The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/6/04 Short Recaps

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Most of the shows did not air today

AMC by Jenn

ATWT by Linda

B&B by Boo

Days by Danielle

Chloe’s music is played as each in attendance thinks of their great loves. Everyone thinks of his or her current partners except for Sami who thinks of Brandon. Nicole pretends to be sad at Chloe’s passing. Kate and John join the mourners at the memorial and offer their condolences. Kate delights in the news that Philip is taking Belle to Green Mountain Lodge. Sami urges Belle to sleep with Philip. Belle questions Sami about her feelings for Brandon. Being at the memorial makes Mimi think of her own mortality. Jan, still dressed as a nun, anxiously waits for Shawn to arrive at the church. Shawn wakes at Belle’s loft and searches for something to fix his ankle. Shawn tries to call Belle again but there is no answer. Jan seeks Nicole’s help to get Shawn back. Shawn hears the news about Chloe and figures out that Belle is at the memorial. Nicole refuses to help Brady. Jan refuses to believe that Shawn could have turned her in to the police. Philip and Sami lash out at Nicole, doubting her intentions but Brady defends her. Lucas confronts Sami about her feelings for Brandon. Shawn hears about Philip’s plans to take Belle away due to Kate’s answering machine message. Mimi asks Celeste if she’ll ever walk down the aisle but assumes that she’ll die soon when Celeste tells her that she sees her being wheeled down the aisle. Lexie calls Mimi and asks to meet her for the test results.

Kate, John, Bo, Tek, and Celeste gather to exhume Roman and Abe’s coffins. Abe’s coffin is opened and revealed to be empty. Roman’s coffin is opened and found empty. Bo convinces John to consider the possibility that all the victims could be alive. Everyone agrees not to mention the investigation to anyone else. Bo orders the work crew to return the coffins to their plots and make it look like they were never touched. Tek is able to find the source of the signal. John offers his private jet to take him and Bo to the island of Melaswen. Marlena tends to Roman. Roman declares that he must die so that Jennifer’s baby can live. Roman regrets asking to make love to Marlena. Marlena sobs over Roman’s body as he takes his last breath. Patrick tries to stop Jennifer’s bleeding. Hope reaches Jennifer and Patrick shares his worries about Jennifer. Hope uses the medical supplies she brought to try and stop the bleeding but worries that Jennifer might not make it without a transfusion. Jennifer tends to her new baby.

GH by Amanda

GL by Elizabeth

OLTL by Janice

OLTL did not air today. ABC repeated the back to back AMC shows that began the baby swapping storyline.

Passions by Shirley

Fox keeps telling Whitney Chad is her brother and she can't marry him, and after a slap and some harsh words, she finally seems to accept it. Julian spent all afternoon trying to talk Chad into waiting to marry Whitney, then finally tells him and Eve that there is a big reason for him to not marry her at all. Rebecca stakes her claim to Julian's wallet, allowing Eve to keep his heart and yearn to be a Crane. Rebecca convinces Gwen that the only possible father of Theresa's extra baby is Gwen. The younger woman finally sees the light and confronts Ethan who has been trying to get Theresa to admit she dressed up like Gwen and seduced him the night of the Harmony Ball. Theresa kept telling him it was only a fantasy he made up and kind of sick to be in bed with his wife while picturing Theresa dressed up like her.

Katherine was bit by one of the snakes in the pit and Martin goes down to save her. He sucks out the venom then administers CPR when she stops breathing. Sheridan, who is supposed to be keeping the snakes away with a long stick, discovers the scars on the older woman's forehead from the plastic surgery she'd had. She was helping Martin try to get Katherine's pulse going again when he stopped her and told her not to move, as a snake was ready to strike. Paloma got away from Nick and went to the temple to find Luis. While crying, she dislodged some of the rocks, and as she was looking to see if she could get through, Nick grabbed her from behind.

Y&R By Christopher

Brad and Ash agreed that the new plan for Victor/Abby visits was a good one, and shared a romantic morning and a new phase of their relationship. Nikki blasted Victor for his negligence where she was concerned, found a picture of Joshua Cassen, and finally confessed to Victor that she had killed her best friend. He comforted her as she said she couldn't live with what she'd done. Neil, Dru, Lily and Devon shared a tense breakfast. Lily told Devon not to worry about it, and made plans to help him with a school project. Dru told Neil to wait 3 days until she got back from a business trip, so she could soften the devastating blow when they told Devon he had to leave. She then bonded with Devon, telling him how proud she was of him. Phyllis comforted Damon, who told her to be firm with Daniel. Daniel and Damon argued over his treatment of his Mother. Phyllis grounded Daniel for his behaviour towards her and Damon, and warned him not to defy her. Jill and Mac agreed to work together to plan Kay and Arthur's wedding. Mac and Kay bonded while looking at Kay's engagement ring. Harrison Bartlett, Arthur's estranged stepson, showed up on Kay's doorstep and told her it would be a frightening and grave mistake for her to marry Arthur Hendricks.

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