The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/7/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Kendall freaks after discovering she's shot Ryan and keeps protesting that she believed the gun only had blanks and not bullets in it. Yet, although Erica and Bianca assure Kendall that they know she'd never intentially hurt Ryan, she tells them that's exactly what she wanted to do.

Greenlee is in denial about what's happened and wants to plan her honeymoon with Ryan. When he goes into surgery, he has a vision about his life.  Aiden and Edmund grill both Zack and Ethan, telling them they believe they'd both have motives to kill Ryan and let Kendall take the rap for it.

ATWT by Linda

Mike and Henry are nearly naked when Nikki confesses that she’s been cheating the whole time. As they leave Mike’s house, Nikki also confesses to Jennifer that she wouldn’t mind if Mike would throw a pass her way. Lily tells Craig he has to move out and when they announce it to Holden, Craig finds out that Roseanna is staying at Emma’s. When he shows up there with flowers, Emma douses him with a bucket of water and threatens him with a hide full of buckshot if he returns. Hal tries to discuss with Parker that Jack is really gone, but when Emily interrupts them, Hal and Emily argue. Emily finally gets Hal to understand that Parker and Carly are just trying to deal with their grief and that until more substantial proof is found that Jack is really gone, he should let them hope. Carly and Roseanna hire a private detective to try and find Jack. Hal then apologizes to Carly. Jack and Julia grow closer despite her pleas for them not to.

B&B by Suzanne

Ridge phones Amber's house, looking for Thomas. They argue and he threatens her some more. Thomas is disgusted to hear Ridge putting Amber down to Brooke. Eric is shocked to learn about Felicia's cancer. Stephanie worries she wasn't a good mother. Ridge and Brooke visit Stephanie and Eric to ask her to talk to Amber about Thomas. Thomas tells Amber about Ridge going to see his grandparents. Thomas tries to think of a way to fix things. Stephanie calls Amber over to ask her about Thomas. Rick and Caitlin kiss in bed but vow to keep their promise not to have sex.

Days by Danielle

Lexie tells Mimi that the lab tests show that she does not have cancer. Mimi calls Belle with the news just as Lexie gets the last of Mimi’s test results that show that Mimi is pregnant. Lexie warns Mimi to lay off any aspirin or allergy medicine until they figure out why she was bleeding. Lexie tries to fathom the idea that Stefano could be responsible for the recent deaths. Rex searches for Mimi because she left before he brought the car around. Rex is angry that Mimi won’t be honest with him. Rex tries to order flowers for Mimi but his credit card is declined. Rex accepts Professor Bhalla’s unexpected offer to join the faculty at Salem University. Mimi returns to the loft and tells Rex that she was at the doctor but there is nothing to worry about because the tests came back negative. Rex makes Mimi agree not to keep any more secrets between them and they make love. Rex and Mimi plan a romantic dinner where they each plan to announce their news.

John and Bo pour over maps as the plane prepares to take off. John notices the reflection of the map in the paperweight and find that the name of the island backwards spells New Salem. The pilot is unable to take off due to FAA regulations but Bo tries to use his influence to get around them. John’s efforts don’t work either and he dismisses the pilot. Bo agrees to John’s proposal to fly the plane themselves. John lies to the tower and tries to take off. John decides to take off despite the airport security’s arrival. Roman comes to but is barely clinging to life. Marlena urges him to hang on before she leaves to get more water. While Marlena is gone, a mysterious stranger arrives and tries to inject Roman with a needle. Roman yells for Marlena and the stranger runs and hides when she comes back. Marlena, not seeing anyone around, assumes Roman was hallucinating. The stranger watches them from the bushes as Roman and Marlena reminisce about a camping trip. Marlena kisses him tenderly as she honors his request to be held. The stranger takes a picture of their kiss. Roman tells Marlena goodbye and falls unconscious again. The stranger drops the needle by Marlena’s medical bag but runs off when Marlena spots him. Marlena notices the needle on the ground. Marlena cleans off the needle and delivers the injection deciding that she has to take the chance on it being a lethal injection. Roman begins to convulse.

GH by Lisa

Mary goes code blue placing more charges against Nikolas. Emily urges Nikolas to go on the lam but he refuses. Lucky tells Nikolas and Emily that Mary dies because someone tampered with her medication. Lucky thinks that Emily did it.

