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AMC by Jenn

Tad successfully finds Bess with the help of David and Krystal, by checking himself into a psyche ward. Beverly is with Bess. Tad promises not to get her in trouble if she leaves and calls JR to get him down there thinking he will see her and Bess. When JR gets there, however, Bess is gone and back with Babe, and he only sees David who straps him into a straight jacket.

Maria tells Zack that she wants to help him and be his friend. She assures Bianca that he is harmless and does not reveal that he's Michael Cambias' brother. Bianca goes to see Bess and assumes everything is ok after she's been found and is unharmed. But Babe is ready to drop the bombshell on her that the baby is really Miranda.

ATWT by Linda

Lucy has reservations about Dusty’s plan to get out of Metro and discusses it with Aaron. He assures her that once Dusty has made up his mind, there isn’t any changing it. Will convinces his mother that everything will be all right, but we catch a different glimpse of the good son as he discusses his over-controlling mother with his therapist. Paul returns and when Roseanna shows up to talk with Jennifer about Jordan, she reiterates to him that she’ll never be able to forgive him for what he’s done. Just then Jennifer comes in and tells her brother that Roseanna and Jordan slept together. After talking with the park employee, Carly and the PI figure out Julia’s address and she knocks on the door just as Jack and Julia are about to make love on the couch.

B&B by Suzanne

Nick demands to know from Deacon who his mother is having an affair with. Deacon says there's only one reason she's back is him, Nick. Nick scoffs at the idea. Deacon says she's sacrificing her happiness for him, to make up for all of the lies. He says it's up to Nick whether she wants to see his mom in a loveless marriage. Nick questions Jackie about all this. She claims she is happy with Massimo and accuses Deacon of lying. Nick is unsure about who's lying. Jackie goes to Deacon's and yells at him for talking to Nick. He tries to get her to admit that she's happier with him than with Massimo; he even kisses her, but she tells him to stay away from her.

Ridge and Stephanie discuss the situation with Amber and Thomas. Ridge calls the police to get a restraining order against Amber. Thomas goes to Amber's again. She beats herself up for letting down Stephanie. Thomas tells her not to put herself down and says he will be there for her instead of Stephanie. Amber finally gives in to his pressure. They undress and hit the sheets.

Days by Danielle

The car that stopped for Shawn turns out to be Jan, still dressed as a nun. Shawn doesn’t recognize her and accepts the ride. Jan reluctantly allows Shawn to use her cell phone but there is no service. Shawn tells Jan all about his time in the cage. Shawn drinks the drugged herbal tea as Jan purposefully drives him away from the Green Mountain Lodge. Shawn suddenly realizes that his driver is Jan when she misses the turn. Jan brings Shawn to the lodge after she gags him so he can see Belle and Philip together. Philip is not ashamed that Belle saw him naked. Philip gives Belle a necklace. Belle prepares for dinner as she debates whether to move on with Philip or wait for Shawn. Belle talks with Marlena’s mirror image as she seeks advice. Belle is offended by Philip’s negative talk of Shawn and leaves the table. Philip apologizes for his comments and Belle asks for him to be patient. They hug and kiss, completely unaware that Shawn is watching from the bushes until Belle hears Shawn call her name.

Victor and Doug are patrolling the pier when John and Bo crash land there. Maggie arrives and holds a flashlight on the plane while Victor and Doug help carry John and Bo out of the cockpit. The plane explodes into flames. John and Bo have survived the crash and are brought to the Brady Pub where they are reunited with Caroline and Alice. Everyone is reluctant to tell John and Bo that their wives are out in the jungle. Bo and John plan a rescue mission to get everyone out of the jungle. Roman’s infection is now under control thanks to Marlena injecting the antibiotics. Abe helps dress Roman’s wound as he tries to convince Roman that he’s still in no shape to go help Jennifer. The stranger turns out to be Tony. Patrick, Hope, and Marlena pull Tony aside to confront him about how he was able to get through the force field and he claims to have used a medallion in the same manner as Patrick used his coin. Tony insists that he’s the only one who can save Jennifer. Hope agrees to let Tony do whatever it takes to save Jennifer. Tony offers the sap of a tropical plant to help Jennifer’s blood clot. Patrick carries Jennifer as they all head out of the jungle cave. Roman and Abe meet up with Marlena, Patrick, Tony, Hope, Jennifer and the baby. Hope fills them in on how Tony saved Jennifer’s life. Hope insists on joining Patrick in a search for Jack but Tony claims that Jack is dead.

