The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/16/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Aiden is very suspicious of Ethan and finally obtains a police report that shows that Kendall's gun only had blanks in it so she could not have shot Ryan. And he believes that points to Ethan.

Babe is telling everybody she wants to stay with JR but only David and Krystal know that she believes she's found her baby boy. Jamie suddenly discovers a map of hers, goes to Llanview and finds out she was recently there and talked to Kevin Buchanan and met his baby.

ATWT by Linda

Will tells his therapist that he’s ready to see his other family and sets it up so that when he’s visiting with Hal, Jen and Paul that Barbara shows up. Chris tells Emily that he’s going to tell Alison all about them, but then sees Alison in her wedding dress and decides differently. Lucy convinces Aaron that since he’s in love with Alison, he needs to tell her about Chris and Emily. Henry, Mike and Nikki go mountain climbing on a rock wall, Henry falling and getting a concussion. Ben talks with Bob and when Bob refuses to renew his pain pill prescription, he writes a prescription for Henry and takes them.

B&B by Matthew

Stephanie tries to get Thorne to return to Forrester before the showing at Spectra, but fails. Cailtin and Rick notices some scratches on Thomas' back (I guess from his romp with Amber?), but he covers. Caitlin invites Rick to her homecoming dance but he insists he not go because of the potential scandal. Ridge scoffs that he doesn't need to see the line at Spectra, because he knows it will fail. Jackie is at the showing and sees the gowns. She immediately runs to the phone and calls Eric to tell him the designs were stolen from Forrester! Thomas offers to take Caitlin to her dance. At the end of the showing, Ridge, Eric, and Stephanie show up. Ridge grabs Thorne and promises to make him pay for stealing the designs.

Days by Danielle

Shawn fantasizes again that he escapes from Jan and breaks up Belle and Philip. Belle sees a vision of Shawn who criticizes her for betraying their love. Belle stops the love making session, insisting that she can sense Shawn’s presence. Philip opens the doors to show that there is no one there and declares that he’ll wait as long as she needs him to.

Marlena imagines that Roman and John both confront her about her feelings. Marlena tells John about almost making love to Roman but when prompted John neglects to mention almost making love to Kate. Alice notices a strong wind when she tells the new baby about Tom and asks Tom if it’s a sign that Jack is already dead. Roman and Maggie discuss the fact that being on the island has brought back Roman’s old feelings for Marlena and that they might have to face the fact that when they return home, their loved ones will have moved on with someone else. Bo reaches Hope and Patrick and fills them in on Billie. Bo and Patrick argue over who is going to go down to check on the body on the ledge. Hope grows tired of the arguing and jumps down before anyone can object.

GH by Lisa

Carly starts to befriend Steven over a game of pool at Jake's but later closes him out after learning that he's a cop. Carly is surprised to find Durant in town. Durant pressures Ric into hiring Steven at the police department. Alexis is upset when Sonny teases her about her tryst with Ric and by Ric's own insinuations. Sonny convinces Faith to take the plea bargain. Faith vows revenge against Sonny, Ric and Alexis when she learns she'll be spending the next ten years in prison.

Mac reluctantly takes over the Mary Bishop murder case and suspects Lucky of covering to protect Nikolas and or Emily. Mac wants to question Emily. Alan and Monica support Emily and Nikolas' decision to get married as soon as possible. Elizabeth points out some of Heather's past wrongdoings to Felicia, who later asks Mac for details about Heather's crimes. Brook Lynn is upset when Lois and Ned argue.

GL by Elizabeth

Tony buys Michelle a motorcycle as Danny and Michelle get closer. Lizzie schemes with JB, and he tells Tammy about Lizzie & Joey sleeping together. Reva is put in a cell with Dinah, and is bailed out by Bill. Reva warns Bill about his sister and what she is capable of. Tammy confronts Joey about the night of the storm and asks where he was. Edmund proposes to Cassie.

OLTL by Janice

The security men help Blair move her belongings out of the Buchanan Mansion and unwittingly take an unconscious Asa out wrapped in an oriental rug. Todd and Blair tie Asa to a tree. Asa acts as if he’s still married to Blair. Todd convinces Blair to leave Asa in the woods. As they drive off, Asa swears to get even with Manning. Asa gets loose from the tree. Tico visits La Boulee to ask Dorian for help with the gala. David peeks into his wallet. Kevin tells Dorian that he will allow minimum visitation for Kelly. At Buchanan Mansion, Kevin and Tico meet with another man to discuss the political campaign. David eavesdrops and reports back to Dorian. Kevin worries when Asa doesn’t show up for the meeting. Tico and the politico congratulates themselves that Kevin has no idea what they really want with him. Rex tries to keep his relationship with Shannon quiet. Marcie tells Shannon that Rex will never love anyone but Jenn. Rex denies that he’s with Shannon just for the sex. Marcie has to decide between her brother Eric and the rest of her family. The Love Project is trashed and once again Shannon has no alibi. Adriana and Duke spend time at the diner with Ace talking about their new brothers. Antonio is sure that his inner rage is Santi blood. Antonio bemoans the fact that he never had any memories of his real family. He tells Jessica to stay away from Tico. Antonio tells her that he can’t be with her anymore because he doesn’t know who he is. Jessica, crying, professes her love for him. She tells him that if he walks out the door - it’s over. He leaves and tears roll down his face as he listens to Jessica’s sobs.

Passions by Shirley

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Unsuccessful at telling Anita she would not attend the Harvest Dance, a teary eyed Brittany convinced JT to pose as her fiancee for the event. Bobby comforted a slightly depressed Nikki, understood her reasons for not being at the club for its second night, and told her to have a good night with Victor at the dance. Michael told Kevin he loved him, begged him to speak with a psychiatrist, and prepared for his secret date with Lauren. Gloria and Lauren exercised together, and Lauren reluctantly admitted she was going to the dance with Michael. Kevin had a sexual fantasy of Lauren, then had a song dedicated to her on the radio. She and Gloria heard the song, and Gloria realized her sons both loved Lauren. Lily blamed Neil, who admitted he'd made the decision to send Devon to a group home. Dru told Neil she hoped he could live with himself if Devon was hurt or in danger. Alex attacked first Daniel, then Phyllis with the baseball bat. Phyllis' head was cut open before Damon burst in, manhandled and beat Alex to a pulp and tried to strangle him to death. Phyllis pleaded with him not to kill the boy and thus lose his own life. Damon finally relented, while Daniel realized everything he'd almost caused to happen.

Will Be Late

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