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AMC by Jenn

Jamie attempts to tell Bianca about the dishonorable secret Babe has about her son. But Bianca cannot believe Babe has done anything wrong and has no clue that she took Miranda from her. Tad arranges for Liza to leave town with an alias name, to protect herself and Colby from Adam. Adam returns and gets David arrested for kidnapping and shipping him off in the crate. Derek asks Zack Slater what he may know about David's kidnapping of Adam. Bianca asks Maria why it is that Zack cannot believe that Michael Cambias was the person he was. Maria informs Bianca that they knew each other and were very close but makes no mention that they are brothers.

ATWT by Linda

Aaron comforts Alison after the wedding fiasco, but she leaves when Aaron won’t make love to her. Hal and Emily make up, vowing to do better by each other. Chris is tormented by his selfish actions. Barbara breaks out of the nuthouse and shows up at Hal’s house, telling Paul that Will double crossed her. When Paul sides with Will, she continues to insist that he’s dangerous and as the cops haul her off, Paul tells her that if she tries to come near Will again, he’ll kill her. Dusty comes clean about the boxing match and Lucy decides to stay with him, but is worried that he’ll get into more trouble.

B&B by Nadine

The paramedics take Massimo to the hospital, he is unable to close his eyes, or squeeze the paramedic's hand. The doctor confirms that Massimo had a stroke.  Deacon calls Nick and tells him what happened, and Nick arrives at the hospital to find Deacon comforting Jackie. He goes to see his father, who is unconscious, and tries talking to him and motivating him out of his coma, reminding Massimo about his strength and the love he has for his family.

Eric and Ridge discuss how Massimo bought Montgomery Enterprises as a present for Jackie and Nick, and think that Felicia may have some influence on Nick. In the meantime, Felicia arrives to inform Ridge about Massimo's collapse. Ridge heads off to the hospital.
Deacon hopes that Massimo doesn't remember their argument, and that things can go back to normal for Jackie and Massimo.
The doctor tells Jackie that Massimo's stroke was massive, and that he may never walk or talk again.

Days by Danielle

Sami worries that Kate will try to disrupt their wedding. Lucas suggests that they head to Las Vegas tonight to elope. Sami vetoes the idea because that is where Austin dumped her at the altar. Sami and Lucas both decide to veto the Vegas idea in favor of being able to include Will in the wedding. Kate plots to bring Sami down. Kate helps Rex prepare a romantic meal for Mimi. As they work, they continue their talk about having a family. Kate admits that she doesn’t wish she waited to have children. Rex believes that Mimi would tell him if she was ever stuck in a bad situation. Lexie asks Mimi to take time to consider all of her options but Mimi feels that she doesn’t have a choice. Mimi agrees to take Lexie’s suggestion of talking with a social worker. Mimi is determined not to let anyone talk her out of getting an abortion for fear that she’d otherwise lose Rex. Belle can’t understand what she did to make Shawn turn to Jan. Philip notes that it’s like Shawn now has a completely different personality. Lexie suggests that it could be due to the blunt trauma to Shawn’s head. Shawn accuses Jan of setting it up so that he would see Belle and Philip together. Jan lies to Shawn about how he ended up seeing Belle and Philip. Shawn can’t understand why he can’t remember anything other than seeing Belle and Philip and making love to Jan. Belle turns to Philip when she believes Shawn to have truly moved on. Jan uses that as proof to Shawn that Belle has moved on.

Hope heads out into the jungle to try and find Bo and Billie. Hope is followed by a henchman and decides to run from him. Hope is chased to the ravine where she narrowly misses being hit by a dart. Hope stumbles upon Patrick who is alive. They both duck into a cave to get away from the darts that continue to be fired upon them. Hope strips down to her underwear and snuggles with Patrick to help him warm up with body heat. Patrick kisses Hope but Hope pulls away and then reluctantly returns to lying close.

GH by Lisa

Carly desperately wants to believe that Durant will love her as a daughter without having ulterior motives. Jason warns Michael to stay away from Durant. Carly is hurt when Jason insists Durant is only using her to get to Sonny.

Courtney is heartbroken when she believes Jax has another woman in his bed. Jax is surprised to find Skye hiding in his apartment. Jax tells Ned that he doesn't want to lose Courtney as Lois advises Courtney to give Jax another chance. Emily is touched when Lois gives her her wedding dress, which was also worn by Lila. Nikolas accidentally stains the dress with red wine and fears the curse is real. Emily has a nightmare about Tracy and Helena.

