The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/17/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

ATWT by Linda

Jack and Julia make love while Carly is on TV pleading for his return home. Ben spurns Jessica again, his hand hurting more and his need for the painkillers increasing. Barbara is restrained and sedated after she tells Jennifer that Will is the one who got her the uniform and visited her in her room. Hal tells Will that he and Paul are working on his early release, Will thankful because he doesn’t want to be anywhere near his mother ever again. While Paul is discussing Will’s release with Jessica, she realizes that Paul is right – she is destroying herself and deserves to be alone. Jennifer helps Mike and Nikki with Henry, Nikki confiding in Jennifer that she’s really interested in Mike.

B&B by Matthew

Ridge vows to make Thorne pay for stealing their designs. He is escorted from the building, while Stephanie and Eric slowly retreat as well. Caitlin warns Thomas about Amber's history, again. After confronting Caitlin about her words, Amber hooks up (sexually) with Thomas at Insomnia.

Days by Danielle

Will returns from camp and Sami and Lucas take him out to his favorite Chinese restaurant where they break the news of their engagement. Kate is also dining at the restaurant and overhears Sami badmouthing her vision of Kate as a fish in the restaurant’s lobster tank. Shawn pretends to be ill to get Jan to undo his restraints. Once free, he knocks Jan down and heads for Green Mountain Lodge. He arrives after Belle and Philip have headed back home. Shawn assaults a waiter and breaks a champagne bottle in his anger. Mimi warns Belle to move on with Philip before she becomes an old maid. Upon hearing about Rex’s new job, Belle brings up the idea of marriage and a family between Rex and Mimi. Belle is surprised at Mimi’s sad reaction to the idea.

Hope believes Bo’s story about seeing Billie to be a result of his head injury. Patrick wraps a vine around himself and jumps down toward the ledge while Bo and Hope are making up from their argument. Patrick can’t see who the body is through the fog. The vine snaps and Patrick is sent into the river below where he is pulled under.

GH by Amanda

Carly runs headlong into dear old dad, who claims to be in town for business and to not know that she lived in PC. Mac comes to Wyndermere to investigate Emily's story. Nik defends Emily, citing Jason's influence on her. Mac does not buy it, pointing out that Emily and Mary both have medical knowledge and motive. Then, Tracy and Helena come in, giggling like girls about the wedding plans they are making for the darlings. Ric accuses Sonny of planning to kill Faith, who is angry threatens everyone who she sees as responsible for her raw deal. Sonny vows not to kill her. Alexis and Ric apparently are getting closer; she intervenes in his and Sonny's spat to discuss Mary Bishop, per se, but in fact they plot to take Sonny down. Mike tells Sam that the worst is ahead for the Sonny's over compensation angst, but is able to tell her how to deal. Steve expresses his interest in Carly to Colman, who warns him not to commit suicide. Felicia finds a witness in Mary's murder; causing Mac to pull Emily downtown, right in the middle of Helena and Tracy's rapturous planning.

Lucky is implicated by the new evidence, and suspended. Jason does not understand Carly's paranoia over Durante and Sonny. Thanks to Durante, Steve has the forensics job he wanted. When the two meet, Steve informs him of all that Carly told him and Durante vows that if she is his child, that will be the key to taking Sonny down. Jason is upset that Sonny is making legal provisions for his new baby. The new witness identifies Emily as the killer. Later, Helena instructs the witness on her testimony. Sam refuses to sign Sonny's papers.

GL by Eva

At the Farm, Cassie is still in shock that Edmund wants to marry her now and wonders if Edmund really wants to marry her or is afraid to lose her. Edmund tells her that Dinah made him realize how precious life is. Cassie still has her doubts but after a long discussion Cassie takes off the ring Richard gave her and accepts Edmund's proposal and Edmund places the ring on her finger. At the Light House, Michelle assures Danny that she has a connection with Tony but that doesn't change how she feels about him. Danny catches the stalker in the light house and tells him he will gladly lay down his life for Michelle. Danny tells the stalker that he will kill him if he ever sees him on the streets of Springfield again. Michelle is touched by his words and tells Danny she doesn't deserve his love. Danny tells Michelle he will gladly fall in love with her again. Danny promises to try to live in the moment with her. Danny and Michelle make love.

At the Beacon, Joey tries to explain to Tammy that he doesn't remember sleeping with Lizzie. Joey tries to persuade Tammy that Lizzie means nothing to him because he loves her. Tammy refuses to hear any more excuses and leaves while Joey begs her to stay and talk with him. Tammy tells Joey that their relationship is over. Later Joey overhears JB tell Lizzie that the only way Joey will be hers again is if she drugs him again. At the Jail, Dinah manages to convince Ross that she wants to redeem herself. Blake doesn't buy the story and fears Dinah may put an end to her Marriage to Ross. Ross vows to do everything possible to give his daughter a second chance. Dinah is shocked when Cassie arrives to talk with her.

OLTL by Janice

Tico’s butler tells John McBain that Antonio caused Angelina’s death. John questions Tico’s claims. Sonja tells John that Antonio would never kill his mother. She believes that Tico is behind the butler’s claims. Antonio asks RJ to take care of Jamie indefinitely. He tells RJ that Carlotta is not an option right now and that Jessica is no longer in the picture. RJ forces Antonio to say goodbye to Jamie. John tracks down Antonio at RJ’s. RJ overhears John telling Antonio that he’s been accused of causing Angelina’s death. Before John can bring him down to the station a federal agent shows up to take Antonio with him. Jessica goes to visit Sonja. She tells her to stay away from Antonio. At the loft Tico goes to visit Jessica and agrees with her that Sonja is after Antonio. He tells Jessica that Antonio may have killed Angelina. Natalie goes to Jessica and tells her that she needs her. Jessica tells her that Antonio left her. Nat shares that she broke up with Paul. Paul calls Babe and tells her he wants no more visits from her. Natalie bumps into John in Angel Square. She tells John that she won't be living at the hotel much longer. Natalie goes to Kevin for money for Paul. Kevin calls Paul to tell him that he’s not getting any money. Paul threatens that he’ll tell everything about Ace’s parentage. Kelly wakes up screaming after she dreams that Ace is dead. David comes in wrapped only in a towel. David later takes her to visit Ace. Kelly later thanks him for bringing her. They almost kiss.

Passions by Shirley

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

In Town: Sharon danced in front of the mirror while imagining herself as a stripper. Nick caught her, and the two made love. Kevin confirmed for Gloria that he was in love with Lauren Fenmore. Jill and Elliot returned from their getaway, joked about having slept together, and agreed to see each other soon. Jill accidentally stood Jack up at the Harvest Dance. Alex got away while Damon and Phyllis argued with Daniel about police involvement. Daniel convinced Phyllis not to call the cops, telling her he was in deep trouble. She told Damon to leave, saying she needed to talk to her son.

The Harvest Dance: JT and Brittany pretended to be engaged. Brittany enjoyed an intimate dance with JT, and was horrified when Bobby showed up unexpectedly. Paul reminded Michael not to hurt Lauren. Disgusted to see John and Gloria together, Michael approached them and asked John who his lady friend was. Abby got Brad and Ash to agree to let her spend another day at the ranch. Brad blamed Nikki for not standing by him. Ash told Jack Abby couldn't go to a game with him because of another commitment. Diane and Kyle surprised Jack and became his guests. Esther worried that Arthur would try to kill Kay. Arthur asked Kay to elope with him to Las Vegas. Paul noticed Esther looking worried. Paul told Nikki there were no leads in finding Charles Cassen. Lauren offered Brad an ear, but he turned it down.

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