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AMC by Jenn

Krystal is determined to stop at nothing until JR returns Bess. He tells her he's not afraid, the more threats she makes to him, the better his case in proving that both she and Babe are crazy and unfit to be around his child. David is there to help Krystal make sure JR and Adam don't get away with what they've done and indirectly tells her about putting Adam in the box and sending him away. Babe tells Jamie she wishes he could be her baby's father and implies she'd rather have that than the wealth of being married to JR Chandler.

Zack reveals to Maria that he is Michael Cambias' brother, although she does not believe that because she's heard that Alexander Cambias Jr. died in a car crash. He tells her his death was all staged, he was very close to his brother, and he will not let the people of Pine Valley get away with burying Michael Cambias in a landfill and believes somebody other than Bianca killed his brother, and with malicious intent. Kendall is determined to get revenge upon Ryan and Greenlee. She points a gun on them. At first they ignore her, until she gets their attention by shooting Ryan.

ATWT by Linda

Hal gives Carly an ultimatum after he finds that she had Parker talk with the psychic – she helps him accept Jack’s death or he’ll take him away. Will finds Barbara in the hospital and assures her he knows a way to escape. Mike, Henry, Jennifer and Nikki begin a game of strip poker, Henry falling even deeper in love with Nikki when her deft card skills are displayed. Lily and Holden decide to work on their marriage after Lily agrees to throw Craig out.

B&B by Boo

Felicia and Stephanie discuss all that Felicia has been through with her cancer treatments and what is in her future now. They start to build a better relationship. Caitlin, Hector and Samantha continue to argue about Rick. When Caitlin makes it clear that she will move out of the house, Hector gives in a little bit. He explains that he is just worried about her getting hurt. They all come together with an agreement to work this all out as a family. Rick and Brooke have a heart to heart talk about Caitlin and the whole situation with Hector’s reaction. Later, Caitlin visits Rick and things start to get a little to heated again.

Days by Danielle

Lucas confronts Sami about her call with Brandon. Shawn punches out Jan before hopping his motorcycle and escaping. Jan, having come to only to find Shawn gone, plots how to bring him back. Rex, Mimi, and Philip overhear Brady’s call to tell Belle about Chloe’s death. Belle calls Sami to ask her to join them at Chloe’s memorial. Shawn arrives at Belle’s loft only to find it empty. Shawn heads to his house and finds it empty. He tries Hope’s cell phone and then Bo’s where he leaves a message. Bo calls back but Shawn had already left. Brady shares his last memories of Chloe with Nicole. Brady blames himself for Chloe’s death. Nicole offers her support to Brady. Brady calls John with the news about Chloe. Jan calls Mimi for help under the guise of being concerned for Belle. Mimi tells Jan about being at the church, which leads Jan to head there for Shawn. Sami urges Belle to sleep with Philip. Jan dresses up as a nun to be able to hide among those at the memorial. Shawn returns to Belle’s loft where he collapses on her couch.

Bo fills Lexie and Celeste in on what the code said. John shares his reservations. Celeste defends her feelings. Tek and Lexie try to fathom how the victims could be alive when they were pronounced dead. John suggests that Stefano could have known the code from when he had Roman captive. Bo proposes that they exhume the rest of the victims’ coffins. Lexie gives her permission to exhume Abe and John agrees to ask Kate for permission to exhume Roman’s coffin. Jennifer makes Patrick promise to save her baby over herself. Patrick is forced to use the pocketknife to save the baby. Patrick helps deliver a baby boy but finds that he isn’t breathing. Patrick is able to resuscitate the baby. They worry that they can’t stop the excessive bleeding. Maggie and Alice discuss Jennifer’s condition. Doug goes to the Brady Pub to tell Caroline, Victor, Maggie, and Alice about the broken transmitter. The group discusses the future of those in the jungle and what Cassie and Tony could be plotting.

