The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/2/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Everybody at the dinner is participating in the murder mystery game, while being watching, unknown, by Zack Slater. Only Maria knows what he's up to and asks why he would care about this dispicable monster Michael Cambias and want to speculate which one of them killed him? He reveals to her that Michael Cambias was his brother. Bianca and Erica are very concerned about Kendall. Greenlee tells Erica that her daughter is unstable and possibly a danger to herself and others. Erica lashes out at Greenlee for judging her daughter. But Bianca affirms that they do have reason to be very worried for Kendall.

David has unconscious Adam Chandler in a crate, ready to be shipped off, confident that nobody knows what he's up to nor that he's being spied upon by Zack's surveillance camera. Ryan is ready to go head-to-head with Zack Slater whom he suspects wants to hurt the people he loves and who is indirectly threatening to kill him.

ATWT by Linda

Barbara is deemed incompetent to stand trial and sentenced to thirty days evaluation at the state mental hospital, much to Hal’s chagrin. Chris makes an impassioned plea to Emily, Emily telling him no and to go home to her sister. When Emily goes to the hospital, Hal rebuffs her, his concerns lying with Barbara. Margo talks to Chris and urges him to stay away from Emily and talk with Allison; if she’s not the girl he truly wants to marry, he should set her free before it’s too late. Molly tells Holden and Lily that she’s moving to LA with Abigail; after she leaves, Holden tells Lily that he doesn’t feel close to her anymore and it’s not because of Molly. He’s not sure if they should keep trying to salvage their marriage.

B&B by Suzanne

Nick and Felicia wake up in bed on his boat. They kiss but are interrupted by her phone ringing. Stephanie invites Felicia to lunch. Felicia is reluctant but goes at Nick's urging. There is a tension because Felicia is very defensive about their last meeting. Felicia tells Stephanie about the cancer. Thomas visits Rick to ask how he's feeling. They argue about Hector and Caitlin. Rick tells Thomas that he and Caitlin are about love, not sex. He urges Thomas to get over her and says she cares for him. Hector tries to make peace with Caitlin and they both apologize for things they've said and done. However, he still wants her to avoid Rick. She threatens to move out if she's pushed.

Days by Danielle

Brady fills Nicole in on Chloe’s condition. Brady tries to make hasty arrangements for his trip but the pilot says he can’t go right away because of having to file his flight plan 48 hours in advance. Nancy arrives and tells Brady that Chloe is gone. Nancy assures Brady that Chloe wasn’t cheating on him. They each flash back through their own memories with Chloe. Nancy refuses to let Brady join her on her trip to Austria. Nicole steps in to comfort Brady. Belle stays with Mimi during her appointment with Lexie for support. Mimi makes Belle promise not to tell Rex about her appointment. Rex and Philip work out their argument on the basketball court. When the game turns into a fistfight, Belle and Mimi arrive and break up the fight. Rex questions Mimi as to whether her secretiveness is due to her seeing another man. Belle accepts Philip’s proposal that they go away together. Mimi blames her recent behavior on the death of Patrick.

Abe and Hope reach the ravine. Abe and Hope discuss the theory that they are on the island because their captor is trying to break up all the happy couples in Salem. They discuss whether their spouses could move on with other people. Hope and Abe find that the ledge they left Jennifer and Patrick on has broken away and they assume that they fell into the river. The rest of the signal message is unintelligible. Tek uses his computer skills to try and pinpoint the origin of the signal. They determine the signal to be coming from the Caribbean. Tony lures Doug out of Marlena’s penthouse and destroys the signal machine while Doug is out of the room. After losing the signal, John orders Bo to stop trying to find the signal again but Bo refuses to give up. Tony uses a radio to tell someone that the machine is broken. Tony uses a remote control to unlock the door after he ducks into the bushes. Doug returns to find the machine broken. Celeste comes to visit Lexie and sees a vision of Abe using a machete. Abe shakes his head no and warns Celeste not to let Lexie break their marriage vows when Celeste asks if he is dead. Tek sends Lexie flowers as part of a date invite. Lexie accepts the invitation. Celeste overhears the acceptance and warns her to break the date. Lexie refuses to believe Celeste’s insistence that Abe is alive until Celeste mentions that Abe is not the only one that is still alive. Lexie brings Celeste to the police station to tell Bo, John, and Tek that she’s been getting vibrations that all of the dead are really alive.

GH by Lisa

Sam tells Jason that she sees him as Lila's dad since he will be part of her life. Sonny is angry when Sam implies that Jason is an important part of the baby's life. Sonny sends Jason to track Justus and Faith but Sam wonders if Sonny would place Jason in unnecessary danger in order to keep him out of Lila's life.

