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AMC by Jenn

Babe and Bianca take Bess to Llanview to meet the baby whom Babe believes is her own. She just tells Bianca that she met him and his father Kevin and bonded with him. Bianca suspects nothing but Jamie is spying upon them and asks babe if this is the "son" she said she had.

Kendall tries to get Ethan to trust Zack Slater, although Ethan does not. Paul Kramer appears. Kendall rips his head off for causing the death of her sister's baby. Zack also rips into Paul. Kendall does not question his anger but Ethan finds it odd that he'd behave that way about the death of a baby he did not know and demands that Zack tells him who he really is. Greenlee tells Ryan that it's very odd that Zack would be concerned about a dead rapist to want to kill Ryan. They are able to figure out that Zack had a connection to Michael but are ready to start their honeymoon.

ATWT by Linda

Barbara finds out that her new doctor is Rick Decker, just before he delivers her a lethal dose! Finding him in his room, she decides that he can be an asset to her and forgives him for trying to kill her, which impresses him very much. When Alison finds out that her mother knew about Chris and Emily before the wedding she storms out. Aaron, who is going back to his apartment with the two girls from the pond, is interrupted by Alison who asks him if she can stay with him for a week while Emily is at her house. He tells her no. Henry feels betrayed by Mike, who believes that he’s only going to an innocent dinner with Nikki. Paul tells Jennifer they need to dissolve BRO, but when she objects, he tells her that they can take what they have left from the company and start one of her own. Holden asks Roseanna if it’s alright with her to have Will working at the farm while she’s there and she tells him no, because Paul will think he has access to her. When she meets Will down by the pond, she changes her mind and tells him it would be good for him to work there. Will thanks her for being kind to his brother and when she tries to explain that they’ve had a falling out, Paul shows up looking for Will.

B&B by Suzanne

Stephanie, Eric, and Ridge are shocked at Thorne's offer to buy the company. Ridge and Thorne argue. Thorne talks about how much he loves the family, but he gives them 24 hours to make their decision. Stephanie tells Thorne that she's proud of him. He pressures her to do what he wants. Brooke talks to Thomas about not seeing Amber, then he goes for a drive. Amber gets a visit from Caitlin at her new place. Caitlin wants to thank Amber for doing the right thing, but Amber tells her how much she loves and misses Thomas. Caitlin is moved to tears. Thomas drops by Amber's place, surprising her. He vows not to let her go.

Days by Danielle

Mimi makes up a story about it being the anniversary of her and Rex’s first real kiss. Rex plans a picnic to celebrate but then realizes that the anniversary isn’t until Christmas. He shades over the indentation made my Mimi when she wrote down information from the clinic and finds out where she went. Mimi puts off going to her appointment at the clinic and debates going through with the abortion at all. Jan tells Shawn about the death of his parents, which leads Shawn to blame Belle for him not being there to prevent their deaths. Shawn insists on leaving the hospital despite Lexie’s wishes. Brady tells Belle about John’s presumed death and Kate tells Philip about John, Bo, and Billie’s deaths.

Hope and Patrick ignore Bo’s orders to go back to New Salem. Roman and John narrowly miss being hit by darts as they jump down into the river. They survive the jump and end up finding Billie’s pendant in the dirt.

GH by Amanda

As Nik and Emily plan to secretly wed, Ric reminds Alexis to file extension papers that concern for Kristina has made her forget. Durant confides in Steve that Lorenzo is going to help him get Sonny, then just in time for Carly to hear, he says his one purpose in coming to PC is to get to know her. Courtney tells Mike she is going to take in a foster child, then throws Sam for a loop saying both of them will have kids around. Edward makes it clear to Helena and Tracy that he will not allow anything to happen to Emily, then he and Tracy board the launch to Wyndermere, right on schedule to barge into and halt the vows. Helena shows up, and Nik calls her on the trick. She admits it, telling him to get up. The three are banned from the real wedding. Then, Edward backs down on stopping the wedding, to Tracy's dismay. They are even more shocked when just as the pastor pronounces them man and wife, he collapses on the last words. Alcazar warns Sonny about Durant, and though he heeds the warning, he's suspicious of Lorenzo's motives. Jax and Courtney meet and try to sort out truths. He is against her fostering. Jason poses as Sam's husband to save her from a scolding. Courtney's five year old turns out to be a teenager. Steve is able to reassure Alexis about Kristina's health, but Ric catches on that he's hiding something. Durante confronts Lorenzo about his betrayal. Emily falls under the bathwater, appearing dead.