Durant dismisses Carly when she claims to be a writer doing research. Realizing Durant is Sonny's enemy, Carly asks Coleman to find her a pretend father. Jason is surprised that Sonny led Ric to Justus but he refuses to team up with Ric against Sonny.

GL by Elizabeth

Cassie sees Dinah in the barn accuses her of setting the fire and tells her that though she (Dinah) may hate her that she simply wants to save RJ. Olivia and Bill have sex. Reva tells Sandy she thinks they should take a trip together to San Cristobel. He refuses and walks off. Harley finds out that Phillip has bought WSPR. Tammy decides that she and Joey should wait. Lizzie drugs Joey and decides to make it look like they slept together. Phillip tells Alan that he’s never been happier. Dinah saves RJ, and runs to the house to get help for Cassie. Olivia tells Bill that she worried about their trip tomorrow and that she thinks she should go alone. Sandy gets a postcard that reads “I saw you.” Dinah is arrested after Edmond and Jeffery save Cassie.

OLTL by Janice

Dorian refuses to allow David to give up his shares of Craze - the one thing he has ever earned legitimately - to Kevin in exchange for minimal visitation rights for Kelly. RJ demands $100,000 from Rex and Paul if they want to live. Dorian laughs in Paul’s face when he asks her for the money. At the Palace, Antonio and Sonja are talking when Tico and Jessica come in. Natalie asks Jessica for the cash, but they get into an argument when Jess tells her to stay away from Paul. Natalie retaliates by telling Jess that she should stay away from Tico. As they are arguing, Tico slips an envelope into Antonio’s coat that was left at the Palace. After receiving advice from his Dad, Riley tells Jen that he’s decided between her and Flash. Carlotta, Sonja, and Tico keep Antonio away from Angelina. After John tells Antonio he can’t view evidence regarding Octavio Virgil, the file is mysteriously stolen from John’s desk. Antonio breaks into Lion’s Den to see Angelina.

Passions by Shirley

Fox finally gets Whitney to realize she and Chad are siblings, and tells her it's best she finds out now before she ended up pregnant. She imagines having her baby, seeing Eve recoil in horror and refuse to touch it, and screaming when she sees it herself. She ends up almost in hysterics, having fallen to the ground. Fox is there to comfort her, however. Meanwhile, Julian still keeps trying to talk Chad out of getting married too quickly but doesn't manage to tell him or Eve that he is their son.

Gwen starts out still upset that Theresa had slept with someone after the implantation and that someone is probably Ethan. Theresa assures her it's not true, she didn't sleep with anyone, Eve simply made a mistake. Gwen buys it and agrees Theresa can continue to stay at the mansion. She tells her all she wants is her babies, but Theresa is not going to let her have them.   Sheridan and Katherine are both bitten by snakes and lay dead in the pit. Martin climbs out to get help and runs into Alistair, who pulls a gun on him and tells him it's his turn to die. Paloma gets away from Nick, and when he comes after her, he knocks a stack of rocks over on top of himself and they bury him. Paloma hears Luis groaning in the temple and makes her way in to where he is lying. She apologizes for not listening to him and going back to Harmony.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Harrison told Kay that Arthur had murdered his Mother, squandered her fortune, and now wanted Kay's. He spotted Kay's engagement ring, said it had belonged to his dead Mother, and told her to consider herself warned that Arthur would kill her. Phyllis questioned Daniel about Alex and told him if he walked out of their home, he'd never be allowed back in. Lauren once again devastated a newly respected Kevin by refusing another dinner invite. Christine played referee for Paul and Michael, and took a case that would keep her out of town for a few days. Michael asked Paul to give Lauren his blessing to see other people, so that Michael could pursue her. Victor comforted a distraught Nikki, and begged her not to seek out Joshua's older brother, fearing the fallout if the man refused to forgive Nikki for the shooting. Jill confided in Elliot that Jabot had scrapped the Men's Line. Elliot told her he lived life to the fullest and wanted someone like her next to him to enjoy the special moments. Christine guessed Phyllis was having problems with Daniel when she requested his contact number. Phyllis warned her to keep her distance from Daniel. Daniel and Kevin discussed Alex's demands, while Daniel was disgusted to realize that Kevin had done everything for Lauren Fenmore, a woman old enough to tuck him into bed at night.

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