The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/10/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Babe cannot come out and tell Bianca that Bess is really Miranda. But she gives Bess/Miranda to Bianca and departs, leaving Bianca, Jamie and Tad puzzled at why she is so worried about something which she's not revealing. She drives and gets lost thinking about her lost baby boy and ends up in Llanview, where she just happens to run into a strange man, Kevin Buchanan, from OLTL, with a baby, who is really her lost baby boy.

JR tries to escape, then brides an attendant to get him out of the mental ward. He gets him to call Chief Derek Frey for him. But Derek comes, with his sister Livia, and they are going to prosecute JR for kidnapping Bess and attempting to kill Babe with the drugs. He assumes Palmer will help him, but when Palmer finds out JR attempted to keep Bess at this institution, he refuses to help him.

ATWT by Linda

did not air today

B&B by Boo

did not air today

Days by Danielle

Lucas confronts Sami about the possibility of Brandon returning to Salem and her feelings for Brandon. Lucas accuses Sami of stringing him along until she can find out if she can get another chance with Brandon. Sami tries to convince Lucas that he is the only man she wants. Philip talks Belle out of pursuing the source of Shawn’s telepathic messages. Jan threatens to harm Belle if Shawn tries to get away. Shawn agrees to behave so Jan will let him stay at Green Mountain Lodge where he can continue to try and communicate with Belle. Philip is angered by Belle’s constant thoughts of Shawn. Shawn fantasizes that he breaks free and runs into the dining room where he announces what Jan has done and has security arrest Jan. Jan gloats as they watch Philip and Belle dance under the stars. Shawn works the tape free from his mouth and calls out to Belle.

Caroline, Victor, Bo, and John look over a map of the island. Caroline and Victor fill Bo and John in on how Tony broke the signal machine. Victor escorts John and Bo to the force field so they can try to figure out how to get past it besides the use of Patrick’s coin. John jams the keypad as Bo uses his keys to act in the same manner as Patrick’s coin. Bo is shocked and thrown back but survives. John suggests dismantling the code box but is talked out of it. John then suggests that they try going over the force field. As they work to build a ladder, Bo flashes back through his search for Hope. Abe accuses Tony of only knowing that Jack is dead because he was the one who killed him. Tony denies having hurt Jack and any chance that Stefano is the mastermind of this island. Roman tries to convince Patrick and Hope not to go looking for Jack but they insist. Abe, Marlena, Roman, and Jennifer prepare to head out of the jungle when Jennifer faints. Tony suggests that they construct a stretcher to carry Jennifer out of the jungle. Marlena, Jennifer, Tony, Roman, and Abe return to the force field and spot John, Bo, Caroline, and Victor on the other side. John has to be held back from running to Marlena as Bo questions them about Hope. Someone follows Jennifer and Patrick as they head back to the ravine. Hope suspects that Patrick knows more than he’s telling. Hope loses contact with Patrick in the jungle.

GH by Amanda

Emily gives Ric her doctored testimony. He then questions Liz. Despite Jason's refusal to lay off Faith, Justus agrees to help Emily if she needs legal representation. Afterwards, Nik asks Emily to marry him asap. Carly and her father's conversation goes sour, and she leaves him, deciding not to pursue things further. After Sonny finishes beating Coleman, he comforts her. However, Durant has learned who Carly is and intends to pursue the relationship. Lorenzo kicks Lois to the curb, convincing her he's as bad as Brooke said. When Ned defends her honor, the two men exchange threats. Brooke sees hope of a family reunion.

GL by Elizabeth

did not air today

OLTL by Janice

Antonio confronts Carlotta asking if he is really little Manuel and Angelina is really his mother, Isabella. Carlotta refuses to answer him. At Lion's Heart a maid screams and Sonja, Tico, and Jessica race upstairs to find Angelina dead. The ambulance is called and Jessica leaves. Antonio then returns to Lion's heart and discovers that Angelina has died. Antonio looks at the evidence left in her room and realizes that someone had made Angelina fall onto the broken glass. He discovers an envelope in her nightstand with his name on it. At the diner, Jessica tells Carlotta that Angelina has died. Carlotta’s grief surprises Jess. She admits to Jess that Angelina is Isabella. And that Antonio is Manuel’s older son, but he is not El Tiburon.

Rex is upset that Natalie won't help them get the money to pay back RJ. Bo gives Paul a "talking to" about his continual trouble with the law and dragging Natalie with him. He warns him to stop before he runs out of luck. Paul does just the opposite. He goes to Rex with a scheme that Natalie will help them steal from Kevin. Rex does not believe that will happen because he knows she loves John, not Paul. Blair and Todd discuss Asa's expected reaction when he gets back to Llanview and finds them living in the mansion. Asa tells Kevin to call the lawyers immediately and get Blair and Todd out of his house. When Kevin refuses, Asa goes to the Mansion with a shotgun. At the Palace Kevin is trying to console Ace. Babe appears and instantly gets the baby to calm down. She asks Kevin if they've met anywhere before because she feels a strong connection to the baby. Paul sees Babe holding baby Ace.

Passions by Shirley

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Sharon reluctantly admitted to Nick that in the wake of all the Cameron drama, she's feeling restless and like she needs something new to invest herself in. Chad Rawlins, Nick's old college pal showed up in town and made a gambling bet with Nick on an upcoming GCU game. Dt. Weber interrogated Kevin one-on-one about the attack on Lily, and how he rescued her. Michael later told Kevin he had better hope Weber dropped his investigation soon. Brittany admitted to JT that she was afraid the grand opening of the club would flop because of inexperienced dancers. JT suggested she take to the stage herself. Nikki and Bobby went over final details for the opening, and she calmed him down when he admitted to worrying the night would be a bust. Lily pleaded with Neil not to send Devon away, and stormed out when he refused to take her feelings into account. Devon realized Neil was planning to get rid of him, and refused to listen to his lame apology and excuses. Esther was reluctant to leave Kay alone with Arthur, and when she did, Arthur asked Kay for money to settle a medical bill (making her wonder if Harrison's story about Arthur wanting her wealth was true). Sharon harassed Nikki about her provocative red dress for the club opening, traded insults with her, and agreed not to tell Victor or Nick how she'd looked when she went out. Devon told Lily he was running away, and she said that she was going with him, and prepared to leave a note for Neil and Dru.

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