The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/6/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Babe is elated to find out that the baby known as Ace Buchanan is really hers. But she has a problem with Jamie finding out the truth about which baby is hers. SHe is also very worried about how she might go to jail after it's found out that she took Bianca's baby from her and she does not want the baby boy to be with JR. She waits for David to run paternity tests on Ace, hoping Jamie will be declared the father.

Jonathan Lavery is dating Maggie, getting along with Bianca and no longer suspects Kendall of shooting his brother. But he reveals he believes Ethan did and says Ethan would have no reason for refusing to prove that he's a Cambias, other than because he is really a fake. Ryan and Greenlee have their romantic honeymoon.

ATWT by Linda

Barbara forms an alliance with Dr. Decker. Paul stands up to Craig when he hears him bad mouthing Will. Will assures Roseanna that he’d never hurt anyone ever again and Roseanna tells him that she believes in him. The police sketch that Carly had drawn of Julia blows back to her while she is at the pond and when she arrives home, she finds that the woman in the picture had come there with news of Jack. Julia, after seeing Carly and Mike together, tells Jack that they need to move far away from St. Genevieve. Henry talks Nikki into dinner after Mike calls theirs off. Mike tells Jennifer to butt out , but when she’s called away because there was an explosion at BRO, Mike accompanies her.

B&B by Suzanne

Thorne realizes his mother was right about him not wanting to win against Forrester the way he's been going about it, so he decides something.  He goes to Spectra and rips up the latest Forrester designs that Luis has brought them.  He announces that they will no longer be stealing designs, but they will be creating their own.  He introduces their two new designers, Amber and Felicia.  Amber is happy to be there, but Felicia is not sure that she wants to cause trouble in her family.  Thorne gives her a pep talk to convince her.  Meanwhile, Stephanie argues with Eric and then begs him not to bring Brooke back into the family company.  Eric tells Ridge that he and Brooke need to be more sensitive to and respectful of Stephanie.  Eric and Ridge introduce Brooke as the new Forrester designer to the press as Stephanie glares at them.

Days by Danielle

Kate gives her permission to have Sami use Basic Black’s advertisers to finance her wedding but secretly plots to break up Sami and Lucas. Belle agrees to design the wedding attire as part of her attempt to bury herself in work to avoid her grief.

Hope and Bo work things out and they all decide to work together to bring down Stefano. Hope, Bo, Patrick, and Billie head out while it is still dark to go after Stefano.

GH by  Amanda

Ric catches Ske & her call for help halts Jax's move on Courtney. Heather claims she wants to find Luke for Lulu's sake. The announcement that Skye's been caught stops Edward's romantic move on Heather. Brooke lectures Diego on his misbehavior and it takes effect. He expresses regret to Courtney. Jason puts a plot in motion get Durante out of their lives; and Durante turns down his ruse. Carly's feelings still seem rather up in the air, and Sonny is being patient, for Sonny. To Jax's dismay, Courtney agrees to keep Diego. Heather visits Laura in the Q attic and tells her all the plan. Jason says that he can't kill Carly's father.

GL by Elizabeth

Phillip thinks he's covered Lizzie's tracks for her. Reva has a heart to heart with Buzz. Phillip pumps Tammy for information about the accident. Dinah shows her true colors to Cassie. Jeffery hires Dinah as his PR rep. Phillip finds out that Harley has taken off with Zach and vows revenge. Olivia buys the land and Building Lewis Oil is on out from under Phillip. Reva decides to donate part of her liver to Sandy. Lizzie tells her father she is going to confess to Jeffery about the accident.

OLTL by Janice

John tells Evangeline that he’s ready to be in a relationship. They go to Rodi’s to have a drink to celebrate their new status. Jessica withdraws from Tico when he begins to make love to her. He agrees to wait until she’s ready. Viki is stunned when Natalie tells her about Jessica’s wedding. Jess comes in and Viki tells her that she’s sure that the marriage is a mistake. Antonio drowns his sorrows at the bar in Rodi’s. Dorian and David receive a key from Mendorra that they believe will help them to find the Santi fortune. Adriana overhears them talking about the search for the money. Tico comes to LaBoulee to intercede on Duke and Adriana’s behalf. Dorian tells him to mind his own business. He finds Adriana outside and invites her to dinner at the country club with a “special” guest. Natalie finds that Paul has stolen the earrings the Viki had given her. She tracks him down to Rodi’s and begins to thrash at him screaming at him to give her back the earrings. Rex comes in and drags her off of Paul. Sonja asks RJ if he’s heard from El Tiburon.

Passions by Suzanne

Martin and Katherine keep arguing about whether they should tell everyone who they are or not.  Sheridan keeps wondering if there is more to Mrs. Wheeler.  Sam arrests Katherine briefly but lets her out on bail.  She and Martin return to the Crane estate.  Luis and Sheridan go to bed.  She dreams about searching for her mother and starts sleep-walking.  Katherine finds Sheridan, who says "mother" in her sleep.  Katherine thinks she has recognized her and confirms that she is her mother.

Fox gets annoyed when Julian ignores his proposal for saving the company in the wake of Alistair's shooting and is only focused on Chad.  Whitney tells Chad that they can be friends, as long as he doesn't mention anything about loving her or their relationship.  Chad brings food and coffee to Fox in his office; he is very busy and barely has time for her.  When he's out of the office, she goes on the net and finds a picture of how big she will look at each trimester, and he comes in as she is looking at it and saying how she has to pass Chad's baby off as his.  Julian tries to reach out to Chad again but gets rejected.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Victor was saddened when Abby said she'd never ride another horse, and didn't want to spend time with him. Ash comforted him with a hug. Phyllis told Michael that she was afraid Damon would kill Dominic if he was released on parole, and wondered if she'd set him up for disappointment by convincing him to testify at the hearing. Damon and Daniel bonded, but then Damon got serious and said that the only way to get justice was to take the law into your own hands. A conversation about the search for Charlie Cassen got Nikki bothered when Paul mentioned that the family had last been seen in Cleveland. Devon refused to let Dru comfort him, insisting his biggest mistake had been trusting her. Victor, Neil and Dru pleaded with Miss Davis not to send Devon to a group home. Victor insisted he had a solution that would suit them all. Despite Anita's horrible tales of the real Bobby Marsino, Reverend Palmer insisted he would marry Brittany and Bobby, and said they'd be good for one another. Brad admitted to Nikki that he - like her - had skeletons in his past. As a child, his family faced a tragedy and moved to Cleveland to escape it. Nikki asked what had happened. Brad got defensive and demanded to know why she was so curious.

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