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AMC by Jenn

Babe is very upset to learn that Jamie is not the father of her baby. Although he offers to be there for her, she tells him she cannot ask him for anything. David and Krystal promise to make sure that whatever happens when the truth comes out about Miranda and about Ace, they will make sure neither JR nor Adam can hurt her.

Jack, Erica and their young family members find out that popular girls have exploited Lily by making her do their homework for them. They all team up to make those girls sorry. Maggie admits to Jonathan that she's having conflicting feelings about whether she's in love with Bianca or whether she is heterosexual.

ATWT by Linda

Carly calls Hal and they get the sketch distributed within 100 miles of Oakdale. Just when she’s about to give up, Parker finds the pen with St. Genevieve Hospital’s logo on it in the trash. Julia convinces Jack that she has a job in Louisville and they get ready to move. While Julia is quitting her job and getting her last paycheck, Greta confronts her and threatens to turn her in. Once she leaves, a policeman posts the poster with her and Jack’s picture on it. Henry gets too drunk while he’s dining with Nikki and Jordan helps bail her out. They go to the pond and Nikki calls Jennifer, leaving a message that she should come out there, which kind of irritates Jordan, but he’s glad she did it. Meanwhile, the boiler has exploded at BRO and Mike has helped Jennifer get it fixed enough until a plumber can come out the next day. Noting Mike’s ripped pants, Jennifer is inspired and she cuts the rest of his pants, creating the first line for her new label. While she’s taking his picture, they get close. Nikki calls and when she hears Mike’s voice in the background, she’s mad. Dusty’s boxer is not very good, but the guy sparring with him is who Dusty wants. When he takes his gear off, it’s Aaron. Dominic mistakes Lily for Rose when she is dining with Craig, Craig perpetuating it so Lily can get close to him and find out what’s really going on with the boxing.

B&B by Matthew

The press conference is a disaster admist all the reporter's questions. Stephanie is very disillusioned with Eric. Ridge is shocked to find out that Thomas and Amber had sex. Amber and Felicia accept Thorne's job offer to be designers at Spectra. Later, Amber admits to Thorne that Ridge has a restraining order out on her.

Days by Danielle

Shawn checks himself out of the hospital despite Lexie’s wishes. Jan wants to take him back to her country home but Shawn plans to head back to the loft. Mimi tells Bonnie about the abortion and Bonnie tells her about how she had an abortion in the past. Bonnie tells Rex that Mimi is simply having “female problems.”

Brady and Tek realize that Nicole has joined them on the island. Tek doesn’t want Nicole around so Brady offers to split up and be responsible for her. Tony uses the controls to start an earthquake, which locks Hope and Patrick in the cave. They find a way out after sending Bo and Billie on without them. Hope and Patrick meet up with Roman and John only to have Roman and Patrick shot down with darts. Bo and Billie hatch a plan to rescue them as John and Hope realize that they are surrounded. Tony shows Bart that they have another very agitated prisoner locked up in a holding cell.

GH by Lisa

Lois defends Alcazar when Sonny questions her about Alcazar's connection to Durant. Carly is elated when Durant passes her test as she believes it proves his love for her is genuine. Durant orders Alcazar to make a move against Sonny that night. Sonny tells Jason he will kill Durant if necessary. Heather continues her devilish plan for Edward and Luke, while she secretly sequesters Laura in the Quartermaine's attic. Knowing full well what she is doing, Heather compromises Luke's letter, making it impossible for Steven to get the evidence he needs to clear Skye.

Ric is forced to arrange Skye's transfer back to Pentonville. Heather manipulates herself back into Edward's life and he proposes to her. Courtney lays down the law to Diego. Jax relents and appears to accept Courtney's decision to allow Diego to stay with her. Jax makes a date with Courtney, assuring her he will make arrangements for Diego.

