The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/15/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Babe reveals to Krystal and David that she knows her baby boy is alive, she met him when she accidentally wound up in Llanview after asking God to help her reach her baby boy. But they tell her she must be suffering from a trauma and believing something that cannot be.

Bianca discovers that Maggie is interested in Jonathan Lavery. Jonathan is not friendly to Bianca when she defends Kendall to him for accidentally shooting his brother. Bianca invites Ethan to stay at Myrtle's but Myrtle is very suspicious of any family member of Michael Cambias. Zack keeps having visions of the real Michael urging him to love and trust him.

ATWT by Linda

Alison and Aaron fight, Aaron telling Alison that he’s not about them losing the money or that he’s jealous of Chris but feels she shouldn’t marry him. He then drops out of the wedding party leaving Allison dejected. Chris tells Emily that he loves her and she slaps him, accusing him of being selfish. He then says he can’t help it, he loves her and Alison, and when Emily tells him that if she told him she was leaving Hal that moment, he’d run from her as fast as he could. Chris tells her to call his bluff and she falls into his arms. Alison walks in and Chris tells her that Emily was worried about Hal’s kids, Alison saying the even though she lost the last key and the money, she feels so blessed to have them in her life. Emily breaks down and leaves, Alison questioning Chris and realizing that there is more to this problem than Hal’s kids. After Emily talks with Hal and he can’t break from work for her, she calls Alison and tells her to meet her at her house, there’s something she needs to tell her. Lucy goes with Dusty to the gym and finally talks him into using her trust fund if the fight doesn’t work out. When the go to see the trainer, Aaron blows in and begins punching the hell out of a punching bag. When Lucy questions him about what’s wrong, she deduces that he is in fact in love with Alison.

Jack and Julia talk with the hippies, they having a picture of his ex-wife Julia and him together. Jack can’t put it together right away, but when they return home, he remembers Julia trying to drown him in his car. He decides to take the wedding ring off and dedicate his life to Julia and JJ. Carly and Hal take Parker to the river where Jack was last seen, and he feels nothing. But when they return home, Parker shows Carly a rash on his finger where he says that Jack has taken his ring off and given it to him.

B&B by Boo

Ridge and Brooke throw a family day pool party with Eric, Thomas, Caitlin, Rick, Hope and R.J. in attendance. Ridge isn't comfortable with Caitlin and Rick being there at first, but when Caitlin explains that her father knows they are there together, he lightens up. Brooke and Eric are both worried about he Spectra show, but Ridge is still certain that Spectra will flop. Thomas and Caitlin renew their friendship and Thomas tells Caitlin that he wants her to be happy. Thorne starts to have second thoughts about what he is doing to his family. Darla tells Thorne that she will back any decision he makes. Stephanie pays him a visit and tries her best to talk him out of doing the Spectra show. Clarke weights in with his thoughts and reminds Thorne of how badly his family has treated him. Stephanie doesn't give up easily and continues to beg Thorne to give her and his father a second chance. Thorne thinks about what Stephanie says.

Days by Danielle

Mimi still hasn’t told Rex about her pregnancy. Mimi is relieved when Rex says that he’d love to have a baby together but is sad again when Rex adds that he doesn’t want a baby right now. Bonnie urges Mimi not to tell Rex about the baby and to terminate the pregnancy before he even knows about it. Belle stops making love with Philip because she isn’t ready to give up on Shawn. Philip gives Belle his ring and offers to wait but Belle agrees that she’s ready to move on with Philip. Jan gloats as she makes Shawn watch through the door. Brady and Nicole make love only after Nicole makes sure that Brady truly wants to be with her. Victor’s ghost haunts Nicole after a mention of Chloe makes Brady turn away but their love making resumes when Brady decides that Chloe would have wanted him to move on.

