The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/30/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Krystal finds a way to blow up JR's car, telling him until he returns Bess to her mother, he will find out what it's like to mess with his mother in law. Babe has a friendly encounter with Jamie, reveals to him that she told JR about his plan before she trusted him, assumes he'd be angry at her, but finds out that he doesn't blame her for anything.

Kendall is still obsessed to create a nuisance for Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee assumes that Ryan wants to divorce her, but he reveals that he loves her and wants their marriage to stay on track. Ryan questions Zack Slater about the black and white photos of all the people connected to the murder of Michael Cambias. But Zack will not tell Ryan anything.

ATWT by Linda

Carly and Julia meet and converse at the water park, and when Jack and Julia leave, Parker sees him, but is held up by other customers. Emily and Chris come this close to making love before Hall interrupts them with news that Barbara is on the loose. Barbara takes Emily and Chris hostage in Hal’s garage. Jennifer tells Jordan it is over. Lucy reaffirms her devotion to Dusty to Lucinda. Dusty threatens to kill Craig if he ever comes near Lucy again.

B&B by Suzanne

Ridge and Brooke make out on the couch in his office and end up having sex there after a long while. In the meantime, they discuss Hector and Rick, and Thorne. Stephanie walks in on them near the beginning and asks Ridge about when he talked to Thorne in his new office. Ridge thinks they should just leave him alone and he'll realize how much he needs them. Stephanie visited Thorne and pleaded with him to come back, trying to use guilt to get through to him. She says it's been hard on Eric and also says it will be hard on his daughter, not being part of the family. He accuses her of using Alexandria and says he is doing this for her, so she won't feel second place like him. Stephanie apologizes for what she's done to him but he orders her out anyway.

Jackie is in a daze when Massimo tells her that her things are being moved back home, he invites her to dinner. Nick brings in the dinner (Fish that he caught) and she realizes that he's forgiven her. He wants his family back. Massimo tells her that he loves her, at Nick's urging. They sit down to dinner. Massimo tells her that he never filed the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Deacon sets up a romantic candlelight dinner for her and gets worried when she doesn't show. She comes by later and explains what happened. He can't believe that she is going to sacrifice her own happiness just to have her son back. She admits that she is and tells him goodbye, leaving him looking shocked.

Days by Danielle

Jan returns to the love cage to gloat. Shawn hides the tool he was using and convinces Jan to get more proof of Philip and Belle together so he can have more time alone to try and escape. Jan films Philip confessing his true feelings to Belle. Belle gives in to Philip’s advances. Shawn watches their interaction as he uses the tool to free himself from the chain that once cut his leg and then breaks free from the cage. He almost completely escapes but finds the bedroom door locked. Nicole is against Brady’s plans to fly to Vienna to determine face to face if his relationship with Chloe is truly over. John overhears Brady admit to Nicole that he is starting to have feelings for her and cautions him against giving into those feelings. Brady advises John to move on with Kate. Hospital staff rushes to save Chloe’s life. Upon hearing Chloe repeatedly utter Brady’s name, the doctor calls Brady thanks to the number found in Chloe’s PDA. John and Kate each apologize for their actions but are grateful that they didn’t go all the way. Sami and Lucas share a romantic breakfast until Kate interrupts it. Lucas advises Kate to move on with John. Sami fears that she will jinx their relationship but Lucas convinces her otherwise. Lucas answers the phone when Brandon calls and debates whether or not to give the phone to Sami. After hearing the advice of their children to go for it, Kate convinces John to give their relationship a chance.

Roman and Marlena spend the night on the jungle ground. Roman’s foot is now infected, forcing them to stay put where they talk about their past. Their conversation sparks old feelings and they begin to make love. Bo receives the signal again through his computer. Bo remembers where he knows the signal from and decodes it to discover that Roman and Marlena are really alive. Hope and Abe continue to search for Patrick and Jennifer. They begin to consider that they are either lost or that someone has been covering up their tracks. Hope and Abe confront the mysterious stranger that has been following them. After a night of heavy labor, Patrick has a hard time waking Jennifer. When Jennifer does come to, she is upset to hear that Jack was never really there. Jennifer asks Patrick to let her die.

