The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/31/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Everybody gets ready for the fundraiser. Edmund and Aidan are keeping a close eye on Zack. Erica and Jack are reconciling and concerned about Kendall. Kendall sits with Ethan, obsessed about seeing revenge upon Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan declares his love for Greenlee. Zack has a sudden surprise at the end of the dinner and says that there will be a game of murder in the casino.

ATWT by Linda

After Carly and Parker leave the water park, a worker posts the picture of Jack that he took. Once home, Carly tries to explain to Parker that he couldn’t have seen Jack, but the little guy is insistent – he saw him. Once the kids are down, Carly sits and thinks; she then tells Mike to get a sitter, they’re going back to the water Park. Once Jack and Julia are home, J.J. insists he wants to go back to the water park, Julia instead turning her living room into one when they battle with super soakers. When Jack takes his shirt off for her to put in the dryer, they kiss. Barbara ties up Chris and Emily in the boathouse facing each other and then leaves. Trying to get loose, they fall over with Emily on top, succumbing to their urges. Allison discovers they’re gone and when she hears a gunshot from the garage she goes out there and calls Hal. Aaron comes to comfort her and when they hear that Chris and Emily are at the boathouse, they leave. Barbara drives her car through the Mental Hospital’s front doors after Hal tells her there is no way she’s getting Will.

B&B by Suzanne

Eric and Ridge look at some designs on models and discuss them. They start talking about the situation with Thorne. Eric thinks they need to make this new line very good so that it will crush Spectra and make Thorne come back. Ridge doesn't agree that they should let Thorne come back. Stephanie continues to argue with Thorne about coming back. She tries everything but finally understand what he's telling her. She goes back to tell Eric and Ridge that it's hopeless. One of the Forrester employees gives Thorne a disk that has all of Forrester's new designs on them. Felicia and Nick play darts and talk about how she has to live her life now and not be afraid. He plays her a song he wrote about her. She is touched but annoyed that he has changed their light romance into something serious. She realizes she doesn't want to die.

Days by Danielle

Chloe clings to life in the Vienna hospital. The doctors begin to give up. Nicole tries to convince Brady not to go to Vienna. Brady resists Nicole’s attempts and prepares to leave for his trip until he gets the call about Chloe. Nicole overhears the call. Sami begins to doubt that she deserves to marry Lucas. Lucas reassures her that they are meant to be together. Sami fantasizes about living happily as a family. Lucas reluctantly decides to let Sami talk to Brandon. Lucas overhears Sami tell Brandon that she loves him. Mimi is distracted by fears of possibly being sick. As Rex goes on about their trip to Hawaii, Mimi can’t fathom that she’ll still be alive to enjoy it but covers by telling Rex that she thinks that they shouldn’t be going away on vacation with all the bad things that have been happening. Mimi makes an appointment with Lexie. Jan films Philip and Belle giving into their feelings as Shawn frees himself from the cage. Shawn uses the tool to break the lock on the bedroom door as Philip and Belle begin to give into temptation.

Roman fears that he will die from the infection and admits to Marlena that she is his one true love. Roman admits that he loves Kate but will always regret losing Marlena. Roman and Marlena begin to make love. The mysterious stranger manages to get away from Abe and Hope, tripping a rope that sends Abe into the air trapped in a net. Abe gets free from the net but their search brings them back to the force field. Hope tries to send a telepathic message to Bo that she is alive and to keep searching. Patrick refuses to let Jennifer die and helps her work through the labor. Kate and John give in to their attractions to each other. Bo cracks the code. Bo calls John and Kate with the news but they ignore the phone. Bo bursts in on them before they can do anything with the news about Roman and Marlena.

GH by Lisa

Nikolas is arrested for shooting Mary who is in critical condition. Emily goes to Mary's hospital room. Mary frightens Emily when she wakes up and grabs her arm. Carly is bound and determined to find her father and searches through family papers in search for him.

