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AMC by Jenn

Greenlee and Jonathan are very angry at Kendall for what she'd done to Ryan. Jack is indirectly questioning whether she'd go crazy and try to kill him, although Erica and Bianca believe that Kendall was set up. Bianca suddenly goes to find out what Zack Slater is up to.

Babe and Jamie get a lead on how to find Bess but find out they may have been set up by JR. Tad asks David and Krystal to help him get committed in the very institution that Adam "uses" so that he can get some information that only the Chandlers would know about Bess.

ATWT by Linda

After a confrontation between Craig and Lucy, Dusty decides to take his friend from Chicago up on his offer. Carly talks with a woman who saw Jack at the water park, and the woman reluctantly tells her that Jack was there with another woman. Julia’s ex-husband shows up, demanding to see JJ and when he gets physical with her, Jack comes in and restrains him until the police get there. Her ex vows that he’ll have Julia arrested for breaking their custody agreement. The glasses that Allison had ordered as gifts for the bridal party came and her name was spelled wrong. She was greatly cheered when Chris went to the glassmaker and had the order redone and expedited; Chris trying his hardest to forget Emily by throwing himself into his wedding to Allison.

B&B by Boo

Jackie has doubts about her happiness with Massimo. Her doubts are intensified when Mass tells her not to worry. He plans on ‘coaching’ her to become a ‘proper Marone’. Amber begs Stephanie to believe that she is not trying to seduce Thomas. Ridge, Brooke and Eric make it very hard for Stephanie to believe Amber. Thomas interrupts the ambush on Amber to stand up for her. Stephanie is very upset with Amber. Amber feels her world crashing in on her. Deacon tells Nick that Massimo hired him to follow Jackie, and that he knows that Jackie had an affair with a man. Nick demands to know who that man is.

Days by Danielle

Nicole watches Brady watch old videos of Chloe. Nicole’s alter mirror ego tells her that Chloe’s death wasn’t her fault and urges Nicole to go after Brady. Brady regrets not going with Nancy to see Chloe in the morgue and lashes out at Nicole’s attempts at comfort. Brady overhears Nicole telling Chloe’s video image to let Brady move on with someone else. Brady explains that it is up to him to let go of Chloe in his own time and in his own way. Nicole accepts Brady’s offer to watch the video together. Nancy tries to convince Chloe, who turns out to be alive, to disregard the fact that she’s now disfigured and to tell Brady the truth but Chloe refuses to ever let Brady see her like this. Nicole rejoices when Brady turns to her for comfort. Shawn is run off the road by another driver while on the way to Green Mountain Lodge. Shawn tries to hitch a ride when his motorcycle won’t work. No one picks him up so he starts walking the 20 miles to the lodge. Shawn is shocked at who stops to offer him a ride. Philip and Belle arrive at Green Mountain Lodge and find Belle’s room decked out for romance. Philip blames it on the lodge management and leaves for his room. Belle decides to move on with her life, believing Shawn to be miles away. Philip returns to Belle’s room to find that she has laid a path of rose petals leading to the hot tub where she sits with a bottle of champagne chilling. Philip’s trouble opening the champagne bottle sends him falling into the hot tub. When Belle laughs at him, he douses her in champagne. Belle and Philip make out in the hot tub until Belle stops it from going further by suggesting they go to dinner. Belle accidentally opens the wrong door and catches Philip naked.

John crashes into something on the runway as he tries to take off but prepares to take off anyway. Bo worries about what they might have hit but John assures him that if anything were wrong, it would show on the instrument panel. The plane is flanked by D.E.A. John tries to talk to them over the radio but it doesn’t work. The D.E.A. prepares to open fire on John’s plane. John and Bo are able to outrun the D.E.A. but end up flying into the same restricted military airspace that Hope and Patrick were shot down in. Their plane is hit and they are forced to prepare for a crash landing. Abe returns to Marlena as she tries to keep Roman from harming himself as he convulses. Abe spots the needle on the ground and confronts Marlena about it. Marlena tells Abe about the stranger who left the medical bag containing antibiotics and antiseptic. Roman’s seizure stops and he begins to wake up. Abe fills Marlena in on Jennifer’s condition and sends her on the path he marked while he stays with Roman. Hope is able to stitch Jennifer up but fears that she is still bleeding internally. Jennifer tearfully tells her new son how much he is loved before passing out for a few short moments. Jennifer sends Patrick out of earshot as she asks Hope to let her die. Patrick returns to share his worries with Hope that they are being watched. Marlena arrives and checks Jennifer over but tells Hope that she can’t help Jennifer without a clotting agent. Patrick calls out the stranger hiding in the shadows. Marlena calls out to the stranger to help Jennifer. The stranger stands over Jennifer with a sharp knife. Patrick comes up from behind and confronts him.

GH by  Amanda

When Felicia assembles the Quartermaines, she is on the verge of disqualifying Edward when he has a heart incident. She summons the ambulance, even though Tracy and company think it's a fake attack. Later, she reinstates all heirs into the contest and bans them from Edward's room for his health's sake.

