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AMC by Jenn

Krystal goes to get DNA evidence to prove whether Ace Buchanan is Babe's baby with the help of David. Also, at the same time, Bianca announces to her mother, sister and Zack and Ethan that she will test DNA samples from the camisole she wore the night she gave birth to Miranda, in order to prove that Ethan is a Cambias. Erica still does not trust either of those two men and urges Bianca and Kendall not to let them take anything from them or from Ryan Lavery.

Babe reveals to JR that she was lying when she said she wanted to get back with him and raise Bess together but does not reveal to him that she knows that Bess is Bianca's Miranda nor that she believes Ace Buchanan is hers. David finally concludes with the DNA that Ace is Babe's child and his and Krystal's grandchild.

ATWT by Linda

Aaron offers Alison a place to stay when he finds out she plans to live in her car. She tells him no, but he’s right – she’ll stay at home and avoid everyone. When she does finally arrive home, Hal and Emily have talked and after Emily talked with Will, she decided that her and Daniel will go home. Alison is still bitter and tells Emily to stay out of her life. Parker calls Mike when he mistakes Carly putting some of Jack’s things into a box, so she reassures him that the items are only going into a safety deposit box. In the meantime, Julia arrives at Al’s and gets Carly’s address when she finds out that Oakdale believes Jack to be dead. When she gets to the Snyder house in Milltown, Carly and Mike have taken Parker fishing, but the babysitter lets her in while she checks on Sage. Julia finds the box and cries when she sees all that Jack was, pilfering his badge when the sitter returns with a map to Snyder Pond. Mike and Carly decide that they don’t want any entanglements and Carly warns Mike that he shouldn’t lead Nikki on. Jennifer and Nikki discuss Nikki’s date, Jennifer warning her that Mike isn’t looking for romance. They run into Jordan, who has just accepted an offer from WorldWide. Nikki receives a call from Mike canceling their dinner date. Ben gets frustrated when talking to Bob about returning to work and Jessica sees it. When she confronts him about it, he tells her that’s what she does to him – makes him edgy and shaky. As Jessica leaves, she sees Ben popping a pill.

B&B by Nadine

Eric agrees to let Brooke back into the company and possibly introduce a new bedroom collection, much to Stephanie's dismay. She then goes and tries to convince Thorne to take the high road and end this madness. Thomas and Amber profess their love for each other after some yummy trailer sex. Thomas heads back to LA.

Days by Danielle

Mimi fantasizes about how angry Rex will be if he knew about the abortion. In reality, she tells Rex to leave her alone and he storms out. Rex asks Belle to talk to Mimi and Belle urges Mimi to tell Rex the truth. Philip and Rex reach a common ground and Philip offers to call a truce between them.

Roman and John find Hope and Patrick in the jungle. Patrick tells them about how he sensed the current running underground when he was in the river, which could lead to the main power source. Roman and John head off to track down the current while Patrick and Hope resume their search for Bo and Billie. Bo finds Billie but she is covered in leeches from washing in the river. Bo helps burn them off. Billie is adamant that she goes alone in search of clues to bring down DiMera after telling Bo that the DiMera’s master plan is to bring everyone from old Salem to New Salem where the DiMeras can control everything. Billie kisses Bo, claiming it to be something she must do before she leaves. Hope and Patrick walk in on them kissing.

GH by Lisa

Steven believes Emily's symptoms are psychosomatic after she and Nikolas tell him about Helena's curse. Tracy eavesdrops as Alexis gives Emily a clue as to how to break the curse while explaining what Helena did to Alexis' mother. Emily's condition worsens after she fails to find a book of curses entitled "Maledictions" at Wyndemere. Tracy fears Helena, who she finds destroying pages from "Maledictions."