Lois tells Alcazar that Mary murdered Sage. Worried about Alcazar's wrath, Brook Lynn and Dillon turn to Jason for help. Alcazar attacks Ric, vowing vengeance for Sage's death. Alcazar learns that Emily was the intended target. Sonny is angry when Sam tells him that she does not want him to be a hand's on father to thie baby.

GL by Elizabeth

Michelle spends time with Robbie and tries to be a good mother to him. Tony and Rick fight over whether or not Tony wants Michelle. Josh surprises Reva with 2 tickets to Cross Creek & Hawk showing up. Hawk tells Josh of Phillip making a trip to Cross Creek and having someone pretend to write a book in order to get Hawk to sign a ‘release’ form. Sandy calls the bank president pretending to be Josh and tells him that the issue of Reva’s real son is a family matter and not to bring it up again. Jeffery gets a fellow FBI agent to pretend to be Cassie’s imposter so that Cassie can confront her. Edmond realizes that Dee/Dinah is Cassie’s real imposter and that Jeffery helped Richard infiltrate a drug ring with the help of the US Government, in the form of Jeffery O’Neill. She also tells him that Jeffery would pretend to be Richard to protect both San Cristobel and Richard’s family and that included time spent with Cassie while she was married to Richard. Jeffery and Cassie are stranded in DC due to an electrical storm. Tony & Rick fight over Michelle’s well being. Edmond calls Cassie and hears Jeffery pick up the phone.

OLTL by Janice

Kevin’s lawyer accuses Kelly of drug addiction and neglect of Ace. Evangeline brings out Kevin’s infidelities, drunk driving, and intimidation of Kelly. Paul Cramer is called as a witness for the defense. He doesn’t help Kevin’s case and is fired from Buchanan Enterprises. John visits RJ and Lindsay as they prepare the paintings for loan to a film producer. He then runs into Paul, Rex and Natalie after they meet at the diner to review the plans for the heist. John then discovers RJ meeting with the snitch. He then arrests Paul, Rex and Natalie as they lay in wait for the armored vehicle.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa is still swearing Gwen won't get either of the babies, even tho Gwen is almost falling all over her with gratitude and joy. She even kissed her and said they are friends! Whitney came to Theresa to talk over her problem of being pregnant while Chad doesn't want children for a few years. Fox worries about telling Whitney that Chad is he brother, but is very vocal in his warning to Chad not to have sex with her again.

Sheridan is distraught over Luis being caught in the explosion in the temple. She convinces Martin and Katherine to help her dig for him, but little progress is made. They finally drag her away screaming to go find Paloma and save her life. As the show ended, a tennis shoe was shown caught in the pile of rocks. Martin almost revealed his true identity to her in his grief over Luis and fear for Paloma. The three of them are next on Alistair's hit list. Eve and Liz continue to argue about who was driving the car when it ran into TC's car and ended his tennis career. He is simply confused, but finally decides to believe Liz. Along comes Julian, swearing he was the driver, and a fight ensues. Julian needs to tell Eve that Chad is their long lost son, but is wary of her reaction upon learning her son is engaged to marry (and has been living with) her daughter.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Paul assigned JT to stake out Fenmore's Department store the day of a big sale to catch a thief in the act. JT recruited Brittany to pose as his girlfriend by agreeing to stand up for her at her wedding. Miss Davis told Neil what would happen to Devon if he didn't live with them, but Neil told her he needed time to think. Olivia noted that Devon was a very different boy after even a short time with the Winters family. Dru and Phyllis argued about the beauty pageant. Diane arrived, having been hired by Dru to redesign the office. Phyllis blew a gasket and lashed out at Diane, before Neil arrived and broke up the three women about to cat-fight. Alone with Dru, he demanded to know why she'd lied to him about Devon. Brad had breakfast with Nikki and told her of his agreement with Victor about Abby. Nikki was furious Victor hadn't told her himself, and took Brad's advice to finally talk to him about whatever was troubling her. Ash and Abby visited Victor and gave him the good news that Brad had agreed to the visits. Victor promised Ash he would do his best to make it all work. Jack warned Jill not to fall for Elliot's charms. Elliot brought her roses and set a date for lunch the following day.

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