He tells Antonio that he has to prove himself by stealing the contents of Dorian’s safe. Dorian finds a match between the key from Mendorra and one of Manuel’s safety deposit boxes in New York. She gets separate visits from John and Antonio and decides that she has to move quickly in order to find the Santi fortune. Jessica goes to Llanfair to retrieve some belongings. Natalie finds her staring at a photograph of Antonio and Jamie. Natalie tells her to admit that she’s made a mistake by marrying Tico. Kevin comes in and congratulates Jess, saying that Tico is a good catch. Tico comes in hoping to find Viki to apologize for the quick wedding. When he and Jessica are alone he gives her a wide gold bracelet, clasping it on her wrist, saying that he feels like he’s captured a little bird. He then refuses to let Jessica drive herself home and calls Tomas to chauffeur her to Lion’s Heart. Jessica isn’t happy that he won’t let her drive herself home.

Passions by Suzanne

Kay, Simone, Paloma and Tabitha go out to a bar to have a fun time. Kay worries that Paloma will be nun-like from going to convent school, but Paloma shocks them all when she shows up in a revealing dress and dances suggestively on the pool table while the men ogle her.  Rebecca's lawyer friend Benjamin ("Binky") brings over some papers she requested that will make sure Theresa sticks to her agreement with Gwen and Ethan.  However, Gwen won't show them to Theresa for fear of her getting upset and losing the baby.  Theresa still urges Whitney to give her relationship with Fox some time.  Whitney gets the idea to drug Fox the way that Theresa drugged Ethan.  Fox is annoyed when Julian announces that Chad will be sharing his job from now on.  Chad reveals to Julian that Fox didn't advise him to join the family business, as Julian asked (in fact he did the opposite).  Fox tells Ethan, Julian, and Chad that he will be the next Alistair Crane, not some bastard son.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Kevin experienced a friendly conversation and mild flirting with Mackenzie. They both admitted to being unlucky in love, and agreed to see each other again sometime. Lauren learned that Michael hadn't told Kevin about them, but Kevin had suggested Michael date Lauren. She suggested that Kevin already knew about them and was hiding it. Jack and Nikki discussed the various losses Brad had faced in his life. Brad almost told Ash about his past. Abby told him about Victor's visit and about not wanting to ride horses. Brad thanked Ash for cooking a special dinner, and suggested they listen to Abby's desires not to see Victor. Lily and Devon reconnected. He told her she was like a good luck charm, and she told him she wanted to be a good force in his life, if he'd let her. Dru and Phyllis realized they'd have to put their differences aside to be rehired. They gave it their all and convinced Neil they'd make a good team. He rehired them and later eased the marital tensions with Dru. Nikki told Paul to investigate Brad as Charlie Cassen. Paul warned her to keep quiet about her suspicions until he had solid proof that Brad was the brother of the boy she'd shot and killed.

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