Dillon takes responsibility for Sage's death. Alcazar gives Dillon a letter from Sage voicing her insecurities and vulnerabilities. Dillon, Georgie, Brook Lynn and Lucas are touched by Sage's letter. On the island, Courtney and Jax continue their game of seduction and end up on the brink of lovemaking.

GL by Elizabeth

Danny tells Michelle he doesn’t need anything but her. Alan tells Lizzie that Tammy the finalists for the intern contest are Joey & Tammy with Tammy in the lead. Jeffery goes to the farmhouse for dinner. Coop shows up and punches Gus is in the face. Tammy & Joey are stuck on the side of the road, lose their famous actor and find one another. Danny & Michelle share a dance in the storm. Lizzie buys some drugs to “loosen Joey up” and then surprises Tammy & Joey on the side of the road. Alan visits Buzz in the hospital. RJ sees him imaginary friend outside the window and when Cassie turns around Dinah is gone.. Edmond picks up a shovel & knocks Jeffery over the head in the barn. Edmond realizes Jeffery is out cold and there’s a fire lit near him.

OLTL by Janice

The Love Project is given an extension. Jen and Riley are kissing when a letter from Flash arrives asking Riley for a second chance.

Antonio discovers that Sonja is a federal agent who has been under cover for 6 years to destroy the Santi family. He agrees to keep her secret. She refuses to believe that Tico could be El Tiburon. Kevin is awarded sole custody of Ace. Evangeline believes that she won the case and that someone “got to” the judge. John offers to help her discover the truth. Tico congratulates Kevin on winning the case and alludes to the fact that the judge was worried that “an accident could happen” to a loved one. At La Boulee, Kelly is distraught and Dorian worries about her mental health. Jessica arrives with flowers and offers to be Kelly’s eyes and ears concerning Ace. At the hospital Tico is upset that Antonio is with Angelina. He backs down when Jessica arrives. Tico leaves and Jessica finds Angelina’s locket which has the same picture as Tico’s mother’s mirror had.

Passions by Shirley

Kay, getting ready to leave the hospital, comes up with a scheme to get Chad for Simone, and although Simone isn't thrilled about it, Kay drags her along to the computer room to change Chad's DNA results so it will look like he is Eve's son, Whitney's brother. Once in the room, Kay manages to get Chad's file on the computer, but she hits the wrong button, and before she can fix it, a nurse comes to the door. Kay turns the computer off without making the change, and as the girls sneak out, they wonder just what she has changed. Gwen is treating Theresa like royalty now that she knows about the twins she is carrying. She is thrilled about having two babies, but Theresa is determined that Gwen will have none, while Theresa has both babies and Little Ethan. At the same time, Chad tells Whitney about Fox's plan for them not to have sex until they are married, and she tells Fox to mind his own business, she doesn't want him and never will. He still needs to tell her Chad is her brother. Meanwhile, Ethan, realizing Fox is scheming on her, tells his younger brother to cool it and be careful.

Eve continued to tell TC she didn't remember driving the car and that Julian had swore he was driving, but Liz continues to twist the screws, and comes up with a new tidbit: Alistair had paid Eve's way through medical school, proving, according to Liz, that he had given her hush money to keep her mouth shut, so she had to have known about the wreck. TC agrees with Liz, sending Eve and Julian on their way after telling her there is no hope of their ever working things out. Liz is thrilled at the way things have worked out.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nick had a sexy daydream about Sharon which he convinced her to act on in his office at Crimson Lights. Lily thanked Kevin and posed for reporters pictures of the victim and her hero. Devon was suspicious of Kevin and Daniel. Alex showed up and warned Daniel that he owed him, and that he could make a world of trouble for them. Jack told Jill she was a valuable employee for Jabot, and issued another warning to be careful with Elliot. John, Ash and Brad told Jill they'd decided to cut the Men's Line. She said it was personal, insulted Brad, and stormed out. Neil refused to be a foster parent to Devon. Dru broke down into tears and said it would be his responsibility to shatter Devon's hopes. Neil left, furious. Paul congratulated JT and Brittany on a job well done. Brittany reminded a reluctant JT that he now had to help plan her wedding to Bobby. Damon told Phyllis the story of his son, Elias, who was shot by thugs when he was 8, and died in Damon's arms. He told Phyllis he's a rage-filled monster, barely under control, and that if he ever found the man who'd killed his son, he would destroy him. A concerned officer placed a call to a cop of some kind and said a gang-banger who'd been in custody had finally made parole (talking about someone connected to the death of Damon's son).

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