The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/24/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

JR makes nice to Jamie in an attempt to get his help finding Adam. But Jamie doesn't buy what he says nor trust him. Babe has finally convinced David that her baby is in Llanview. She goes with him and Krystal to a medical convention and runs into Kelly Buchanan who leads them to the baby. Bianca reveals to Erica that she does not know what her future holds without Miranda. Although her mother tells her it takes time to heal, she reveals that wherever she goes, whatever she does, she hears and sees Miranda as if she's still alive. Kendall appears friendly to Ethan but is able to see a suspicious gun that indicates he may have very well shot Ryan. He demands to know how Miranda died and she tells him.

Aiden reveals that the gun Kendall used to shoot Ryan only had blanks in it and Ryan was shot by somebody else. At that point, everybody believes him and the suspicion is taken off of Kendall and now put on Ethan. Kendall finally has a chance to go into Ryan's room, where she cries, apologizes for her past behavior and tells him she loves him. Suddenly, he regains consciousness. Krystal goes to Llanview to talk to Kelly Buchanan, who has been raising the baby who is really Babe's. She asks Kelly about her birth and Kelly reveals that she has something to hide about that. Krystal realizes from that conversation that her daughter might be onto something. Jamie tries to find out about Babe's secret meeting with Kevin Buchanan in Llanview. But Babe will not tell him anything.

ATWT by Linda

Carly decides after Bob looks at Parker that she’s not going to actively pursue seeking Jack any longer. It’s too much on her son. After Jack tells JJ that he can call him Dad and JJ leaves with Kylie, Julia and Jack make love. When Julia goes down to get some ice cream when they’re finished, she finds the bottle broken in JJ’s backpack and sees the picture of Jack, Carly, Parker and Sage. Lily tells Paul that Will needs to be back in the hospital and she won’t stop until he is. When Will tries to call Lily and tell her his remorse and intentions, she tells him to never call her house or her son ever again. Kim and Susan wind up in the same dress, Susan going home and changing. Nancy gifts Chris with his grandfather’s watch, making Chris apprehensive about actually going through with the wedding. Aaron takes a dip in Snyder Pond with two girls, but when the church bells ring for the wedding, he runs to the church. He makes it just in time to watch as Chris hesitates to say I do.,

B&B by Matthew

Mass confronts Deacon and Jackie about their affair and doesn't want to have anything to do with her anymore. Stephanie feels Brooke is being a bad mother, so Brooke attempts to reach out to Thomas about his feelings for Amber. The two grow much closer. Brooke then visits Amber to berate her for sleeping with another Forrester boy. Amber points out that Brooke is acting like Stephanie did when Brooke was first with Ridge. This gives Brooke some pause.

Days by Danielle

Mimi chats with a new young mom in her similar situation and decides to tell Lexie that she wants to have an abortion. Jan sticks to her story even when alone with Nicole. Jan blackmails Nicole to help her kill Belle. Shawn wakes up and Lexie asks him which girl he wants to see.

Everyone tries to convince Hope not to seek Tony’s help to bring Bo back from the jungle. Tony tells Bart how he and Stefano were able to accomplish the whole serial killer plot. Hope agrees to stay with them but secretly sneaks out to see Tony. Tony’s attempt to tell Bart what’s next in store is interrupted by Hope’s arrival.

GH by Amanda

Durant vows to stay in Port Charles until he nails Sonny. Carly's confrontation with Bobbi over her mother's secrets is eclipsed by Morgan's health crisis. Nik and Emily are surprised by an engagement party, thrown by the two working to make sure they are never happy. Tracy and Helena's scheme is threatened by their false witness' qualms, something Lucky believes he can capitalize on to clear Em. As the clock ticks, Jax and Courtney count down the minutes until midnight ends the bet. Just as the party gets so boring Ric is begging Alexis to leave, Lucky arrives with a special gift, evidence clearing Emily. Sonny fears Steve will use Morgan's illness to Durant's advantage. The Quartermaines, including her sons, turn against Tracy. As Nik kicks out his grandmother, she pronounces her curse on them. Carly introduces Michael to his new grandfather. Steve says they caught Morgan's illness in time. As midnight sounds, Courtney lets Jax in.

