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AMC by Jenn

Jamie tells Babe he knows about her belief that Ace is her son. But she is able to concoct a story about her bonding with him, as the child of a single father who proved his wife an unfit mother. Bianca still suspects nothing and believes Babe has unselfishly set up a memorial for the deceased Miranda.

Stuart urges JR not to follow in Adam's footsteps with his wife and child. JR almost listens to him and urges his father to have compassion. But Adam tells his son he knows what's right for him Jamie's still spying, knowing something is not right with Kevin Buchanan and his baby.

ATWT by Linda

Aaron explains to Alison that because he feels the way that he does about her, he can’t continue bailing her out – she has to come to realize that her problems are hers and she needs to find a way to resolve them. Taking his advice to heart, she’s at Al’s looking in the want ads when the waitress quits and talks the manager into hiring her on the spot. Carly tells Hal that Parker is excited to see Will and asked him when she could bring him by. Hal is relieved, but Carly is called away to pick up Parker at the party he’s at. When she gets there, Parker tells her that Jack is back and he’s feeling him stronger than ever. Paul stirs feelings in Roseanna she wishes she could forget. Jack has a fleeting memory of Carly when she found him in the boathouse with the compass, urging Julia to take the day off work the next day to go to Oakdale and find her. Craig gives Dominic an ultimatum about Lucy, which Dominic scoffs. He then tells Dusty about it and also urges him to hurry up finding the fighter. To take out his frustrations about Alison, Aaron goes to the gym and while he’s there, the owner tells him that he needs to talk with Dusty – there’s an opportunity for a fight and it would be big money for him.

B&B by Suzanne

Ridge, Eric and Stephanie discuss Thorne's offer.  Brooke arrives, so they fill her in about it.  She suggests that she get involved with the company again, to help them out, but Stephanie strenuously objects.  They argue and Stephanie asks Eric to tell Brooke she can't come back.  Darla tells Clarke that Thorne went to Forrester, so he worries that Thorne will abandon Spectra. Thorne returns and tells them about his offer; he's confident that he will own Forrester within the year.  He tells them that Stephanie might be on his side and they worry who will be the biggest obstacle, Ridge or Brooke.  Amber worries about ruining his life, but he tells her that she's the best thing that ever happened to him.  She remembers being happy at Forrester and thinks God is out to get her.  She lets slip to Thomas that she loves him; he tells her that he loves her, too.

Days by Danielle

Lucas tells Sami that they can’t afford an elaborate wedding. Kate suggests that they put it off until they can afford it. Sami suggests that Kate pay for the wedding but Lucas vetoes the idea. Sami comes up with a plan to have an elaborate wedding without having to wait. Brady and Tek fly out to Key West where they board a boat to get them to New Salem. Nicole secretly follows them there.

Shawn blames Belle for the deaths in his family. Jan proclaims that together she and Shawn will raise Zack as practice for when they have their own family. Mimi decides to go through with the abortion, without Rex knowing that she was ever pregnant in the first place.

GH by Amanda

Jason questions Liz about her brother's ties to Durant, she knows nothing, and he's not happy with Jason for grilling his sister. Despite his reassurances to Alexis, Steve confesses to Ric that her condition is borderline. Nik gets to Emily and gets her breathing then calls 911. Jax offers Courtney's foster teen a stay in a five star hotel because he's afraid the kid is trouble, but Courtney says no, and won't let Jax sleep over either. Sonny cautions Carly to be careful with Durant. Helena is getting fairly fed up with her two partners and confesses how deeply she identifies with Lady Macbeth. When Carly offers Lorenzo her condolences he tells her that her father is plotting to take Sonny down. Steve suspects poison in Emily's ''accident''; Nik tells Helena he will kill her if she doesn't admit to what it is. Sam asks Sonny to tell Carly to stay away from John. The teenager makes a stab at seducing Courtney. Emily appears to have been bitten by a spider and Steve has the antidote. Jax camps in front of Courtney's apartment. Nik vows to break the curse. Alexis is terrified that Kristina will inherit her anxiety condition. Ric shuts her up with a kiss. Carly plots a can I trust dad test.

GL by Elizabeth

Ross makes it clear he's not fond of Sebastian. Holly gets back the results of the DNA test and finds out that Sebastian is Roger's son, and Roger is in fact dead. Blake gets attacked and Sebastian comes to the rescue. Blake finds out that Sebastian is up to something as per her father's wishes. JB visits with Sandy in the hospital. Reva tells Edmund that she needs him to stay with her at the hospital and later goes head to head with JB. Lizzie admits to her mother about drugging Joey and to her father about hitting someone with his car. Harley kidnaps Zach from the Spaulding Mansion and enlists Bill's help. Reva finds out that it is impossible that Sandy is her biological son.

OLTL by Janice

Jessica tells Natalie that she and Tico are getting married today. She asks Natalie to stand up for her. Natalie agrees, but not before trying to convince Jessica to wait. Natalie also goes to Antonio asking him to stop the wedding. Tico gives Jessica Isabella’s wedding dress to wear. They get as far as the altar. Jennifer catches Paul putting the moves on Lindsay. She tells Lindsay that she shouldn’t get caught up with Paul. Lindsay tells her that the only person she cares about in her life is Jenn. Later, Jenn catches Paul inside of her mother’s art gallery with the cashbox in his hands. Duke offers to get Kevin to give Kelly more visitation time so that Dorian might let him spend time with Adriana. Todd is feverish from his gunshot wound and Mrs. Bigelow gives him a shot of an antibiotic. Sonja tries to get information from Todd and Blair about Dorian’s connection with the Santi family. Starr is upset that Travis will be staying in New York, but quickly gets over it when Todd offers to have a party for her friends at an amusement park.

Passions by Suzanne

Sam and Julian break up another fight between Chad and Fox.  Paloma worries about her family not loving her.  She talks to her Tia Maria and then runs into Chad on the docks.  They talk about their family problems.  She urges him to take Julian's job offer so he can use the money and power to take revenge on Julian, Eve and Fox.  Fox and Whitney kiss passionately as she continues with her plan to make him the father of her baby.  Sheridan, Luis, Pilar, and Martin find Alistair and Katherine on the floor and at first think they are both dead.  They figure out soon that Katherine is fine but Alistair is dying.  Julian, Sam, Eve, and some EMT's arrive.  Despite Luis and Julian urging her to let him die, Eve insists on saving Alistair.  Sheridan doesn't want him to die, either.  Martin wants Katherine to tell Sam that Alistair tried to rape her and she shot him in self defense, but instead she admits that she shot him intentionally and wishes he were dead.  They all wonder why a total stranger would want to kill Alistair.

Y&R By Christopher

Sharon told Nikki to focus on her marriage rather than the club. Nikki told Sharon to butt out and worry about Nick, not Victor. Nick told Victor to stop pursuing a relationship with Abby, since it would only drive Nikki away. Alone, Victor lamented the absence of Victoria. Lauren admitted to Paul and Christine that Kevin was obsessed with her and she was becoming afraid of what he might do. Michael comforted Kevin in the wake of Lauren's breakup, but neglected to tell him about his own relationship with her. Kevin, knowing the truth and unable to handle Michael's lies, left the condo and broke down crying over his broken heart. Bobby reluctantly agreed to accompany Brittany to see a reverend to discuss their relationship before he would agree to marry them. Mac suggested that JT was interested in Brittany more than he was willing to let on. Dru and Phyllis continued to drunken bond until they were rescued from the elevator and went their separate ways... grateful to the other.

Will Be Late

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