The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/30/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Krystal recovers the swab with Ace Buchanan's DNA and David is released from jail. But Tad demands that she tells him what he knows is a "secret" about the swab. She tells him it's to prove whether David is really Babe's father. He seems to buy that. David urges Babe not to go to Llanview or see Ace Buchanan again until it's been proven that he's her child. But she does not listen and arranges to take Bianca and Bess with her to meet Ace.

ATWT by Linda

Will save Luke from getting thrown in the pond by teenagers, Holden offering him a job at the farm. When one of the boys returns for his sunglasses when Will is there alone, Will tells him that with a rock to the right spot on his head could kill him and since they were there, no one would ever know. The kid runs off. Alison kicks Chris out of the house and then tries to make Emily leave. When Susan asks her to try and make it work, Alison tells her mother to choose between her and Emily. Lucy tells Craig about their plans to get out of Metro, Craig upset and in full scheme mode. Lily and Holden argue about Will. Kim picks up the tab for the cancelled reception.

B&B by Nadine

Brooke and Ridge discuss Massimo and also Thorne, Ridge is furious at Thorne. Eric and Stephanie are also discussing Thorne, Eric is furious too, but Stephanie tries to reason with him. Thorne calls a meeting with his parents and Ridge. Brooke and Darla also find out about this meeting, and meet up to discuss what is going on. Both women agree that it would be best if the two brothers would stop fighting. Eric is hopeful that Thorne might want to return to Forrester Creations. But when the meeting begins, Thorne distributes a proposal that clearly shows that he intends to buy out FC. His parents are shocked, Ridge is outraged. Stephanie tries to reason with Thorne, promising him the best if he simply returned to FC. But Thorne explains that the proposal is concrete and that he has the financing he needs. He says he's had enough of standing on the sidelines, he knows things will never change unless he changes, so he is now gonna assert himself and take over FC, since he knows all about it and has been running it for years.

Days by Danielle

John and Roman use a ladder and vine to get over the force field. Patrick offers to go after Billie in Bo’s place but Bo refuses. Shawn is anxious to get out of the hospital. Lexie warns Jan not to tell Shawn about his parents until he recovers. Jan is anxious to have Shawn come home with her. Lexie calls Brady to tell him that John is missing and possibly dead. Philip tells Rex his plan to marry Belle. Belle is unsuccessful in her attempt to convince Mimi not to have an abortion. Rex confronts Mimi about her conversation with Belle.

GH by Lisa

Alcazar agrees to help Durant send Sonny to prison. Durant orders Steven to get closer to Carly. Carly is prepared to sever ties with Durant but is pulled back to him after he sends her a photo album of her relatives on his side of the family. Michael acts out and leads Jax to believe that Courtney and Jason are back together. Courtney later lets herself into Jax's apartment and almost finds Skye there.

Sam is relieved when Jason assures her that he and Courtney aren't getting back together. Skye believes she is communicating with Luke via instant messaging on the computer but is actually making contact with Heather. Alan is appalled to learn that Heather will be acting as Edward's home nurse and will be staying in Edward's room. Georgie is upset by Dillon's attachment to Brook Lynn.

GL by Elizabeth

Buzz is about to say goodbye to Company when he finds out from Gus that Company has been saved due to the nesting warbler. Sandy realizes that Tammy’s new friend is really Jonathon and goes off in search of Tammy. Reva, who is worried about Sandy, follows him. Tammy meets some of JB’s friends. Harley is called and rushes to her house only to find it destroyed. Sandy finds Tammy just in time to see a car headed toward her.

OLTL by Janice

Lindsay asks Paul if he was planning to steal from her. Paul convinces her that he didn’t have anything to do with the planned heist. He asks her for a sneak preview of her new show. When she refuses, he offers to walk her home. He kisses her at the door. He follows her into the art gallery and watches her punch in her security code and slips off with her key. As John waits for a call from Evangeline in California, he and Natalie play emotional strip poker. Natalie tells John that she never stopped loving him. John tells her he’d better keep winning because he doesn’t like talking about his feelings. When John loses a hand Natalie asks him if he’s in love with Evangeline. His answer is interrupted when Evangeline shows up. She rushes out when she sees Natalie in John’s room and John goes after her. She told him she felt that she was interrupting an intimate moment because she feels that he and Natalie have a connection that they don’t yet have. He tells her not to give up on him and kisses her passionately. Natalie watches from the hotel window and leaves. When he returns to his room, Evangeline has left a message on his machine that she wants more of relationship than they originally talked about. Adriana tells Duke that Dorian won’t let her see him anymore. Duke tells her that he won’t turn his back on her as they kiss. He promises her that they ca be friends if that’s what she wants. Adriana is afraid that Dorian will send her away if she and Duke continue to see each other. Sonja and Tico each believe the other is keeping secrets. Sonja calls Antonio wondering if she should tell Tico that she’s an agent. Antonio begs her not to give away her secret. As Sonja starts to tell Tico, Duke and Adriana interrupt to beg Tico to help them see each other. When they leave, she instead confides in Tico that she’s in love with Antonio and it hurts her to see him hate the man she loves. Jessica goes to Antonio’s motel and tells him that Tico proposed. She begs him for a reason to turn Tico down. Antonio tells Jessica that Tico is El Tiburon. Antonio tells Jessica that he never stopped loving her. He refuses to come home because it’s too dangerous. She’s furious that he’s treating her like a little girl. She decides that there’s no future between them anymore because he’ll never be open with her. He tells her to go off and marry Tico. She gives him back her engagement ring. Jess leaves and Antonio is distraught and tears up the room. Sonja comes back to find Antonio drinking and she kisses him. They begin to make love. Jessica accepts Tico’s proposal.

Passions by Suzanne

Whitney comes on to Fox at the Seascape and tells him that she has feelings for him.  They dance and kiss.  Chad is there having a drink and sees them through the window.  Paloma meets Gwen, Ethan, Theresa, and Little Ethan.  They inadvertently make her feel like her family has always been living in luxury.  Luis and Sheridan make love on the beach, go skinny-dipping, and plan their future.  Their mood is spoiled when they see a piece of the wreckage from Antonio's plane.  Alistair continues to insult and grope Katherine.  Martin finds them and thinks Alistair is trying to rape her, but Alistair forces her to tell Martin that she is going to be his wife again.  Martin and Alistair struggle, but Alistair's guards come in and punch Martin out.  To save his life, Katherine tells Martin to leave and go back to his wife. 

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Lauren devastated Kevin by making it painfully clear that regardless of how hard he tried or what he did, she would never be in love with him, and only ever see him as a friend. John and Gloria enjoyed the time after their lovemaking, shared food with Jack, and agreed they make each other very happy. John asked Jack to help Ash realize Gloria was good for him. Things got physical between Dru and Phyllis. Neil broke up their fight, sent Diane home, then fired Dru and Phyllis for their behaviour. Nikki refused Abby's request that Ash go with her and Victor on her horseback ride. Alone with Ash, Nikki blasted her for her manipulations over the years and for how she'd handled things with Brad and Victor. Before Ash could respond, Victor came in with Abby, unconscious from an accident while riding. They rushed her to the hospital. Jill refused Elliot's proposal, but after a long conversation about his love for her, he asked again and she agreed to marry him. Boarding the same elevator at Newman Enterprises, Dru and Phyllis were horrified when it came to a screeching halt, trapping them inside. Michael and Lauren discussed Kevin and agreed they might have to stop seeing each other so as to not push him over the edge. While Michael cried into Lauren's comforting hands, Kevin entered the club and saw his brother with the woman he loves.

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