GH by Amanda

On the Island, Courtney continues to stall Jax's advances, but she is visibly crumbling. Carly gets a glimpse of her dad on television, promising to stop organized crime. Sonny's anger is boiling over at Sam and Jason alike. Sam has stated that since Sonny will only be a part time dad to Baby Lila, Jason is the real dad. Mary has many visitors, first the cops, including Lucky, and then Emily. Still deluded, she wants to know where Connor is and seems to pity Em for being so clueless. Then, she manifests an "alter", a second personality in charge of making sure "Mary" has a happy ending. Or else. Ironically, Nik and Emily had just been dreaming of the end of their fairy tale.

Under Wyndermere, Justus has returned to Faith after meeting Jason who is willing to give Justus a chance to get away and not see when Jason kills Faith. Justus begins to make alternate plans while Faith accepts inevitabilty. Sonny is less than happy at the mercy. Carly is able to save her father's life from an attacker, prompting him to be willing to talk to her. Courtney's resolve does strengthen, making her declare she will avoid Jax. When Nik and Em meet at the hospital, Mary code blues. Sam is having a hard time dealing with Jason's dangerous life.

GL by Boo

will be late

OLTL by Janice

Marcie sets up a family meeting so that she can try to get her brothers and father back together. Ron and her father back out and tell her that if she sides with Eric, they will cut her out of the family. Michael tries to comfort her. Jenn confides in Mark that she is worried that Riley will choose Flash. Roxy will continue as housemother for the Love Center crew even though her community service hours are over. The attempted art heist is the front page headline in the Banner-Sun. Lindsay is upset that Rex has used her again. Rex and Paul are released from jail. Natalie admits to alerting the security company about the planned heist. Anxious about RJ’s reaction, Rex meets with him. RJ gives him two weeks to come up with $100,000. Natalie tries to assure Paul that she is still committed to their relationship even though she thwarted the robbery. Dorian is worried that Kelly is unstable after finding new baby clothes in Kelly’s room. Todd finds Kelly in the park knitting a baby sweater and brings her home to La Boulee. David meets with Kevin to try to get him to give Ace back to Kelly. Kevin offers to allow visitation for one hour a week in exchange for David’s share of Craze. Dorian asks Todd to get Ace from Kevin “whatever it takes.” Kelly tells Kevin that she will tell the authorities about Ace’s true parentage if he doesn’t give up custody and then neither one of them will see Ace again. Kevin baits her by saying that she can always hope that he will allow her visitation.

Passions by Shirley

TC and Liz have an on again, off again, on again experience today. They are getting along fine, she's thinking she's got him where she wants him, then he tells her she has to leave immediately. She goes up to pack, he thinks about it, then goes up, tells her he was wrong, plants a wet one on her lips, and pushes her back on the bed to have his way with her. Meanwhile, Eve and Julian went to the Crane mansion so Eve could tell Whitney the new lie she found out about before anyone else can. Fox is still trying to figure out how to tell Whit that Chad is her brother, too. After Eve gives her the bad news about the accident that ended her father's tennis career, Fox finds her and tells her Chad is her brother. While Eve was at the mansion, she revealed to everyone that Theresa can't possibly be carrying twins. She swears that she did a sonogram that showed only one egg and she's never wrong. She then says that it's possible there could be another baby if Theresa ovulated two eggs and had sex with two men within a short time. Since one of the babies was an implant, Gwen assumes correctly that Theresa had sex with someone after the implant and chokes her, wanting to know with whom. Ethan pulls her away, then goes to talk to Theresa about what had happened, and realized she was the blond he had made love with after the party, not Gwen.

Sheridan, Martin, and Katherine are still roaming the jungle, trying to find their way out. Martin goes to find water, and meanwhile, Sheridan and Katherine are talking about the curse Sheridan believes is on her and Luis. She gets upset about Alistair and starts pacing, describing how she wants him to die, and paces right into a pit trap. Martin comes when Katherine yells for him, and they see Sheridan lying unconscious in a pit full of snakes. Martin goes to find a vine, but when Sheridan comes to and sees the snakes are after her, Katherine jumps in the pit with her and uses a stick to keep the snakes away from her daughter. Meanwhile, Paloma is attacked by Alistair's henchman.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Canadian Episode Pre-empted Because of Labour Day. Returns Monday @ 4:30 PM.

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