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AMC by Jenn

David privately talks to Krystal and Babe about finding out whether the Llanview baby known as Ace Buchanan is in fact Babe's baby. Bianca knows the three of them are keeping a secret from her.

Kendall discovers Ethan's rifle and asks him if he shot Ryan. He indirectly tells her he could have. She tries to warn him not to push it and get himself into any more trouble. But she ends up confiding in him about how they are so alike, with their family situations, and they understand each other so well. There is still conflicting beliefs on who shot Ryan, now that Kendall is off the hook. Some people believe it's Ethan. Others believe it's Zack.

ATWT by Linda

Jack accidentally calls Carly instead of Julia, thinking that Julia is in trouble. When she isn’t, he’s confused but still asks her to marry him. She says yes. Jack is talking with the owner of Costello’s to get a new identity so he can. Lilly tells Emily about Will and Emily tells Hal there is no way that Will is going to live in her house. Emily and Chris have a hard time covering up their feelings when Alison is late for the wedding rehearsal and Emily has to stand in for her. Aaron finally tells Alison that he loves her. Margo and Tom make a connection. When Carly calls the number back that Jack is at, she’s disappointed.

B&B by Boo

Eric and Stephanie both tell Thorne how much they love him and how proud they are of him. Eric asks him to come back to Forrester, but will love him no matter where he works. Thorne and Darla talk about his returning to Forrester. Thorne only sees one way that it would work. Ridge packs and gets ready for his business trip. Caitlin pays a visit to Stephanie and tells her about Amber working at Insomnia so that she can see Thomas. Amber and Thomas have a secret meeting in the office at Insomnia again. Stephanie goes to Insomnia to talk to Amber and sees Thomas leave the office. She goes into the office and finds a half dressed Amber. Amber tries to explain, but Stephanie slaps her across the face demanding to know what she is doing with her grandson.

Days by Danielle

Nicole and Brady dine at the Chinese restaurant. Jan dresses up as a waitress to ask Nicole for help in getting Shawn back. Nicole advises Jan to get out of town. Jan tells Nicole about her plan to kill Belle. Bo and Hope argue about Billie’s part in the master plan for New Salem. Bo gives in to Hope’s demand that she join him in the jungle. Once at the force field, Bo pretends to be dizzy so he can get some time alone while Hope leaves to get water. While alone, Bo disarms the force field and passes through. Hope rushes back but doesn’t make it through the force field in time, stuck back on the New Salem side. Bo ignores Hope’s pleading for him to stay and heads off into the jungle.

Mimi comes close to telling Rex about her pregnancy but stops when Rex repeats that having a baby right now would be a bad idea. Philip vows to use his connections to find Shawn so that Belle can hear from him that it’s over. Lexie argues with the other doctor about trying a craniotomy on Shawn when he codes. Their attempts to shock him show no results. Lexie calls Belle to come to the hospital where she tells her about the accident. Jan happens upon the accident scene and rushes to the hospital when she realizes that it’s Shawn’s motorcycle. She eavesdrops on Lexie and Belle’s conversation.

GH by Lisa

Carly lies to Bobbie, claiming she never found her father. Durant watches Bobbie and forces Steven to admit that he (Durant) is Carly's father. Steven is disgusted over Durant's desire to use Carly for his own gain. Carly admits to Sonny that Durant is her father and tells Sonny to do whatever he has to in order to protect himself. Durant arrives at Sonny's penthouse. Sonny insists that Sam move out of Jason's. Sam plans on leaving in order to prevent further strains on Sonny and Jason's relationship but Jason convinces her to stay.

Courtney fears she will give in to temptation and sleep with Jax. Courtney pulls Jason into a kiss in front of Jax and Sam. Faith claims Skye made sexual advances towards her in an effort to get Skye thrown into solitary but her plan backfires. While in solitary, Faith realizes that Skye escaped from prison and vows revenge.

GL by Elizabeth

Sandy is at Company and receives yet another message from the person tormenting him. Lizzie visits both Tammy and JB before heading to the Beacon to meet up with Joey. Coop tells Buzz that he wants to stay in Springfield to help the family. Harley and Phillip get a phone call about Zach’s behavior, which he attributes to his father. Alex and Gus both visit Alex at the police station. Phillip sends orders out to stop Olivia at immigration and then gives Ruth the job of digging up some dirt on Harley Cooper. Alex offers to help Gus get Harley back, if that is what he really wants and tells Gus that Phillip’s weak spot is Beth.

OLTL by Janice

Sonja brings Eduardo into the police station and he confesses that he did not see Antonio push Angelina. Shannon is thrilled that Rex tells the Love crew that she was with him when the project was trashed. Jennifer tells Lindsay that she and Riley are moving in together. At the Carriage House, as Jennifer and Julie are talking the radio comes on by itself. Natalie and Jessica decide to move into Llanfair. Natalie finds out that Paul is planning to rob Kevin. He begs her to help him so that he can go straight. She refuses. Paul tells Rex that Natalie will help them. John warns Natalie that he can’t always be there to help her. Antonio tells Sonja that he can’t be with her because he still loves Jessica. Tico leads Jessica to Antonio who is at a motel with a half-dressed Sonja. Tico toasts to his triumph “now it begins”.

Passions by Boo

Gwen tells Theresa a story about her and Ethan’s college days when her friends tried to fool Ethan into thinking they were Gwen by wearing her specially made perfume. Gwen is convinced that Ethan would never be fooled by that, since he wasn’t back then. Alistair leeks Chad and Whitney’s shame to the tabloid papers. Julian and Chad are both angry enough to kill when they see the headlines. Beth continues to plot her way back into Luis’ arms, despite the dedication ceremony that Luis and Sheridan shared. Luis, Sheridan, Martin, Katherine and Paloma are on a plane, headed back to Harmony. Katherine has a nightmare about Alistair destroying all their lives.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Jack told Jill to be careful with Elliot, and revealed that he had a trail of company's he'd worked for, sucked money out of, and abandoned. Kevin returned from leaving a love poem for Lauren at her boutique. Michael urged him to let go of his obsession. Kevin told him to mind his own business. Kevin then went to visit Daniel, and learned about the fight with Alex. Daniel warned they could go to jail, causing Kevin to relive the memory of his beating in prison. Both wished they'd never met Alex. Paul and Lauren discussed his feelings for Christine, and hers for Michael. They agreed to break up, remain friends, and wished each other all the best in their pursuit of happiness.

Victor and Nikki argued about the incident with Abby at the dance. Victor asked where she'd gone after the party, but she refused to tell him. While Bobby phoned and thanked her for her help at the club the night before, Victor stormed out. Phyllis found a broken Damon and talked to him about Elias, pleading with him not to give up the good things in his life by giving into the desire for revenge. He pleaded with her to phone the police, once she admitted Daniel was in trouble with Alex. She said there was something she had to do first. Damon said he should have killed Alex when he'd had the chance. Ashley and Brad shared breakfast and she bluntly asked if he thought she loved Victor. Brad said a part of her always would, and he worried about the day she'd have to decide just how much. Phyllis went to see Michael, told him he was right about Kevin and Daniel scheming against Lily, and said they had to work together to save her son and his brother from going to prison, while also figuring out a way to dispose of Alex. The former scheming evildoers agreed that they had the capacity to think of something creative to fix everything.

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