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AMC by Jenn

Zack proposes that the dinner guests play a murder mystery game and that the proceeds will go to donate funds to the Miranda Montgomery foundation. At first people believe it's in bad taste, knowing Bianca killed Michael Cambias, but they decide to play so they can help donate to a worthy cause.

Unknown to everybody, Zack is watching their every move from a surveillance camera. Ryan and Greenlee are ready to get it on. Maria goes and asks Ryan what he knows about Zack. He tells her he knows Zack is obsessed about Michael Cambias. Erica and David relive their secret plan to go after Michael, a year ago. David knocks Adam Chandler out and is ready to ship him off in a box. And Zack knows everybody's every move.

ATWT by Linda

Jack feels like he’s taking advantage of Julia, so he goes for a walk and ends up in a bar on open mike night. He sits at the piano, performing “A Song for You” as Julia walks in and Kaylee, JJ and Roswell find Parker’s bottle. Mike takes Carly back to the water park and they find a smudged picture that looks like Jack. Though Mike tries to convince Carly that it could just be a coincidence, she knows in her heart it is Jack. Barbara almost succeeds in breaking out Will, but Hal hauls her off in handcuffs as Will cries for his mother. Margo breaks into the boathouse and catches Chris and Emily kissing passionately. She frees them and warns Emily about cheating as Chris and Emily keep up the charade around Allison. Dusty tells his old friend from Chicago that he’s not interested in the boxing deal. He then clears out Metro and he and Lucy share an intimate evening.

B&B by Boo

Ridge and Brooke share a very romantic whirlwind tour of the world in one beautiful night. Ridge has set up samplings of food from all over the world for Brooke. They enjoy the evening and once again affirm their love for each other. Eric and Stephanie worry about Felicia and wish that their stubborn daughter would allow them to help her with her drug program. They discuss how close she is getting to Nick lately and finally both decide that maybe Nick Marone will be good for their daughter. Nick and Felicia tell each other how afraid they are to get involved in a relationship right now, but despite their fears, they carry on. After making love, they both decide that it was a good decision and thank each other for bringing them both back to the land of the living.

Days by Danielle

Lucas listens as Sami tells Brandon that she misses him and that she loves him. Sami defends the call, insisting that she and Brandon are just friends now. Lucas doesn’t believe her. Sami tells Brandon that she will think about his request. When Lucas pays Kate an unannounced visit, Kate jumps to the conclusion that Sami has hurt him and Lucas has to hold her back from going after Sami. Kate urges Lucas to give up on Sami. Mimi makes an appointment with Lexie for tests. Rex senses that something is wrong but Mimi lies to Rex, claiming that she was talking to Belle. Shawn has trouble getting his motorcycle started. Philip makes his intentions with Belle known as Jan continues to film. Their interaction is interrupted by Mimi’s call to request Belle to join her at the hospital. Jan returns home to find Shawn gone. Mimi tells Belle about her symptoms and Belle urges her to tell Rex. Belle fills Mimi in on Philip’s announcement. Mimi urges her to forget Shawn and move on with Philip. Jan hears Shawn’s motorcycle but Shawn hides when she enters the shed. Rex and Philip argue about Shawn and Rex suggests that he fight Philip to defend the Brady honor.

Marlena and Roman begin to make love. Hope and Abe return, breaking up their love making, with the news that they couldn’t find anyone. Marlena updates them on Roman’s condition. Roman asks them to go on without him but Marlena refuses his request. Roman grows weaker and passes out. Abe chastises Marlena for kissing Roman but Marlena claims that she only kissed Roman to comfort him. Marlena worries that John won’t want to be married to her anymore due to the way things were between them before she “died.” Abe and Hope head back out to look for Patrick and Jennifer. John doesn’t believe that the message is really from Roman. Kate begins to doubt it and Bo accuses her of wanting Roman to be dead so she can be with John. John decides to investigate the code and after hearing it, decides to work with Bo to narrow down where the signal is coming from.

GH by  Amanda

Sonny and Carly both have father issues as things open; Sonny is not happy with Jason's large role in Sam's baby's life, and Carly negotiates with Coleman to help her quest to find her dad. However, Sam gets in Sonny's face, stating her child needs more than his off time from his real family. Emily's ranting to the comatose Mary is interrupted when Mary comes to life to strangle her. Nik and Lorenzo's confrontation at PCPD continues with Nik warning Lorenzo not to hurt Emily. As Lo' leaves, he vows to avenge Sage, but Ric warns him to stay away from Mary, Ric will handle Justice. The Co/Jax flirtation seems back on track after the lights out interval, but Courtney, though amused does not give in to Jax's flirtation attempts yet. Carly sets the parameters for Coleman's investigation, but he wants more than money until Sonny shows up. Back at Jason's, Sam is comforted by Jase. Now that Coleman's been sent along his merry way, Courtney runs into Carly for guidance on how to handle Jax, then Sonny shows up to tell her sleeping with Jax would be a mistake. Then proceeds to clarify what the relationship is and says he will let her do what she wants. However, he moves on to tell Jax if he touches Courtney, Sonny will kill Jax. Undeterred, he asks Courtney to go to Atlantic City. Though she agrees, when he's gone, she tells Carly she's heading in the other direction, which is the Island, thanks to a phone call. Sam has daydreams about her, Jason, and Baby Lila.

