The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/27/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Jamie is privately investigating Bbe's trips to Llanview and her association with Kevin and Kelly Buchanan although he cannot come out and say he knows she believes their son is hers. David, Krystal and Babe all gloat to JR about his father being lost forever, until Adam suddenly appears and lets them know he will get revenge on David.

Ethan is gets taken to jail for shooting Ryan. Bianca believes he may be guilty. But Kendall believes that even if he is, she should help him and not abandon or punish him.

ATWT by Linda

Roseanna convinces Carly to keep searching for Jack. Julia hides the picture after she questions Jack about another family and he insists that she and JJ are his family now. Chris tells Alison at the altar he can’t marry her and when they talk in a private room, it’s revealed that he was cheating with Emily. Alison runs out and tells Hal that her sister is still a slut, Aaron chasing after her. When she gets to the pond, she jumps in and tries to ruin the dress, Aaron thinking she’s trying to kill herself. After he jumps in after her, she tells him that she doesn’t want to go anywhere with him. Lucy finds a good fighter on the internet, but Dusty tells her he’s not what he’s looking for. Jordan tries to make up with Jennifer at Metro, but she pushes him away. He then talks with Lucinda and asks for a job, Lucinda saying she’ll get back to him. Nikki asks Mike to dance and he remembers Katie and declines. When Jennifer dances with him, Nikki reminds her that she’s got dibs on him.

B&B by Suzanne

Finding out that Jackie cheated on from since before they were separated, Massimo collapses.  Felicia and Nick chat about his parents being in love.  Thomas looks at a picture of Amber on his computer and has a flashback to scenes of them kissing and having sex.  Amber tries to get Brooke to see that she and Thomas are in love, to no avail.  Amber tries to point out that Brooke is treating her like Stephanie once treated her.  As Amber is about to leave town, the cop tells her this is her last warning to stay away from the Forresters.

Days by Danielle

Shawn flashes back to seeing Belle and Philip and has an adverse physical reaction to Belle’s voice. Jan delights in seeing Shawn tell Belle to get lost. Philip tries to convince Shawn that Belle has done nothing but think of Shawn while he’s been gone but Shawn doesn’t believe him. Jan steps in to get Shawn to corroborate her story. Shawn reacts to Jan as if he truly has spent the summer falling in love with her. Lexie advises Mimi that if she doesn’t tell Rex about the baby, she could end up losing them both. Kate blames herself for losing Cassie and Billie. Rex tries to convince Kate that she was only trying to make Billie happy and that he is grateful that he has Kate in his life right now. Rex tells Kate that he would never consent to aborting his own child. Rex tells Kate that he and Mimi have no secrets, are happy together, and someday plan to marry. Kate shares her concerns that Mimi doesn’t come from a stable family. Rex defends Mimi and Kate gives their relationship her blessing. Mimi overhears Rex telling Kate about wanting to wait to have children. Mimi takes that as a sign that Rex would want her to have an abortion.


Billie, unconscious on the jungle ground, flashes back to being injected with a drug to keep her from telling everyone about the plan as well as her romantic life with Bo. Bo rushes to Billie when he hears her scream. Billie promises to tell Bo everything about the plan as soon as they get out of danger. Bo and Billie are both shot before Billie can finish telling Bo the plan. Hope seeks Tony’s help to lower the force field, letting him know that Bo is out in the jungle searching for Billie. Hope grills Tony about whether Stefano is truly dead. Tony insists that he can’t open the force field but Hope doesn’t believe him. Hope pretends to see Stefano to distract Tony long enough for her to grab the remote. Tony is upset when he realizes that Hope has taken the remote until Bart reminds him that Stefano said to kill anyone who goes into the jungle. Hope tries out the remote and realizes that Tony was lying about using his Zen powers to lower the force field.

GH by Amanda

Durante joins Michael Corinthos III in praying for Morgan. Nurse Harris is found collapsed with pills spilling from her hands and calling for Lucky. When word reaches the party, Tracy begins making wild accusations. Sonny promises that if Morgan dies, Steve also will. Jax writes Courtney a ten million dollar check, but both walk away losers. With Lucky and Ric listening, Nurse Harris admits she lied, but when pushed to clarify, the monitors sound the alarm, and she dies. Emily tries to dismiss the curse, but more than one person is slightly freaked at least. Georgie and Dillon reflect on their love. Courtney follows Jax to his apartment, admitting she wanted him more than the money, so she gets him. Morgan recovers and Carly decides she wants to know her father after all. Monica reveals that the nurse had the pills forced down her throat. Helena declares the curse did it.

GL by Elizabeth

Coop breaks into Company after it is condemned and he, Buzz, Harley, Bill, Olivia and Zach share some food there. Tammy and JB are getting closer when Reva and Sandy interrupt them. Tammy decides last minute that she may not want to have sex with JB. Cassie and Dinah get into a scuffle over the gun. Edmund and Jeffery show up and eventually Cassie decides to not shoot Dinah. Bill hides some information pertaining to Slingshot Enterprises from Olivia. Coop and Lizzie get into another argument.

OLTL by Janice

Dorian and Kevin look on disapprovingly, in separate corners, as they watch their children waltz at the charity ball. David finds Kelly out on the patio and she tells him she knows their kiss meant nothing. David seems disappointed. Dorian interrupts their conversation. Dorian thinks that there may be a man in Kelly’s life because she is glowing. Antonio searches Lion’s Heart for evidence linking Tico to El Tiburon. Antonio wonders why she hasn’t told Tico she’s a federal agent if she’s so sure of his innocence. Tico is having Antonio and Sonja watched. Tico tells Sonja that he will try to give Antonio a chance. As Jessica dances with Tico, Asa comes into the gala waving his pistols and threatening Todd. He proceeds to tells everyone the adventures of his last few days. The crowd, including Bo and Renee, believe he is telling “tall tales” and take him into the bar to defuse the situation. Tico tells Kevin that he is concerned about Asa’s mental status in the upcoming political campaign. Kevin tells Tico that with a father like Manuel Santi, he shouldn’t have a thing to say about Asa. Nora takes Asa home. Todd leaves the gala and follows Asa home so that he can continue to make Asa look unstable. After Nora leaves, Asa lures Todd out of hiding and a shot is fired.

Passions by Shirley

Y&R By Christopher

Nikki blasted Sharon for ratting her out, and accused her of trying to destroy her marriage. Sharon was distracted by a stripper, and Nikki warned her to stop thinking about dancing, or she would go to Nick about it. Brad told Jack that he felt like he was sharing Ash with Victor, and that Victor only wanted Abby so he could control her. Ash and Victor shared hopeful feelings of joy about Abby's upcoming horseback riding day. Nick saw them hug. He confronted Victor and warned him he'd lose Nikki if he wasn't careful. Victor refused to tell him about the trauma Nikki was going through. John and Gloria shared coffee and she asked him how he felt about sex between consenting adults. JT and Mac enjoyed coffee after their date, and agreed to go out again. JT was annoyed to see Brittany with Bobby. Mac told him to support Brittany because they were friends. Brittany and Bobby made up and shared a kiss. Mac and JT joined them and Bobby and Mac met for the first time. While they all talked, Anita and Frederick entered the coffeehouse, horrifying Brittany and JT, and amusing Mac and Bobby. Phyllis warned Michael not to turn Kevin in, because she'd lose Daniel. She confided in him about Damon's situation and learned Damon could testify before a parole board to keep the killer in prison. She went to Damon and told him to help give Elias a voice by going before the board. Damon thanked her and asked her to leave. Alone, he stared longingly at a Japanese sword, a murderous look in his eyes.

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