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AMC by Jenn

Ryan finally wakes up but makes it clear that whether Kendall meant to shoot him or not, he does not want her, he wants Greenlee. Kendall sneaks into Ethan's room and discovers a very sophisticated gun which he probably used to shoot Ryan. Maria promises Zack she will not tell anybody that he's Michael Cambias' brother, nor that Ethan is his son. But she admits she's very uncomfortable keeping secrets from everybody she cares for. Anita reminds Bobbie that just about everybody in Pine Valley distrusts Zack. But Bobbie says Zacks gives him no cause for alarm.

ATWT by Linda

Barbara is shocked when Will turns on her and tells her that he’s leaving the hospital without her, hoping she rots there. Holden defies Lily by telling her that he’s going to sign the friends of the court petition for Will. Paul and Jessica keep getting signatures. Carly and Parker are taken hostage by the hippies who saw Jack. When Jack and JJ are going to the ball game, Jack stops and feels that Parker is in trouble. Julia finds the bottle.

B&B by Boo

Ridge swears revenge on Thorne and whoever helped him to steal the whole line of designs from Forrester. Eric also wants revenge at first until Stephanie talks to them all and explains that she thinks Thorne was just hurting very badly. Slowly the rest of the family comes around to thinking the same way Stephanie does. Everyone except Ridge who realizes that he will have to do some traveling to try to straighten things out with all their buyers now. He softens a little when Brooke explains what it must be like for his parents to realize that one of their children has felt unloved and unappreciated his whole life.

As the whole Spectra staff celebrates, Thorne has serious second thoughts about what he has done. As Darla tries to comfort him, Eric and Stephanie come in and express their love for their son. They give him the whole clothing line as a gift and tell him how much they love and respect him. Thorne cries in his parents arms.

Days by Danielle

Shawn crashes his motorcycle on the way back to town. Doctors fear that he could be brain dead. Belle senses that Shawn is in danger and Philip overhears her talking to Shawn’s picture about how she’ll never stop loving him. Mimi tells Belle about being pregnant but insists that she must have an abortion so as not to end up like Bonnie. Rex overhears Mimi calling for the number to a family planning abortion clinic.

Hope and Bo are able to safely make their way down to the ledge where they find Jack. Together they are able to bring Jack back to New Salem where he reunites with Jennifer and meets his new son. Bo wants to head back out to the jungle to look for Billie but Hope catches him before he can leave.

GH by Amanda

Skye is shocked that Faith is her cellmate; the two women begin planning an escape. Sam flips out over Sonny's prenatal agreement, and argues with Jason over signing it. Sonny confronts Steve about what Steve was doing with Carly; what he learns prompts him to forbid her to see her new friend. Nik and Emily begin to plan a wedding; although Lucky and Liz don't think it's wise. Jax searches for Courtney in a convent, but the sisters hide her, but that doesn't prevent him from posing as a priest and hearing her confess to carnal thoughts. Jason tells Sonny of Sam's panic, but when she calms a bit - Sam goes to Carly for advice only to be snapped at.

Lucky vows to find evidence that will clear Emily. Sonny clarifies what he wants for his daughter and Carly apologizes to Steve. Durant is sure that Carly is his; but Steve denies it.

GL by Elizabeth

Danny and Michelle begin to make love and are interrupted by the contractor for Light. Tammy goes into a bar, gets drunk and is ‘rescued’ by Sandy while JB looks on. Blake, Reva and Cassie confront Dinah. Sandy gets another message from someone who knows he is not Jonathan. Jeffery confronts Ross on the fact that he concealed that Dinah was in town. Cassie tells Reva that she doesn’t think she will ever be free of Dinah. Danny warns Tony that Michelle is his wife and that they will always end up together. Ross tells Blake that she of all people should understand why he is sticking by his family. Tony gives Michelle the motorcycle. Blake finds a letter from her father that says he’s coming back to town (September 28th, 10am) and she then calls her father and tells him that she needs him.

OLTL by Janice

At Capricorn, RJ gloats to Dorian that he has Jamie full time because Antonio’s life is going down the tubes. Kelly thanks Dorian for getting her visits with Ace as David looks on guiltily. Kelly tells Dorian that she’s lucky to have David in her life. Kelly sees Kevin meeting with William Dawes, man he hated. David thinks they are planning something big. Dorian thinks it’s odd that Todd and Blair have gone off on an impromptu vacation in the middle of the battle over the Buchanan Mansion. Renee and Kevin ask Bo for help in finding Asa. Renee’s afraid she’s going to lose him. Bo reminds her that they’ve already had 2 funerals for him - he’s a survivor. Bo overhears Dorian say that she wishes all of the Buchanans would disappear from the face of the earth. In the woods, Asa vows revenge on Todd and Blair. He comes upon some boy scouts who agree to take him to their scoutmaster when they are frightened off by a rattlesnake. Asa falls into a shaft as he tries to find his way out of the woods. John calls an old agent friend and finds out that his investigation about Sonja is being squashed because whatever is really going on is deep undercover and international agencies may be involved. The agent tells John that he may be the one in trouble if he keeps asking questions. Antonio insists to Sonja that he did not harm Isabella and that Tico is out to get him. Jessica insists to Tico that Antonio did not kill Angelina. Tico reminds Jess that Antonio’s temper is just like Manuel Santi. Antonio goes to the loft to get his address book. He is upset that Tico is with Jessica. She is upset that Antonio is with Sonja. Jessica agrees to be Tico’s date to the gala and they kiss. At Lion’s Heart Eduardo confesses to Antonio and Sonja that he lied to the police. Sonja tells John that she can prove Antonio did not kill Angelina. A friend of Sara’s meets Antonio and tells him to contact Venezia to find out about El Tiburon.

Passions by Christa

Sheridan, Louis, Martin and Katherine prepare to go to Harmony and to kill Alistair. Whitney thinks about having an aborition and calls the clinic. Theresa finally tells Ethan that she did pretend to be Gwen and slept with him. She tells him he loved it and she knows he still wants her. Julian offers Chad a job at the Crane studio. Fox tries to convince him not to take the offer. Chad thinks its a good offer.

Y&R By Christopher

Kay was reluctant to elope with Arthur, who apologized for giving her his dead wife's ring, and offered to get a new one. Bobby agreed to go along with Brittany's ruse to make her parents think JT was her fiancee, since it meant reducing her stress level. JT took advantage of the game and passionately kissed Brittany. Jack and Victor let Abby decide which of them she wanted to spend time with in a week. She chose Victor, so Jack invited Diane to join him and Kyle at the baseball game. Nikki accused Ashley of needing to be the center of attention, loving Victor, and hurting everyone around her. She then told Brad that Victor and Ashley were using them. Bobby begged Nikki to host at the club for a tour bus. She left with him after spotting Victor with Ash, agreeing to keep peace with Brad since it would make Ash happy. Nikki left Victor a note saying she'd gone to attend to business, and not to wait up. Michael pretended not to know Gloria and wished her and John happiness. Kevin surprised Lauren with baloons and flowers, but agreed to leave when she promised to meet him the next day. Paul followed him out. A curious Sharon questioned Brittany about the thrill of stripping, and accepted and invite to the club. Daniel devastated Phyllis by telling her the entire truth of his scheme with Kevin and Alex against Lily Winters. Phyllis worried about Damon's unleashed rage and didn't know if she'd turn Daniel in to the cops or not. All the couples shared a last dance while Victor and Ash shared a passionate look of love from across the room.

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