Lorenzo returns from burying Sage, and Lois informs him of Mary's death, wanting to know if he is responsible for it. Meanwhile, Jason warns Emily not to speak to the police, knowing she'll only give Ric information he can twist against her. Nik and Lucky are not happy with this. Jason also learns from Liz that Emily was near the med cart shortly before the death and swears her to secrecy, but too late, she's already told Lucky about it. Justus, removed from Faith's case, convinces Alexis to take it over. Brooke sets Sage's poem to music, which Simon hears her singing. When he promises to make her a star, Lois makes him Brookelyn's manager; the only problem is - getting Lorenzo to agree to let them have the rights to the poem.

GL by Elizabeth

Rick and Beth try to intervene, hoping to help Phillip. Harley and Bill try to use Beth to their advantage. Joey wakes up next to Lizzie, who agrees to let him tell Tammy if and when he wants. Edmond visit Dinah and they agree to keep one another’s secrets. Ross is glad to see Dinah. Lizzie accuses Marina of cheating on Shayne. Joey apologizes to Tammy for not showing up, but doesn’t mention anything about sleeping with Lizzie. Bill antagonizes Phillip, and Harley gets caught breaking into Phillip’s room at Towers. Cassie goes to visit Dinah.

OLTL by Janice

Riley tells Jen that he’s in love with her and not Flash. Michael offers to drive Marcie to see her Dad so that they can keep the lines of communication open. Daniel tells John to find out where the Octavio Vigil files went. Nora doesn’t believe that Antonio would jeopardize the investigation. Antonio’s coat, which was left at the Palace, is returned to the police station. John finds the missing files (that Tico planted) in the coat pocket. Dorian goes to the Palace to meet with Kelly’s therapist and finds Tico and Kevin together. The men discuss Kevin’s political future. Dorian tells Tico that she is upset that he could even think of associating with Kevin after what he did to Kelly. At LaBoulee, Kelly continues to insist that Ace will come home to her. Dorian informs David that the therapist thinks Kelly needs to be hospitalized as soon as possible. She also tells him that she now wonders about Tico’s motives for being at the courthouse during the custody hearing. Angelina hides her locket in an envelope inside of her bible. Tico overhears Sonja telling someone on the phone that there is no trace of the Santi money yet. Antonio sneaks into Lion’s Heart and avoids being discovered by Sonja and Tico. At Angelina’s bedside he begs her to tell him the secret. She tells him that she will tell him, but it will not bring him peace and that he may not be able to find his way back to the family and way of life he knows.

Passions by Shirley

Whitney is trying to hide from the fact Chad is her brother, but she simply can't get away from it. Chad wants to know what's wrong when he sees her and Fox looking so glum, and Fox finally tells him he is Julian and Eve's son. He is thrilled to be Fox's half-brother, but the realization that the woman he loves and is wanting to marry as soon as possible is really his half-sister leaves him stunned. Meanwhile, Julian finally tells Eve who their son is and she, too, is thrilled until she realizes what it means to his and Whitney's relationship. Whitney is still the only one who realizes she is pregnant with her own brother's child.

Paloma tries to take what she assumes is Luis' dead body out of the collapsed temple but realizes she isn't strong enough, so she decides to cover the opening she entered through and go find help. As she is ready to leave, however, she hears his voice and realizes he is still alive. She tells him about Sheridan and the Wheelers and he insists they go find them. Meanwhile, Martin and Alistair fight over the gun, with Martin coming out on top. Alistair whines like a baby, begging Martin to spare his life, but finally tosses the antidote to the snakebites Katherine and Sheridan have received into the air, and then runs away as Martin jumps to keep them from hitting the ground and breaking. Alistair swears he will still kill all of them, and soon. Martin gives the medicine to the two women, then just as he thinks it hasn't worked and starts to leave he hears Katherine moan. A few seconds later, Sheridan comes around, too, and they all make it out of the pit. As Sheridan is crying about wishing Martin had just let her die since Luis is dead, he walks up and they are happily reunited.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Phyllis and Damon shared cake and coffee, and discussed the importance of parenting Daniel so he would be safe. Damon admitted he'd kill the man who'd murder his son if ever he saw him. Phyllis intercepted a call from Ben, who said he needed to speak to Damon about Elias' killer; she did not tell Damon about the call. Phyllis then confronted Alex and ordered him to stay away from Daniel or face her wrath. Jill told a distracted Kay about the Men's Line being cut, and left for a date with Jack. Kay confided in Esther that Arthur's stepson had visited, insisting Arthur was marrying her for her money and would then murder her, as he had his last wife. Arthur showed up and asked Esther how plans for the wedding were progressing. Bobby surprised Brittany with a baseball inspired afternoon, and lied about having convinced all the former dancers to come back to work. Talking to Angelo, Brittany realized Bobby's grand-opening was in danger because the strippers had refused to return. Neil told Victor about his dilemma with Devon's living situation. Lily intercepted a letter from Child Services - regarding Devon - that concerned her. Kevin wanted a suspicious Michael to be happy he was now a hero. Michael refused and demanded he admit he'd set Lily up. Dt. Weber showed up and told Kevin he had some questions about the attack on Lily.

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