The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/29/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

David is in jail worrid about having the swab which proves the DNA of Babe's real child confiscated. Krystal, however, flirts with a cop, distracts him and gets the swab from him. Tad still knows she and David have a secret they are not revealing but he has no clue what it is. Everybody is confused as to who shot Ryan but they all believe it's either Ethan or Zack or both. Ryan tells Maria he believes Zack not only shot him but is manipulating her and he knows she and Zack have a secret they are not telling anybody.

ATWT by Linda

Aaron confesses to Holden that he loves Alison, Holden telling him that if he loves her, he should let her grieve and be there for her. Alison tells Emily that she hates her and to never come around her ever again. Susan tries to comfort her daughter, but when there’s a knock at the door it’s Chris. Before he arrived at Stewart’s, Chris received a major dressing down by his father. Paul talks with Lily and when she offers to shake his hand, Will freezes. Paul tells her that he’s still trying to adjust and she stomps off. Holden also tells her the same thing, but adds that he’s more worried that her anger will destroy her. Barbara tries to reconnect with Walker, Walker telling her that she needs treatment and to never call him again. After being heavily sedated, she encounters none other than Dr. Rick Decker, offering his professional help.

B&B by Nadine

Jackie is blaming herself for Massimo's state. Deacon tries to console her. Nick is telling his dad to wake up already, he knows that Massimo is stronger than this, than he's battled worse.  Ridge goes in to see Massimo. He tells his father how sorry he is that they haven't spoken. He tells Massimo that he loves him. Nick and Ridge have a touching scene outside Massimo's room, where Nick reassures Ridge that he's sure Massimo has forgiven Ridge and still loves him, and Ridge says how thankful Massimo must be to have a son like Nick. The two brothers hug.
Jackie finally goes in to see Massimo. She tells him how he's the love of her life. She begs him not to leave her and sobs. Deacon walks in, she is crying so much she goes to him, and they hold each other. At that moment, Massimo slowly starts opening his eyes, and while his vision is very blurry, he sees that it's Deacon and Jackie standing in front of him hugging each other.

Days by Danielle

Mimi makes an appointment for an abortion. Belle fills Mimi in about Shawn moving on with Jan. Belle tries to convince Mimi not to have an abortion before she tells Rex that she’s even pregnant. Philip fills Rex in about Shawn moving on with Jan and declares that he is now free to pursue a relationship with Belle.

Roman, Abe, and John insist that Tony join them to help bring down the force field so they can go looking for Hope. Tony pretends that his Zen powers aren’t working. Patrick wakes up and is feeling better. Bo finds their cave and walks in on them lying naked next to each other. Hope explains about Patrick’s hypothermia but Bo insists that he must stay in the jungle and look for Billie.

GH by  Amanda

Alcazar shows up at Wyndermere offering to buy into Cassadine Industries; Nik has reservations. Michael shows up at the hospital to tell off his new grandfather, proving Sonny's contention that the idea of a relationship with Durante is a bad one. Lois encourages Courtney to forgive Jax who is meanwhile helping Skye figure out how to clear her name, hopefully without Luke's help required. Ric orders Steve to do all he can to help the Mary Bishop case, implying that he should be trying to save Emily and Nik. Ric is not the couple's only watchdog; Lois warns Lorenzo to not try and corrupt them. Emily opposes allying with Lorenzo, but before their dispute can go far, the priest shows up to tell them the church burnt to the ground. Ric shows up at Jax's but fails to find Skye. Michael shows up at his aunt's refusing to go home unless Carly avoids her father forever, much to Jason's approval, nonetheless, he tells Mikey that Carly has to make her own mistakes. Tracy begins to get nervous about her unholy alliance with Helena after church arson and Helena's statement that Nik will only leave Emily to save her. Then Edward arrives, offering to help them. Steve's tests are inconclusive in the Mary Bishop case, except to find Alcazar DNA on the one pill Mary didn't swallow. Durante offers Lorenzo a deal; the evidence vanishes if he helps put Sonny away.

GL by Elizabeth

Blake, Sebastian and Holly have a ‘memorial’ at Towers for Roger. Phillip and Ross discuss re-opening Phillip’s divorce agreement with Harley. Alan and Phillip celebrate when they hear of Roger’s death and then get stuck in an elevator. Blake and Holly find out that Sebastian is Roger’s son. Dinah and Edmund come to an agreement to co-exist with one another.

OLTL by Janice

Eric and James are invited to dinner at Marcie's house. Eric gets invited to meet the entire Love Shack crowd. Marcie also invites her father. Eric confronts his father asking if he really loved him. Eric’s Dad refuses to accept Eric’s marriage. Viki offers Kelly a job in fundraising at the university. She gives Viki back one of the Lord family heirlooms. Kelly and David profess their love for Dorian. Adriana and Duke talk about their hopes for the future. David takes Kelly home when Dorian goes to find Adriana. She tells Adriana that she never wants her to see Duke again because he's Kevin's son. Governor Brooks appears at the gala and Kevin promises him that there will be no scandals surrounding the election. The Governor tries to make amends with Viki. Paul and Roxy try to figure out ways for Paul to pay back RJ. Paul hits on Lindsay. Jen worries that her mother is haunting the Love Shack. Antonio meets Blair ad Todd exiting Lion’s Heart after Todd got his wound fixed. Blair tells Todd to stop the feud with Kevin. Sonja is forced to choose between Antonio and the INS. She is told that the agency needs to see results or she’s fired. Sonja tells Antonio that she even though she wants to be with him she can’t make love to him until he’s over Jessica.

Passions by Suzanne

Luis surprises Sheridan with a romantic dinner in a hotel room.  They make love.  Pilar comes out of her faint and recognizes Martin while her vision is fuzzy.  When she sees what he looks like now, she faints again.  Martin calls Eve and Julian to come over and look at her.    Paloma worries about her mom but is upset to hear that she lit candles for Martin and Antonio (but not her).  Theresa consoles Chad, who is still upset about Whitney, and he gets angry when she suggests that Whitney will one day move on with another man.  Whitney keeps on with her plan to get Fox to sleep with her.  They kiss and she keeps apologizing to him for how she treated him.  They make reservations for dinner for their date.  Alistair keeps insulting Katherine.  He suggests that she come back to him as his wife and then he will leave their children, and the Lopez-Fitzgerald family, alone.  She agrees and he starts groping her.  He chokes her to get her to admit that she loves him and not Martin, then he throws her down on the desk and crawls on top of her.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nikki told a disappointed Victor that she would not be around for his day with Ash, Brad and Abby. Jack told Jill about his conversation with Elliot and urged her not to see the man. Neil made Lily and Dru happy by revealing that he'd hired Paul to find Devon, then annoyed Dru by saying that didn't change his feelings about being a foster Father. Nikki learned Brad was headed to Cleveland, gave him a massage, and left when Ash showed up. Ash begged Brad to stay home, but he refused and wished her and Abby well on their date with Victor. Kevin and Daniel saw one another, despite Phyllis' order they stay away from each other. Kevin revealed that he'd done something special for Lauren. At the boutique, Lauren found a rain of rose petals from Kevin, and told Michael she had to make Kevin understand they would never be together. Michael and Lauren vowed to stand by one another through the coming difficulties with Kevin. Dru and Diane teamed up to further annoy Phyllis at work. Nikki crashed Victor and Ash's date with Abby, gave the little girl a riding outfit and taunted Ash for having destroyed her plans. To prove his love for Jill, Elliot asked her to marry him.

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