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AMC by Jenn

Greenlee calls the police on Kendall to get her charged with the attempted murder of Ryan. But Jack tells Derek he has no evidence and cannot harass Kendall. Erica and Jack are both there to offer Kendall emotional support but Greenlee and Jonathan are furious with her.

Babe is still in Llanview, talking to Kevin Buchanan and holding his baby, yet still having no clue that that is her baby. Kevin does reveal to her, however, that he is Paul Kramer's brother in law. She finds Paul and asks him how coincidental that his sister and brother in law would have a baby boy that would be the exact same age as hers. Tad proposes to Krystal. But she cannot marry him due to the secret about Bess really being Miranda Montgomery which only she, Babe and David know about. David finally tells them that he will let everybody know that secret.

ATWT by Linda

Roseanna spurns Paul, but begins to find a connection with Craig. Paul confronts Jordan, leading into a fight when Paul tells his brother that if he would’ve let Roseanna and Cabot stay on the run, none of this would have happened. Jennifer breaks them up and Jordan resigns from BRO. Carly knocks on the wrong door, dashing her hopes. Mike encourages her to find Jack. Julia and Jack are interrupted by the police, finding out that Les is behind bars. But Jack isn’t sure about making love to Julia; he has a brief vision of a blonde woman and tells Julia that until he can find out who he is, they shouldn’t become intimate. Aaron is talked into taking one of Chris’s groomsman positions, despite his pleas not to. He and Alison also gear up for the last clue for the Keys of the Kingdom contest.

B&B by Boo

Thorne takes another step in securing Spectraís future. The name has changed to Spectra Couture. They secure an order from a princess, that insures they will be seen by royalty. An article runs in a major magazine announcing the introduction of a new collection by Spectra. The article draws the attention of Ridge and Brooke. Brooke and Ridge also continue to worry about the Thomas and Amber situation. Lieutenant Baker delivers the restraining order to Amber as Thomas hides in the closet. The restraining order doesnít dampen the make-out sessions between Amber and Thomas.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie gladly pockets a wad of cash that Brady throws down at Alice’s to help drown his sorrows. Nicole shows up to seduce Brady and starts with a dance. Nancy tries to convince Chloe to tell Brady the truth, using Nicole’s advances as part of her argument. Nancy dials Brady’s number and holds the phone for Chloe but when Chloe hears the sad song being played at Alice’s, she refuses to say anything to Brady because she can never sing for him again. Chloe unwraps her bandages to reveal a large scar running the length of her face. Rex cuts Brady off from drinking and takes his car keys until Nicole offers to give Brady a ride home. In his drunken state, Brady believes Nicole to be Chloe and Nicole takes full advantage of the opportunity to seduce him. Rex tells Mimi about his new job. Bonnie plots to break up Rex and Mimi in an effort to get Mimi with Shawn since Shawn as far as she knows, has more money. Mimi tells Bonnie and Rex about being pregnant. Jan covers Shawn’s mouth with the tape again. Shawn tries to alert help but Jan explains away her reason for being there with Shawn. Jan wheels Shawn to Philip and Belle’s rooms so he can watch them. Belle and Philip spot each other through the connecting door. Philip suggests they watch TV but Belle turns him down and shuts the door. Mimi urges Belle to sleep with Philip when Belle returns her call. Belle feels that her relationship with Shawn is over so she turns to Philip for a night of lovemaking.

Abe fills Bo in on Hope’s whereabouts. Bo worries that Patrick will harm Hope. Jennifer defends Patrick as Marlena and Roman fill Caroline, Victor, Bo, and John in on how Roman and Jennifer were saved. Tony denies having broken the signal machine. John shares the news that no one knows they came to the island so there are no rescue workers on their way. Tony pretends to be using meditation and a medallion to bring down the force field but secretly uses a remote control. Everyone makes their way through the force field and Bo steps through to the jungle side to find Hope. John starts to join him but Tony secretly puts the force field back up. Patrick sneaks up behind Hope and covers her mouth to keep her quiet, claiming that he was trying to tell if someone was following them. Hope confronts Patrick about his feelings for Jennifer and the notion that he is out to kill Jack so he can be with Jennifer but Patrick denies it. Hope tells Patrick about Billie. Bo finds Billie unconscious on the jungle ground.