GL by Elizabeth

Olivia tells Bill that she’s the one who bought the property Lewis Oil is on. Reva and Sandy undergo surgery. Phillip drags Lizzie away from the hospital and warns her to keep quiet about the accident. Frank finds out that Harley is headed to Greece and that Marina helped her. Cassie and Tammy argue about JB, while JB and Edmund go head to head as well. Phillip gives Bill and Olivia an ultimatum. Gus proclaims that he’s done with love.

OLTL by Janice

David and Dorian can’t determine which of Manuel Santi's safety deposit boxes their Mendorra key goes to. Adrianna tells Tico that they have the key. Paul is desperate for money and goes to Viki to try to have her pay him to leave town. He leaves when Viki begins to call the police. Then Paul goes to Kelly threatening to bring Ace’s real mom to Llanview. David throws him out after Paul treats Kelly roughly. David flashes back to his kiss with Kelly. Kelly and Kevin’s divorce is final. Dorian goes to Viki asking her to help get Kevin off of Kelly’s back. She tells Viki that Kelly will be working at the hospital. Kelly meets with Viki and unbeknownst to Dorian, she accepts Viki’s offer of a job. Todd meets with Mrs. Bigelow to discuss the new Sun. Meanwhile Blair and Kevin are meeting to find a way to keep Asa and Todd from hurting each other. Blair is incensed when she finds out that Todd is trying to sabotage Kevin’s election. Daniel gives Nora an ultimatum - decide who you want to be with. Tico arranges for Duke and Adrianna to have dinner at the country club.

Passions by Suzanne

Gwen worries that Theresa is up to something.  Rebecca calls an old friend to draw up some papers that will get rid of Theresa.  Martin chats with Theresa and then Pilar about her long-missing husband.  She tells him that she would forgive her husband if he came back, but her children would resent him.  Julian makes Chad listen to him and offers him the world on a silver platter; he also reminds them that they had a good relationship before.  Whitney lies to Fox when he catches her looking at a pregnancy site on his computer.  He gets upset while talking about work, so she gives him a massage and they start to make love.  Before they can do more than kiss, they are interrupted by Ethan.  Fox and Ethan have some tense moments, but Ethan makes it clear that he is not going to be taking any power away from Fox.  He thinks Fox's plan to help out Crane Industries is brilliant.  When Julian arrives, Fox gives him a speech, but Julian thinks Ethan wrote it, despite the fact that both of them tell them that Fox wrote it alone.  Julian brings in Chad, saying he is going to be working with Fox.  Whitney visits Theresa to get help with her dilemma, but Theresa urges her to move slowly with Fox.  Katherine finds Sheridan sleep-walking but doesn't know it; she thinks she has guessed that "Mrs. Wheeler" is really Katherine, her mother.  She is shocked to realized that Sheridan is there at her gravesite.  Luis arrives and asks Katherine to play along to be Sheridan's mother while she is sleepwalking, so Katherine agrees.  She and Sheridan hug and she apologizes to her for leaving her.  Katherine meets up with Martin; they both agree that they shouldn't tell anyone their secret.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Phyllis posed as Damon's lawyer to get details on Dominic's hearing from the Georgia Parole Board. She asked Christine to stay with Daniel while she went out of town. Christine agreed. Brad refused to answer Nikki's questions about his past. Alone, Nikki called Paul and asked him to meet her. She wondered if it was possible that Brad was really Charlie Cassen, brother of the boy she'd killed. Brittany lashed out, then opened up to JT, admitting her pain at having Anita so opposed to her wedding. He invited her to a movie, but she declined. Miss Davis' superiors agreed to let Devon stay with Victor temporarily. To make Devon comfortable, Victor decided both of them would live at the rec center. Dru was grateful, and told Devon she loved him. Lily encountered Devon at the center, and welcomed him back with a hug. Daniel ran into Mac, told her he still had feelings for her and asked for another chance. Because of the age difference, and his previous lies, she refused and said they could only be friends. Michael urged Gloria to be honest with John Abbott, or risk losing her hopes for happiness. Kevin opened up to Gloria about Michael and Lauren, and was furious to learn she'd known and kept the truth from him. Mac approached Kevin at the coffeehouse.

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