The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/22/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Babe, Krystal and David have their private conversation and investigation about Babe's baby still alive, living in Llanview and raised by Kevin and Kelly Buchanan. Bianca asks them what their private conversation is and finds it odd that she overheard Babe say something about her son. Yet, she still has no clue what they are talking about. Jamie is investigating the same situation. Bianca meets up with him and they brainstorm together.

JR demands that Zack Slater tells him what he knows about the disappearance of his father. Zack lectures JR about how his father has psychologically damaged him growing up but tells him nothing. Zack still knows, via his surveillance camera, that David Hayward put Adam in a crate and kidnapped him. Tad announces to Liza that he's proposed to Krystal. She is gracious about that but tells him she needs to protect her daughter from Adam and JR.

ATWT by Linda

Aaron tells Alison that he loves her and that Chris is in love with another woman, Alison going ballistic and telling him she never wants to see him again. Hal and Emily argue over Will coming home, Hal being called back to the station before they can work anything out. Chris fantasizes about Emily as he readies his and Alison's honeymoon suite. Aaron is destroyed over Alison's response. Carly and Roseanna find JJ's hat at the rest stop. Jack gets the papers so he and Julia can wed.

B&B by Boo

Rick tries one more time to warn Thomas about Amber before giving up the lost cause. Stephanie and Amber have a huge fight that is reminiscent of Stephanie and Brooke’s fights. Stephanie tells Amber that she wants her to break it off with Thomas and leave town. Massimo buys a large line of boutiques for Jackie for their anniversary. He then asks Nick to be President and Deacon to be Vice President.

Days by Danielle

Will is anxious for Lucas and Sami to set a wedding date. Kate receives word that Billie is dead from an ISA agent and after calling Austin, visits Lucas at Sami’s apartment to tell him the news. Hope, Jennifer, and Maggie discuss Billie’s part in their captor’s plan.

Julie, Mickey, and Bonnie rush to the hospital when they get the news about Shawn. Belle and Philip visit the hospital chapel to pray. Lexie performs surgery but isn’t able to completely stop the bleeding. Julie suggests that Belle go in and talk to Shawn to try and bring him back. While Belle talks to Shawn, Shawn mutters Jan’s name. Philip catches Jan lurking around the hospital. Rex brings Mimi to the hospital nursery to look at the babies. A nurse interrupts Mimi’s attempt to tell Rex about their baby and ends up guessing that Mimi is pregnant. Rex introduces himself and explains that if Mimi were pregnant, he’d know about it. Bonnie observes the interaction and once alone with Mimi, warns her not to ruin her life by telling Rex about the baby.

GH by  Amanda

Seeking to avoid Jax, Courtney kisses Jason; and when Jax calls her on it, she admits that she used him and also still loves him a bit. Sam attempts to comfort Jason, but he claims not to need it. Durant tells Sonny that he's there to see Carly, with no interest in Sonny. Tracy insists that Alan or Monica find a way to send Edward home, in other words, out of Heather's reach hopefully. Simon wants Brooke Lynne to have an extreme makeover, something the teens don't receive well.

Carly's first conversation with her father as his daughter is awkward. Sonny is determined to get Durant out of their lives. Brooke runs away from the makeover. Dillon vows to withhold rights to the poem if Brooke is forced into what she hates. Felicia orders Edward to be moved to an undisclosed location. Jax tells Courtney he won't give up on her. Lois goes looking for Alcazar. Sonny accosts Durant.

GL by Elizabeth

Michelle tells Tony that the two of them can never be and that she’s realizing why she fell in love with Danny in the first place. We find out that Roger’s visit has something to do with Michelle and this sends Blake over the lighthouse rummaging through Michelle’s things. Edmund asks Cassie to go away with him and she refuses, the two also tell Tammy of their engagement. Lizzie comes clean to Joey about drugging him. Marina goes to Danny for help in dealing with the Spaulding’s and Coop tries comforting Lizzie. JB & Tammy leave a bar together. Cassie almost shoots Joey.

OLTL by Janice

Sonja tells Antonio that he needs to be the bait to trap El Tiburon. He needs to pretend to want to head the Santi family organization. Benicia calls and wants to set up a meeting with Antonio and Sonja. Adriana tells Antonio that Carlotta only wanted what was best for him. He tells her not to trust Tico - that he might be a crime boss. Antonio breaks into Tico’s house and narrowly escapes being caught. He finds a briefcase exactly like the ones that held the bearer bonds down in San Juan. John tells Sonja that he thinks she’s working for the government. He tells her that if anything happens to Antonio she has to answer to him. Jessica sends Tico a note saying that she can’t go to the gala with him. Duke, Adriana and Addie go to the quarry. Addie finds Asa in the shaft. He asks her to get help. Duke and Adriana think that she’s hallucinating. While Shannon and Rex are making out at the quarry, Rex hears Asa’s call for help. He offers to help Asa out - for a price. Marcie gets encouraged to submit her book to a publisher by Mark’s friend. She gets cold feet.

Passions by Suzanne

Theresa keeps putting pressure on Ethan; she learns from Gwen that Ethan would definitely know who he was sleeping with, even if they were disguised as Gwen, because she tested that out with her sorority sisters. Theresa gets upset when Little Ethan comes in and calls Gwen "Mommy". She wants to tell him not to do that and that he will be living with her, but Gwen won't allow it until she's sure that Theresa is going to follow through on their deal. Paloma, Martin, Katherine, Sheridan, and Luis (and the hit man) fly home to Harmony. Sheridan tells Luis that she wants to have a baby right away, and he agrees. Paloma has a nightmare about returning to her mother; her family all welcomes her, but she gets upset that Pilar abandoned her for all those years and says she wants nothing to do with them. Whitney goes to Father Lonigan for confession. He tells her that he can't absolve her of her mortal sin if she has the abortion. Chad, upset about Alistair leeking his and Whitney's story to the tabloids, goes after Alistair with a baseball bat. Alistair has a gun; Fox gets in Chad's way. The gun goes off; Fox trips on the rug but no one is hurt. Eve and Julian are also upset about the tabloids. She slaps Alistair. They don't know what to think when Alistair says cryptically that the worst thing to happen to them all is on a plane, headed to Harmony; he says they will all go down in flames. Fox goes to the church looking for Whitney, but the priest can't say where she's headed.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nick told Victor he was worried about Sharon's increasing boredom and restlessness. Victor told him that Nikki was going through a tough time and he would do all he could to be there for her. They agreed to try to repair their own damaged bond. Sharon questioned Nikki about the thrills of stripping. Nikki, worried Sharon wanted to do it, urged her to put it out of her mind. Phyllis and Michael came up with a secret plan to stop Alex and save Kevin and Daniel. Lauren told Michael about Kevin's love letter; he told her about the plot to put Lily in danger. Lauren then told him she and Paul had broken up, partly because of him. Paul told Christine about his breakup and learned that she wasn't feeling as satisfied with Danny as she had been, and that Danny might not come back to Genoa City. Nikki asked Paul for an update on the search for Charles Cassen. Elliot told Jill he was in love with her, and she told him she wanted to ease off a bit and give herself time to think. Phyllis confronted Daniel and Kevin, forced them to give her Alex's number, then demanded he stop by. He did, and Phyllis warned him she was now running the show.

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