GL by Elizabeth

Phillip accuses Gus of giving inside information to the Springfield Journal. Beth and Gus come up with a way to save Company. Dinah threatens Jeffery and he calls her on it. Reva and JB have an argument. Blake meets a mystery man, Sebastian, who tells her that Roger is dead. Phillip calls Ross so that they can look over his divorce agreement with Harley.

Phillip is in his office reading the local news when Gus walks in wanting to know where Alan is. Phillip shows Gus the paper, and mentions that he’s going to have to have a talk with Holly Reade as the headline (“Corporate Giant set to Bulldoze Local Eatery”) is biased. Phillip tells Gus that it’s not so much the headline that bothers him, but that the article talks about a Spaulding insider, Phillip also goes on to mention that the person leaking the information has to be high up. When Gus asks Phillip who he thinks it is Phillip tells him, straight up that he thinks it’s him (Gus). Gus looks shocked at this accusation.

OLTL by Janice

Outside the Buchanan Mansion Nora is frantically trying to get in after she hears a gunshot. Inside, Todd is lying on the floor and Asa is kicking at him to make sure he’s dead. Asa goes to the door and lets Nora and a just arrived Bo into the house to show off Todd’s dead body. To Asa’s surprise, Todd is gone. Bo and Nora are sure that Asa has lost his mind. Bo promises his Dad that he will be taking him to the doctor in the morning. After Bo falls asleep, Asa sneaks out taking his shotgun with him. Meanwhile, Todd has driven to Lion’s Heart where Sonja tends to his gunshot wound. Blair is contacted and she wonders what favors Sonja will want. Todd tries to find information connecting Tico and Kevin. He finds that Tico has been following Governor Brooks. In Angel Square, Natalie is upset to see Antonio kissing Sonja. She lays into him asking what he thinks Christian would say about his actions. Antonio tells her to back off and leaves. Natalie runs into John who admits to being worried about Antonio. Paul interrupts their conversation. He tells Nat that he really loves her. Natalie tells him that she made a mistake ever getting involved with him. When Paul puts his hands on her, Nat pushes him away and John comes to defend her. John tries to help Natalie realize that she’s lucky that she’s finally out of the relationship. He offers to take her to play pool, but she declines. A federal agent meets up with John to talk with him about Sonja. He tells her that if anything happens to Antonio there will be consequences. Natalie comes back to the Square where John is still hanging out. As he turns to leave, she yells out to ask if he is still up for a pool game. He’s rented a video and she accepts his invitation to watch with him. At the gala, Viki has arrived and is surprised to find Jessica kissing Tico. Jess explains that Antonio walked out on her and she needs someone who understands what she’s going through. Later, Viki is further amazed to find that Kevin is running for Lieutenant Governor. As Kevin and Jessica start to bicker, Viki walks away. She and Dorian talk about everything that is going on with Kevin and Jessica. They both agree that Tico can’t be trusted. Antonio comes to the ball and gets a note to Jessica to meet him. She is hopeful that he wants to resume their relationship, but Antonio cannot give her any promises. Jessica goes back to Tico and he brings her up to a fancy suite in the hotel where he proposes marriage. Jessica turns and leaves, saying that she’s not ready.

Passions by Shirley

Will be late

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Elliot accused Jack of being jealous of him and Jill. Jack refused to urge Jill to pursue Elliot, and warned him not to hurt her. Kay urged Jill to let her guard down and give Elliot a chance. Jill worried something was bothering Kay, who promised to tell her if/when she needed help. Jill spotted Jack with Elliot and vowed to find out what they'd discussed. Sharon admitted to a worried Nick that she'd gone to a strip joint and been intrigued by the idea of performing. Victor watched Nikki at the club, then later - at home - told her how much he loved her, and reflected on how they'd met at The Bayou. She said she'd missed him, they embraced and agreed to a night just about them. Brad devastated Ash by revealing that he hadn't changed his opinion of Victor, and would be out of town, rather than at the ranch for horseback riding with Abby and Victor. Ash realized her happiness had been for nothing and stormed off, while Brad continued to question her feelings for Victor. John and Gloria decided to stop talking about sex, and headed home to actually give the real thing a try. Bobby stunned Frederick and Anita by revealing that he - not JT - was Brittany's fiancee. He told Brittany that he was all she needed, as long as she was doing what she truly wanted by marrying him.

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