Lucky rescues Emily from Mary, who manages to twist the scene to her advantage, still raving about Connor. Lucky continues to ream out Emily for defying orders, then shifts into questioning mode. Just then, Jason and Lorenzo both come along; Lorenzo verbally abuses Emily until Jason intervenes. Then, Em catches him up on the latest. Ric and Alexis argue over Nik's potential charges. Lorenzo pays Mary a visit with murder on his face. Coleman gets fast results for Carly and she tells Sonny she has to go check the lead out, but he offers her cautionary words. Despite Courtney's plots, Jax circumvents them to show up where she least expects.

GL by Elizabeth

Josh finds out that Phillip does want to take over Cross Creek and warns him that the property won’t come easy to him. Josh decides to go to Oklahoma to sort things out. Sandy finds out about Phillip’s intentions with Cross Creek. Tammy and Joey fight over an actor from the Sopranos for the Spaulding dinner. Dinah allows Jeffery to think she’s in Venice. Edmond meets Cassie at the airport and Cassie continues to lie to Edmond about where & who she was with. Bill has a date with a nurse from the hospital which doesn’t please Olivia. Phillip makes a phone call telling someone that Josh took the bait is out at Cross Creek and that now is the time to snatch up all the vulnerable properties in town.

OLTL by Janice

Antonio uses force to question the hit man as Daniel looks on. In the outer office, an unknown police officer arranges for the hit man to escape on Tico’s orders. At the custody hearing, David arranges for an escort to testify that Kevin paid her for her “services” during Kelly’s pregnancy. Kevin’s lawyer attempts to make Kelly look bad by accusing her of drug addiction and psychiatric problems. Duke testifies that Kelly always made time for him, while his own father did not. Evangeline brings out all of the good works that Kelly has done in the name of helping children. Her family thinks that it looks good for Kelly’s chances at custody. John attempts to get Natalie to tell him the truth about the heist. Even though she continues to lie to him, John tells her that she can’t push him away that easily. Paul and Rex are held in jail, while John lets Natalie leave. Antonio recalls his encounters with Sonja and comes to the conclusion that she is El Tiburon. Sonja is searching through Tico’s desk to see what she can find when Antonio comes to Lion’s Den. She tries to seduce him to throw him off the trail. When that doesn’t work, she pulls a gun on him. Tico goes to where the hit man is being held and threatens him with a knife for letting Angelina get in the way of the bullet.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa is being thanked right and left by Gwen and Ethan for having their twins, all the while knowing that she is not going to give the babies to them. Whitney wonders whether Theresa feels any guilt about that, but she says no, not after all the things Gwen and her mother have done to her and her family. They deserve what they get. Whitney keeps trying to tell Theresa she is pregnant, too, but someone always interrupts her. When Chad and Fox come in with the news that Chad got his big contact and they can get married within a couple of weeks, she is stunned, while Fox is trying to figure out how to tell her she is marrying her brother.

Martin, Katherine, and Sheridan have been led into the jungle so far they will never be able to find their way out by their guide, who was paid by Alistair. He's not feeling good about doing it, but he leaves them anyway after Alistair tells him that they will be killed anyway, and if he doesn't do what he was told, he will be set up for their murders. Eve and Liz continued to argue over who was driving the car that wrecked into TC's car and ruined his life. TC finally believes Julian because he figures he's such a coward he'd never tell a lie that would get him killed. Liz tells TC that Julian loves Eve so much he'd be willing to live without her as long as she's happy, so he'd lie. TC rejects that, knowing Julian as well as he thinks he does. Eve finally figures out she was at the wheel, again, and says as much while TC and Liz are standing right there listening.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Paul told Nikki he would do everything he could to locate Charles Cassen - Joshua's brother - so she could confess the shooting. Lynne told Paul she was going to visit relatives in Kansas, and told him not to worry about moving in with Christine & Michael. At Fenmore's, Brittany discovered the thief when a sales girl offered to give her pricey merchandise and pocket the money. JT recorded the exchange, then revealed who he was to the stunned girl. Michael told Lauren he suspects Kevin, and that Gloria is dating John Abbott. Gloria confronted Kevin about his crimes, forgave him, told him to be a good man, and said life had given them both a second chance. Michael told Kevin that he suspects he and Daniel set Lily up, and things got out of hand. Kevin denied the accusation. Phyllis told Damon about Daniel and Alex, and he advised her to be vigilant. He admitted he'd had a son, who had died in his arms, and Phyllis comforted him as he broke down in tears. Neil told Dru he didn't think she'd be a good role model for Devon, since he wasn't even able to trust her. Lily teased Devon about having feelings for her. The press swarmed around Kevin, and Lily, wanting to hear from Genoa City's newest hero.

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