GH by Lisa

Carly and Coleman fabricate information about Carly's "father" to keep Sonny from learning about Durant. Carly accepts Durant's invitation to meet with him. When Durant begins to open up to her, Carly feels that she can tell him that she is his daughter. Sonny confronts Coleman for giving him bogus information about Carly's father.

Emily admits to Nikolas that she's afraid she poisoned Mary without even realizing it. Elizabeth retracts her statement incriminating Emily in Mary's death. Jason warns Ric not to go after Emily. Alexis believes Ric is sincere in wanting to help Emily. Lucky doesn't buy Emily's cover story but agrees to go along with it even though he thinks Emily might have killed Mary. Justus tells Jason he'll represent Emily if Jason and Sonny agree not to have Faith killed.

GL by Elizabeth

Phillip catches Harley breaking in and tells her she made a big mistake. Michelle is being followed. Tammy overhears that Dinah is back in town and is shocked. Edmond tells Jeffery that he knows he used to impersonate Richard. Cassie shows up and tells Dinah she was waiting a long time to confront her. Dinah tells Cassie that her days of wanting to hurt people are over and turns the dagger over to the police. Cassie tells her that she doesn't believe that she has changed. Bill tells Phillip that he knows about Cross Creek and Phillip tells him that it's all business. Harley tells Bill & Phillip that perhaps they can compromise. Harley asks Phillip what it is he wants/needs to give up Cross Creek & Company. Phillip tells Harley the one thing he can think of to make it work would be if Harley gave them their son, Zach. Harley is mad that Phillip would consider Zach and "accommodation." Blake tells Tammy that perhaps she needs to see Cassie to get some closure. Tony and Danny fight over Michelle again. Michelle yells at Tony for trying to buy her off and then is grabbed outside by the man that was following her earlier. Phillip tells them to get out and mentions the custody agreement to Harley. Phillip makes a phone call and moves up to demolition date.

OLTL by Janice

Duke goes to La Boulee to visit Kelly and finds Adriana doing homework by the pool. He offers to help her with her homework in exchange for a dance at the benefit gala. Adriana later dreams about their dance and that it ends with Tico shooting Duke. At Lion's Heart Kevin meets with Tico about his political future. When Kevin questions as to the willingness of Governor Brooks to have him back as Lieutenant Governor, Tico tells him that the Governor will have no choice. Upstairs, Angelina informs Antonio that Manuelito and Isabella survived the car bombing. Manuelito was thrown from the car, wandered away, and was taken away by someone who loved him. Believing that Manuelito was dead, Isabella grabbed Tico and ran away. In all the confusion surrounding the crash, everyone was under the belief that all had died. As Angelina calls Antonio "Manuelito" Tico storms in and demands that Antonio leave or he will have him arrested for breaking and entering. Kevin witnesses Antonio race down the stairs. Upstairs, Angelina tells Tico that Antonio knows the truth. She accuses him of trying to kill Antonio because he is jealous. They fight and Angelina yells that Tico is just like his father. Tico pushes her, a glass falls and breaks, and then Angelina falls on the sharp pieces of glass. At the diner, Jessica asks Carlotta if Manuelito and Isabella are still alive. Carlotta tells her to leave it alone, she won't like what she finds out. When Antonio returns to the police station, John tells him that someone is trying to set him up. He demands that Antonio stay away from the Santi case. Antonio tells John that he thinks that Manuelito is still alive and is El Tiburon. Antonio refuses to back down and throws his badge down on John's desk. John has him followed when he leaves. At the diner, Antonio confronts Carlotta and asks her if he is really "Manuelito."

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan, Luis, Martin, Katherine, and Paloma all reunited and Paloma told her story, then asked why the gunman had wanted to kill them all. Martin and Katherine don't want to say why, and Luis and Sheridan don't really know why, just that he has been trying to kill them for quite a while. Sheridan remembers a dream she had when the snake venom had made her unconscious and told them it was about her mother being there. Then she realized it hadn't been a dream, she had heard Martin and Katherine talking about Katherine is her mother.

Gwen has decided Theresa didn't have sex with anyone and both babies are hers, but Rebecca isn't so sure and Ethan still thinks she seduced him, dressed as Gwen. Theresa denies it. At the hospital after Gwen takes her "just to make sure the babies are ok", Pilar comes in and asks her daughter to tell her she's not still going to keep the babies from Gwen. Chad and Whitney are still struggling with the realization they share a mother, neither wanting to believe it. Whitney seems to accept it better than Chad who says he doesn't want parents if they are Julian and Eve. He just wants Whitney. Eve is heartbroken, and the misery continues for all.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Canadian episode pre-empted today. Returns Friday @ 4:30 PM.

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