GL by Eva

Sandy saves Tammy from being hit by the car, and instead is hit himself. Sandy is rushed to the hospital, with a lacerated liver. Edmund is called and stands by Reva’s side while Sandy is in surgery. Tammy tries reaching JB, who is ignoring her calls. Harley blames Phillip & Gus for destroying her house and vows to get revenge on Phillip. Beth sides with Harley and tells Phillip that she doesn’t know what he’s thinking anymore. Lizzie tells her father that she needs to confess something.

OLTL by Janice

Antonio sees a vision of Isabella telling him that Tico wants everything that Antonio has and that he must be stopped. Isabella’s funeral is held and the minister announces to the congregation that Tico and Jessica are engaged. Viki is upset that Jessica is even considering marrying on the rebound. She asks her to make sure that it is a long engagement. Meanwhile Tico is planning on marrying within the week. Asa and Kevin talk to Asa about being hospitalized. Kevin signs the papers committing Asa. Nora talks him into cooperating so that he can get home and be himself. She promises to bring Matthew by for visits which mean that she needs to cancel her plans with Daniel to go to New York. Daniel is less than understanding. Adriana is upset that Dorian will not back down about seeing Duke. Dorian and David still are interested in finding the Santi fortune. Natalie tells Viki that she is moving into Llanfair and starting her life over.

Passions by Suzanne

Sheridan is very upset about seeing the Crane Jet wreckage in the water when she was having a romantic getaway with Luis. She says their marriage will be doomed. Pilar, having heard Alistair, Martin and Katherine's voices as she awakened, comes in and tells them about it. They all figure she's been dreaming. Martin listens in and then knocks, so Luis lets him in. Pilar stares at him and says he reminds her of Martin; she says she can feel Martin's presence. Alistair tells Katherine that she will be living in their hunting lodge and no one will see her but him. She finally agrees to that, but when he says he will kill Luis, she balks. She gets out the gun and points it at him. He tries to get it away and they struggle until the gun goes off. Sam and Ivy, Eve and Julian, Fox and Whitney, and Chad are all at the Seascape restaurant. In the ladies' room, Ivy begs Eve not to reveal her secret, but Eve plans to do it anyway. Chad attacks Fox until Sam and Julian separate them. Fox tells them that he really loves Whitney and isn't taking advantage of her. Whitney runs off in tears to the ladies' room, where Eve tries to help. Whitney yells at her and leaves. Ivy reminds Eve that she could lose her medical license and also her daughter if she admits her part in Ivy's schemes. Chad yells at Julan and Fox, then later vents to Sam at the bar.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Kevin took off, unseen, after spotting Lauren and Michael together in a romantic moment. Paul and Christine had two glasses of wine sent to Michael and Lauren, but had to leave the club when they received a call about Devon. Michael told Lauren they couldn't break up, and said he would tell Kevin the truth about them that night. Diane, after learning Dru and Phyllis had been fired, told Neil to hire her in their place. Neil said he'd give it some thought. Nikki stunned Brad - home early from his trip - with news that Abby had been rushed to the hospital. There, Ashley defended Victor when Brad blamed him for Abby's dislocated arm. Abby - none the worse for where - welcomed Brad with hugs and asked him if they could please go home. Kevin visited Lauren at the boutique, gave her a cryptic speech about how he'd never forget her, and left her with a pizza - her favourite kind - which he'd brought as a peace offering. Christine and Paul told a devastated Neil that Devon had been found and arrested in Chicago as part of a child prostitution ring. Neil wondered what to do when they said Devon was on his way back to GC to be put in a group home. Dru and Phyllis - trapped in the elevator - argued, almost fought, got completely drunk together, and began a freefall when the elevator started to descend. Kevin and Michael agreed they had to talk... Kevin began by saying they needed to discuss Lauren.

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