GH by Amanda

Nik convinces Emily to marry him, despite worries about the trial. While John plots to nail Sonny, Carly tries to hide the relationship. She agrees to meet him, unaware of the plot. Brooke is sure Ned & Lois are in love, to their dismay. Lois blasts Lorenzo. Alexis shares her worry for her child with Ric, but Helena interupts them. Sam is concerned that she is keeping Jason from happiness.

Lucky agrees to be best man for Nik. Alexis begs Ric to honor the spirit of the law in regard to Mary. Ned and Lois agree not to let Brooke force their hand. When Jason expresses concern for Edward, Tracy accuses him of wanting the inheritance. He does not welcome Sam's intervention. Nik carries Emily over the threshold, but Helena is there already. He tells her to get out of his life.

GL by Elizabeth

Bill finds out that Dinah has been arrested. Harley, Bill, Buzz & Lillian stand up to Phillip and turn the bulldozers away once again. Tony catches the guy trying to accost Michelle. Tony tells Ray that he is going after Michelle. Dinah makes her statement to the police along with Cassie, Edmond, Jeffery, Tammy, Blake and Ross. Ross & Blake have an argument about Dinah. Ross decides to petition the governor to get a pardon for Dinah. Danny tells Michelle he isn’t trying to buy her, but help her and that he wants her to be able to count on him. Gus congratulates Harley. Phillip warns Lillian not to stand in his way ever again. Michelle & Danny say goodbye to their house. Cassie & Tammy tell Jeffery and Edmond that they’re ready for the fight to make sure Dinah gets what she deserves.

OLTL by Janice

Bo comes to the Mansion to prevent Asa from shooting Todd and Blair with a shotgun. But Asa comes back with a pistol and forces them to leave. Paul tells Babe that Ace is Kelly’s child from an affair and that Kevin has smeared her name to get custody. Babe sympathizes with Kelly after all she has gone through with her own husband. Dorian threatens to go to the media with a tape of the prostitute’s testimony at the custody hearing unless Kevin agrees to give Kelly visitation rights. At the diner Natalie finds a picture of Christian, Carlotta and Antonio. She tells Bo that she wonders what life would have been like if Christian was alive. Bo tells her that she needs to remember, but not live in the past. He tells her that he thought she and John were good together. Bo admits to missing Matthew - and Nora. Antonio finds a letter that Angelina wrote to him proclaiming him to be her son. He confronts Tico asking him if he knew they were brothers. Antonio was so distraught that he choked Tico trying to get answers out of him. John arrived just in time to stop him. After John forces Antonio to leave, Antonio goes to the diner and smashes the picture that Natalie had found earlier.

Passions by Boo

Whitney turns to Theresa for comfort after finding out that Chad is her brother. Eve, Julian and Chad decide to run some tests of their own to make sure that Alistair isnít lying to them. Paloma calls Pilar and tells her that she is coming home to Harmony. Luis surprises Sheridan with a wedding proposal in the chapel. Alistair wonders the beaches swearing that he will kill everyone.

Y&R By Christopher

Jack met Jill for drinks, comforted her about the Men's Line being cut, and cautioned her about getting too involved with Elliot. Jill later dined with Elliot, told him she no longer wanted to take things slow. He suggested they leave immediately on the Chancellor Jet and go to an out of the way cabin for some alone time. Michael pulled out all the stops to seduce Lauren, who brought up Kevin and Paul as possible roadblocks. Michael told her to forget about them both and passionately kissed her after sharing a romantic dance in his office. At a family dinner arranged by Gloria, Ashley was annoyed with how she treated Mrs. Martinez, the hired help. John told Gloria to think of his house as hers, and said he hoped she'd stay in town longer than she'd initially planned. Neil discovered Lily and Devon's runaway note, was comforted by Olivia, and called the cops when things started looking bleak. Lily and Devon ran into Kevin in the park, and he pleaded with them not to throw their lives away, and to instead go home to Neil. The grand opening of Marilyn's was a flop, until Brittany took to the stage as 'Marilyn', singing to Bobby, then doing a provocative strip-tease. Nikki looked pleased, while Sharon - who snuck in to catch the show - seemed intrigued by Brittany, and suspicious of Nikki's closeness with Bobby. Could it be Sharon wants to strip??

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