Courtney tries but fails to put a stop to Diego's flirting with her. Jax urges Courtney to send Diego to another foster home but she refuses. Diego suddenly pulls Courtney into a kiss, which infuriates Jax. Skye believes she has made contact with Luke on the computer but is actually communicating with Heather. Skye agrees to meet "Luke" on the docks and is caught by Ric. Felicia creates chaos amongst the Quartermaines when she names Justus as Lila's heir. Edward ends his relationship with Heather, who later gets word that Luke escaped from the asylum.

GL by Elizabeth

Reva confesses to Cassie that she is not Sandy's mother, but that she loves him nonetheless. Tammy and Lizzie agree to put aside their differences for the sake of Sandy. Tony tells Ross that Blake and Sebastian have been snooping around the lighthouse. Lizzie almost confesses to Ross about the accident. Sebastian warns Michelle that she could be in danger and later talks with Ross and Dinah. Michelle has a memory flash.

OLTL by Janice

Antonio interrupts Jessica’s wedding to Tico. He begs her to wait for him. She finds out that Antonio slept with Sonja and decides to go through with her marriage. Tico brings his new wife home and carries her to his bed. Paul is caught with his hand in the cashbox by Jennifer. She threatens to go to the police unless he stays away from her mother. He leaves and goes to see Rex. At Rex’s apartment he finds the tape that Rex had made of him and Lindsay having sex. He steals the tape and blackmails Jennifer. “Help me get the money I owe RJ or I will make the tape public.” Dorian and Kevin join forces to keep Duke and Adriana apart. Blair agrees to sell her lot of Asa’s land to Kevin. She believes that Todd and Kevin can now call a truce, but back in her apartment Todd and Mrs. Bigelow are planning a newspaper article smearing Kevin.


Passions by Suzanne

Tabitha looks in her bowl at Fox and Whitney kissing on the beach.  Paloma again urges Chad to take Julian's offer and use his money and power against his family; he agrees to do that.  Simone, Kay, Tabitha, Maria and Endora meet Paloma.  Kay wants to use her to lure Miguel back to town.  Paloma is disgusted that her niece Maria has to live in poverty when her family is living in luxury.    Tabitha learns from the bowl that Paloma has a lot of anger. 

As Eve works to save Alistair's life, the Cranes and Lopez-Fitzgeralds tell Sam how Alistair tried to kill them all down in Mexico, including the Wheelers.  Sam still says he has to press charges against her, especially if Alistair dies, unless they have some proof against Alistair.  They all go to the hospital after Alistair is stabilized.  Eve says he needs a blood transfusion, but she isn't sure whether he will live through the night.  Fox and Whitney are interrupted when Julian phones Fox to tell him what happened to Alistair.  Whitney goes to Chad's place to get her stuff and is surprised to find him there.  He tries to be friends, but she says it's too soon and refuses to go to counseling with him.  Martin tells Katherine that they should let everyone know who they are, since that will make things better legally for her shooting Alistair.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

JT agreed to make himself scarce so Brittany and Bobby could meet with Reverend Palmer at the loft. He later told Anita to let Brittany make her own mistakes, then let it slip that the minister meeting was going on. The Reverend agreed to marry Bobby and Brittany, but before he could leave Anita stormed in and insisted he'd wasted his time and there would be no wedding. Phyllis agreed to release Daniel from his grounding and told him she was lucky to have him in her life. Neil told Dru about Devon's prostitution run-in. They argued, and refused to tell Lily what had happened. Lily stormed out. At the rec center, Dru and Lorena Davis blamed one another for Devon's predicament, but both became silent when a broken looking Devon was escorted in. Damon brought Phyllis a picture of Elias, and the notice from the parole board about Dominic Hughes' upcoming hearing. Damon said he wanted to go and testify against him. Phyllis asked if he was prepared for any possible outcome. Victor agreed to back off on his interference in the search for Charles Cassen. Nikki explained that she had to do all she could to find him and tell him what she'd done to Joshua when they were five. Victor insisted that he'd failed Nick, Victoria and Abby... all his children. Nikki said he was a good Father, but he disagreed with her assessment.

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