The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/23/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

JR demands that Derek does something to find his father and prosecute David Hayward. Derek complies but is not really concerned about the fate of Adam Chandler.

David Hayward is able to confirm that there is was no baby born to Kelly and Kevin Buchanan, or anybody else, at the time of his birth, given the name Ace or Asa. Anita confirms that she attended to Kelly in the hospital and Kelly had a stillbirth. Babe says that's all the proof she needs that the baby in question is really hers. Tad asks Babe why Krystal won't give him a yes on his marriage proposal. Babe cannot tell him but confirms that they have a secret which they are not telling him.

ATWT by Linda

Susan confronts Emily about Chris, Emily confirming that it was only a flirtation. They decide to keep it to themselves, because Alison is so happy. Chris keeps having second thoughts, but bolstering his nerve by telling his Dad that he’s committed to Alison and their marriage. Will comes home and while he’s making a sandwich, Lily comes to the door. He’s assailed with images of Rose’s death as he stares at her holding the knife he was using to cut tomatoes. Jack and Julia get married as Carly and Parker are getting pictures of Julia and JJ drawn by a forensic artist. When Jack is dancing with his new family, Parker is dancing as well and passes out.

B&B by Boo

Stephanie lays down the law for both Amber and Thomas. She makes it clear that she will have no qualms about throwing Amber in jail if she doesn’t leave town and stay away from all of the Forresters. A crushed Thomas leaves with his grandmother. Amber feels like her life is destroyed. Jackie makes a decision to tell Massimo about her and Deacon. Deacon proclaims his love for Jackie, but Jackie makes it clear that she loves her husband and her life with him. She is going to make things work with Massimo. Massimo overhears them talking and confronts Deacon after Jackie leaves.

Days by Danielle

Belle believes that Shawn is calling out Jan’s name because he would rather see her than Belle. Belle, Lexie, and Philip confront Jan and she claims that she and Shawn have been lovers ever since he left Salem. Kate blames Bo for Billie’s death and Sami agrees with Kate, still believing Bo should be blamed for Marlena’s death. Kate, Sami, and Lucas rush to the hospital when Rex calls with the news about Shawn. Kate tells Rex about Billie.

John decides to put his anger at Marlena and Roman almost making love aside in an effort to work with Roman to get off the island. Together, they work on a plan to disarm the power supply to the island. Hope seeks their help to get Bo out of the jungle but they refuse. Hope decides to seek help from Tony when Jennifer tells her that they used Tony’s medallion to get back through the force field. Tony meets with Master Hattori for sparring practice and advice. Master Hattori has escorted Bart to New Salem where Tony orders Bart to be in charge of keeping the captives in New Salem from coming in contact with any of the inhabitants on the other side of the island. Tony admits to Bart that the whole Salem Stalker plot was Stefano’s idea. Stefano calls Tony to have him make sure that anyone who tries to enter the jungle through the perimeter will be killed.

GH by Lisa

Sonny warns Durant to stay away from Carly. Jason tries to convince Carly that Durant could destroy Sonny and her family. Carly later chooses Sonny over Durant, who still plans on using her to further his own agenda and later seeks out Bobbie. Ric and Alexis continue their flirtation.

Ric insists to Alexis that he is no longer in love with Elizabeth, which Elizabeth overhears. Ric pulls Alexis into a kiss. Lois becomes angry when Ned interrupts her date with Alcazar. Alcazar warns Lois that he isn't good at relationships and admits that he is a gangster. Dillon becomes angry when Brook Lynn begins to embrace her new look. Georgie questions Dillon's over the top reaction to Brook Lynn's new image. Lucas kisses Brook Lynn.

GL by Elizabeth

Tony and Michelle realize that the burglar is none other than Blake. Olivia is being held in a Danish jail cell. Tammy and JB spend some time together, drinking beer. Ruth breaks into Phillip's briefcase and is caught, and then helps Spaulding with securing the eminent domain for Company. Blake steals a coin from the lighthouse. Phillip threatens Mrs. Lupo and decides that Joey needs to go to school in Boston. Cassie drops the charges for Hart's death against Dinah and then kidnaps her.

OLTL by Janice

Tico is told that his father’s associates want to rally behind Antonio. Tico is incensed. Antonio breaks into Lion’s Heart while everyone is at the gala. As he picks up the briefcase he is hit from behind and lies unconscious on the floor. Rex gets Asa out of the hole. Rex then gets more money from Asa to give him a ride home. Asa vows that Todd and Blair will regret messing with him. Adriana looks like a princess in her gown for the gala, but she is nervous about being at such a fancy affair. Duke soothes her nerves. Dorian and David convince Kelly to go to the gala. Kelly goes for only one reason - to arrange an unapproved visit with her son, Ace. Carlotta tells Antonio that he shouldn’t throw away his love for Jessica or Jamie. She asks him not to disconnect from those he loves. He tells her he’s Manuel’s son. Kevin makes a grand entrance at the ball. Tico continues to leave messages for Jessica to join him at the charity affair.

Passions by Suzanne

Julian wonder who the people are on the plane that Alistair spoke of and says he's never seen his father have fear before. Chad tells Julian and Eve that he can never forgive them for what they did to him and Whitney. He says terrible things to them. Eve begs him to forgive or tolerate them and tells him how much she loves him. He leaves to find Whitney. Luis and the rest get off the plane and go to Sheridan's cottage. They invite Paloma to stay. Pilar phones. Martin and Katherine disappear before she comes over. They wander in the Crane garden, and Paloma wanders there by herself, nervous about meeting Pilar. Sheridan, Pilar and Luis catch up and wonder where the others have gone to. Martin learns that Alistair is home, so he prepares to do battle with him. Alistair greets Paloma and messes with her head, saying her family is rich and they didn't really care about her. Father Lonigan comforts Whitney, who did not go through with the abortion (what a shock). Chad comes by and comforts her, too.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Lily couldn't enjoy a family breakfast and told Neil he was happy Devon was gone. Dru later agreed with Lily's assessment and told Neil their marriage was in trouble. Paul admitted to Nikki that Victor had asked him to keep details about the search for Charles Cassen to himself. Nikki was furious and demanded Paul locate Joshua's brother. JT told Mac about his game with Brittany, then agreed to share another dinner with her. Bobby accused Brittany of not wanting to marry him, and told her to have fun with JT. Brittany was furious to learn JT had told Mac about their game, worried she'd tell Anita, and warned JT not to kiss her while out in public on their date. Bobby and Nikki found comfort in one another and their club. After an intimate embrace, she suggested she should go, but Bobby asked her to stay. Sharon revealed to an outraged Victor that she'd followed Nikki to 'Marilyn's' and watched her play hostess to the crowd. Phyllis intimidated Alex into leaving town with threats of involving the police and Victor Newman. She ordered Kevin to keep his distance from Daniel, then shared a touching moment with her grateful son, who said no one had ever fought for him before.

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