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AMC by Jenn

Babe keeps having flash-backs of how she bonded with the baby she met in Llanview and seems to know that he is hers; the baby she thought died is alive. She surprises everybody by telling them that she is going to stay married to JR for the sake of the baby. She still has not revealed to Bianca or anybody else that Bess is really Miranda.

Zack is having flashbacks of childhood memories of him and his brother when he actually sees the real Michael Cambias urging his brother to know that he is not the monster that the town of Pine Valley sees him to be. Anita and Aiden are both concerned about Zack and don't trust him. Maria doesn't want to tell them his secret.

ATWT by Linda

When Jack and Julia go to Chicago to check out a shoe store where the exclusive shoes he was brought into the hospital in, they meet a couple of hippies that recognize him. Hal gets a call from another Police Station in Missouri saying they’ve got a man calling himself Jack Snyder. When he and Carly get there, the guy isn’t Jack, but swears he was alive when he stole his wallet. Kevin and his dork friend win the keys contest, Aaron getting angry and telling Ally that if she wouldn’t have been late they would’ve won. When she explains that she and Chris were planning their wedding, Aaron says he wishes he’d never had gotten involved with her. Dusty and Lucy discuss his boxing deal. Tom and Margo decide to go to the wedding together after some creative planning by Casey. Chris tells Emily he loves her when she shows up at the Tux shop as he’s being fitted.

B&B by Boo

Amber is on cloud nine after a night with Thomas. C.J. shows up and confronts her about what she is doing with Thomas. When he learns of the restraining order, he cautions her to remember that she might go to Jail. Amber thinks that her and Thomas can keep their relationship a secret from Ridge. Thomas and Amber agree on a secret meeting place. Thorne invites Jackie to their show. Jackie accepts the invitation and goes to Forrester to inform Ridge and Eric that she has accepted the invitation. Ridge still thinks it is all a bluff. Thomas tries his best to talk Ridge into dropping the restraining order, but Ridge will not back down.

Days by Danielle

Kate worries when she doesn’t hear from John. Kate gets a call from Tek with the news that John’s plane was shot down. Rex didn’t hear Mimi’s original announcement about being pregnant. Bonnie’s plan to keep Rex from finding out about the baby and to get Mimi and Shawn together fails. Bonnie is determined to try again. Mimi and Bonnie argue about the baby and Bonnie’s desires for Mimi to dump Rex. Rex consoles Kate and they talk about family. Kate offers Rex extra money but he refuses it as he tells Kate that he wants to earn his own bearings in life before having to take care of a family. Nicole takes advantage of Brady’s drunken state to make love to him. Brady believes Nicole to be Chloe. Victor’s ghost haunts Nicole and taunts her. After Brady sobers up, Nicole tells him about being offended that he called out Chloe’s name during their lovemaking. Brady reaches out to show Nicole how much he cares for her and asks to make love to her.

Billie fills Bo in on how she got to the island. Billie runs further into the jungle when she senses that they’re being watched. Billie is hit with a dart and passes out. Bo finds her on the ground and gets knocked unconscious from behind. Hope and Patrick talk about how Billie came between Bo and Hope and how Hope fears that Billie still wants to be with Bo. Bo comes to and calls out to Billie with no reply. Hope hears Bo’s voice and leads Patrick toward the sound. They arrive at the ravine and find a male body face down on a ledge, which they fear is Jack.

GH by Lisa

Carly meets Dr. Steven Webber and is unaware that he works for Durant. Steven asks Alan for a job at General Hospital and reunites with Elizabeth, his half-sister. Elizabeth warns Steven that his mother Heather, with whom he is estranged, is also back in town. Steven introduces himself to Ric and claims they are going to be working together.

Sonny asks Carly why she didn't give her father the check he had given her. Alexis urges Ric to consider Alcazar a suspect in Mary's murder. Lois defends Alcazar to Alexis and Ric. Lois rejects Alcazar when he tries to apologize. Tracy is infuriated when she believes that Heather is seducing Edward in his hospital room. Georgie feels left out when Dillon and Brook Lynn bond over having parents that are less then perfect. Jason urges Sonny to rethink the way he treats Sam.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley and Bill come up with a way for Phillip to unknowingly hire Harley as his personal assistant. Beth and Gus get together to discuss Phillip. The drug dealer that Lizzie bought the GHB from returns wanting an introduction from Lizzie to Tammy in order to keep quiet about their transaction. Reva convinces Sandy to stay in Springfield to fight his battles and then calls hi old school trying to find information about when Jonathon went there.

OLTL by Janice

Marcie is happy that her visit with her father went well. Michael tries to convince her that her father may still not be ready to accept Eric’s marriage. Jessica tries to get Bo and John to help her find Antonio, but they refuse. John and Bo try to figure out what Sonja is doing. Sonja tracks down Antonio and tries to convince him that he is still the same man he always was. Jessica goes to Lion’s Heart furious with Tico for keeping the truth from Antonio. Tico plays on her sympathies at Angelina’s death and she forgives him. He convinces her to spend the night at his mansion going over plans for the gala. They watch the sunrise together. On the roof, Natalie breaks up with Paul. Paul demands that she help him get the money for RJ and leaves her alone with John. Natalie tells John that she and Paul are over and that she needs some time to figure out what she wants. They watch the sunrise together.

Passions by Boo

Sheridan and Luis have a wedding ceremony in Mexico to celebrate their love. They know it isnít legal, but in their hearts they know it is true. Eve runs the new D.N.A. tests and proves that Chad is her and Julianís son. Whitney worries about the baby she is now pregnant with. Ivy confronts Theresa about the babies and tells her that she will never see those babies. She will make sure of it.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Victor discouraged Nikki from locating Charles Cassen, and she dodged his questions about her whereabouts from the night before. Bobby told Brittany that Brenda and Maureen were coming back to work so she wouldn't have to strip, and asked her to set a date for their wedding. Weber questioned Neil about Lily's disappearance. Kevin showed up and told them about his encounter with Lily at the park. They thanked him. Alone with Olivia, Neil blamed himself for Lily leaving, and received a call from Dru saying she was two minutes away from the condo. Diane visited Damon and tried coming on to him, but he told her to go home and spend time with her son. He refused to tell her what was on his mind, then got a call from Ben telling him that Elias' killer was being released from prison. Jack met Daniel over breakfast with Phyllis. They hit it off immediately. Alone, Phyllis confided a bit to Jack about Damon. Jack realized there was something serious going on and invited her to the Abbott house so they could talk openly, in private. Sharon warned Nikki to be nice to her or she'd tell Nick and Victor about the strip club. Nikki warned Sharon to back off, and said she could be a dangerous woman. Daniel told Kevin to go to the rec center and run interference while drug deals went on for Alex. Kevin wasted a lot of time worrying. Victor told Paul and JT to locate Joshua Cassen's brother, as Nikki wanted, but to tell him first... not Nikki, when they found him. Without Kevin or Daniel at the center, Victor spotted the drug dealer thugs, attacked them and warned that he'd put them in the hospital if they - or their friends - ever tried it again.

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