GL by Eva

Sandy finds out that Jonathon is alive. It is revealed to the audience that JB is in act Jonathon. Joey pushes Tammy away by claiming that he slept with Lizzie of his own volition. Cassie kidnaps Dinah and pulls a gun on her, threatening her life. JB agrees to spend the night with Tammy, his cousin. Edmund finds the gun missing at the farmhouse, and he, along with Jeffery believe that Dinah kidnapped Cassie.

OLTL by Janice

Antonio wakes up in a warehouse, handcuffed, with Benecio holding a gun on him. It is arranged for “El Tiburon” to call Antonio. He is going to be tested to see if he is really one of the “bad” guys now. After finishing the call, Antonio is knocked out and left on the grounds of Lion’s Heart. At the diner, Kelly comes upon Babe holding Ace. Babe questions Kelly’s right to be with Ace - because of the custody arrangements. Dorian sends David to find Kelly. He comes upon her in Angel Square with the nanny and Ace. He convinces her to leave the baby. As he tries to comfort her, they share a deep kiss. At Buchanan Mansion, Todd locks Asa in a closet when he hears him talking to the police on the phone. Nigel and Roxy find Asa and release him. He leaves the mansion toting two pistols vowing revenge on Todd and Blair. At the gala, Tico asks Sonja where her loyalty lies, with him or Antonio. Adriana confronts Kevin about Kelly’s limited visitation. Kevin meets with Dawes and they talk about favors for political contributors. Dorian tells Bo about Addie’s claim that she saw Asa in a hole in the ground near the quarry. Bo goes off to investigate and finds the rope leading into the hole. Bo heads to the mansion to look for Asa. He is distressed to learn that two of Asa’s guns are missing. At the end of Tico’s speech at the gala, Jessica emerges from the wings to welcome everyone there on her mother’s behalf. She and Tico then hit the dance floor.

Passions by Suzanne

Fox and Theresa discuss Whitney's problems and talk about how he still loves her. They both think he might have a chance with Whitney now that she is no longer with Chad. Chad tries to comfort Whitney, but she doesn't want him touching her. He tells her about the tabloids, which shocks her. She wants to tell him she's pregnant, but she can't get it out. Alistair still tries to poison Paloma's mind against her family; he disappears before Martin and Katherine can see him. Sheridan tells Pilar about the danger they were in from Alistair in Mexico. Luis takes Paloma back to see Pilar, where they have a tearful reunion. Julian and Eve discuss Chad and Alistair. Julian flashes back to a childhood memory with his parents and Sheridan, where Alistair was mean to Katherine. Martin shows Katherine that he has a gun to kill Alistair with. She wants to help him, but he sends her away. He leaves her and his family a message on a tape recorder, in case he doesn't live through this. She comes back and hears what he says. He goes hunting for Alistair. Julian sees Katherine and calls her "Mother".

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Sharon told Victor Nikki was a hostess at 'Marilyn's'. Bobby and Nikki flirted and almost went to dinner, but were interrupted by Brittany. She invited Bobby to dinner and a club. He agreed to the food, but refused the 'youth' club, disappointing Brittany. Victor and Nikki had it out about her involvement with the club. She told him she'd no longer be controlled by him, and admitted to feeling there was no hope for their marriage. Christine admitted to Paul that she had been thinking often of the happy times in their marriage. Neil asked Paul and Christine to locate the missing Devon. Olivia told Dru the entire Devon situation was her fault, not Neil's. Kevin and Lily shared civil conversation discussing Devon. Michael blasted Kevin for his scheme, but Kevin insisted it had all worked out for the best. Damon was angry Phyllis didn't go to the cops about Alex, told her about Elias' killer being up for parole, and vowed to stop the man from going free if they police didn't do it first.

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