Marlena brings John back to the penthouse. Roman and Victor coming over to fill John in on what they know about the island interrupt John and Marlena’s physical reunion. They discuss various theories. John is offended at the news that Marlena and Roman had been living together but apologizes later to Marlena and thanks Roman for taking care of Marlena. Victor insists on keeping the identity of his killer to himself, promising to take care of them himself. Victor confronts Roman on his feelings for Marlena but Roman turns the tables by pointing out that Caroline is anxious to return home to Shawn Sr. just as he is anxious to return home to Kate.

GH by  Amanda

After Sonny deals with Carly's worries about her father, he moves on to the problem of Faith, eventually advising her to accpet Ric's deal. Sam is concerned about Jason's involvement with Sonny. Ric refuses to hire Steve, twice. Then while he comforts Alexis over her worries about Christina being scarred for life by getting glasses, Durante walks in on them. Steve leaves Ric's office and first sees his mother, Heather who has just been confronted by Alice over drugging Edward. Though she manages to put Alice off, Liz dislikes her on principal and vows to warn Felicia. Dillon plays counselor to Alcazar. Brooke and Lois share a girl talk moment that turns teary.

GL by Elizabeth

Bill apologizes to Edmund on behalf of Dinah. Tammy tells Cassie she can’t forget Dinah shooting Hart and goes to the jail to visit Dinah. Dinah warns Tammy about Lizzie. Jeffery tries to get Dinah to leave the country with him and she refuses claiming he’s simply trying to protect Cassie. Cassie finds out that Dinah was RJ’s imaginary friend and wants the death penalty for Dinah. Reva finds out about Phillip’s plan to take over Cross Creek and is arrested when she confronts him. Ruth is hired as Phillip’s new executive assistant. Edmund calls someone for a favor.

OLTL by Janice

Carlotta finds Antonio at the cemetery where he is saying goodbye to his father, Diego. He tells her that she is not his mother. Her lies deprived him of getting to know his real mother, Isabella. Antonio asks Bo to help him find El Tiburon, but he needs to do it without supervision. Bo tells him to get some perspective and let him and John handle the Santi investigation. Antonio is determined to get to the truth. David draws Kelly out of her locked bedroom. She goes downstairs to find Duke as Dorian is tossing him out just for being Kevin’s son. Kelly invites him in to update her on Ace. Kelly is still planning on re-decorating the nursery so that it’s ready “when” Kevin allows visitation. Dorian goes to Todd for help against Kevin. Duke takes Adriana to see Carlotta. Carlotta tells Adriana that Antonio is her brother. She tries to comfort Carlotta at the loss of Antonio. Asa and Blair and Todd are at odds over the mansion. Blair goes to get her things when Asa badmouths her and Starr. As Asa walks away, Blair throws a heavy object at him and he lies unconscious on the floor.

Passions by Shirley

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Dru returned home, learned Lily and Devon had run away and blamed Neil for everything. He, in turn, blamed her. Lily returned and glared at Neil. After getting the news about the release of Elias' killer, Damon told Diane to leave him alone and smashed a mirror in his apartment. Bobby and Brittany - with slight input from JT - agreed to wed on November 1st. Brittany told JT she'd stripped and enjoyed herself, and took him wedding shopping. Anita phoned, told Brittany she'd been spotted with JT at wedding stores, assumed they were getting married, and insisted they join her and Frederick for dinner at the Harvest Dance. Victor hired extra security to work the rec center because of the drug deal incident, told Ashley about it and said he hoped it wouldn't make Brad change his mind about Abby spending time there. Alex phoned Daniel and warned there'd be hell to pay because of the incident at the rec center. Phyllis resisted the temptation of Jack's invite to go home with him, and confided in him a bit about Damon. Daniel phoned Phyllis, begged her to come home and said he had something important to tell her. Damon visited Daniel and warned him not to try to handle Alex on his own. Daniel thanked him and sent him away. Alex burst in on Daniel, alone, and slammed him back with a baseball bat against his throat.

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