GH by Amanda

Heather affirmed that Lila used her to warn Edward about Emily being in danger. Alice does not believe her. Mary told Emily that she was saving "Connor" from Emily. Nikolas goes in search of Emily. Tracy protests and won't let anyone else go, her position is supported by Mac. When Heather threatens to expose Alice's complicity, Alice says she won't let her swindle Edward, she just wants him to inherit. The surviving teens rehash the séance and other deadly events. Georgie and Brooke disagree on which one is more to blame, each wanting to take the lion's share. Mary is adamant- Nik is Connor and in danger from Emily, as Emily tries to reason with her, Mary said Trent's murder wasn't personal. She mistook Sage for Em. Em got the weapon from Mary, who dared her to do it, knowing that 'Connor' would hate Emily for it. Mac gets suspicious of Faith and Justus' connection, but Dillon interrupts by freaking some more. Brook, Georgie and Lucas decide to try to use the board again, until Nik shows up heading to the boathouse. Lucas decides to guard the girls, and Nik heads out. He finds Emily safe, but Mary has escaped. No one believes Heather had a vision. Except Edward. Mac wants to imprison Faith; Justus resigns as her attorney. The spirit says the killer is widow. Georgie is terrified of Alcazar's revenge, and determined to find out who did it. Mac and Felicia set a trap to find out if Justus is Faith's partner or not. Nik is remorseful for allowing Mary to get close enough to hurt anyone. He blames himself for Mary's being totally whacko alternate reality and Em's being in danger. They tell Mac who the killer is, confirming Edward's trust in the spirits. Nik says he'll kill Mary himself. Then, a posse heads down to get her. During the distraction, Justus wants to grab Faith and go, she demurs, but later, he convinces her. Nik finds Mary, and she's thrilled to see the man she's come to rescue. Tracy and Dillon argue about Georgie. Lucas comforts Brooke. Nik tries to get the knife from Mary who insists he is Connor and Emily should die. Mac warns Mary not to move. A shot rings out.

GL by Elizabeth

Edmond is upset that Jeffery has admitted he has feelings for Cassie, and continues to question him about why he took Cassie’s case. Edmond warns Jeffery that Cassie is with him and it will stay that way. Joey tells Tammy he had fun being with her, until she started questioning them. He also tells Tammy that he and Lizzie are more than friends. Sandy asks the guy at the bank why they think Sandy is not Jonathon. The man at the bank tells Sandy that the signature they have on file does not match Sandy Foster’s. Sandy tells Reva that he’s on the phone and then proceeds to tell the man at the bank that “they” already know that Sandy is not Jonathon, that Sandy and Jonathon were friends, Jonathon is dead, and that they need to keep everything strictly confidential. Frank arrives at Company to see what all the commotion is about. Frank sees Gus get rid of the bulldozers, and crew. Remy, Tammy and Joey get text messages from Alan Spaulding to recruit a celebrity to come to the dinner where Alan will announce the winner of the Intern Contest. Dinah calls Cassie and tells her that she hopes the cape will look good on Cassie and that she wants to meet her in person but that she needs bail money first. Cassie tells Edmond that she’s got to go to Baltimore for a hotel convention and she will see him later. Alexandra shows up at the hospital to see Buzz and promise to help Gus and Harley get back together. Edmond returns to the Springfield Inn and Dinah arrives. Edmond yells at her for planting suspicions in her mind. Edmond tells Dinah it’s over and that Jeffery is headed out of town and she should follow him. Edmond goes through her purse and finds photos of Cassie & Richard together. Cassie sits next to Jeffery on the flight to Washington DC and tells him that he’s stuck with her, and that she wants to be there while he interrogates the woman who was impersonating her. Reva gets a phone call from Josh and rushes off to meet him at Company. Edmond asks Dinah what she is doing with the photos of Cassie & Richard. Dinah tells Edmond that even in San Cristobel Richard had a double.

OLTL by Janice

Antonio confronts Carlotta and Angelina about their secret. Antonio follows Angelina into Angel Square. As they are talking Angelina is shot as she pushes Antonio out of the gunman’s way. John finds Sonja in Antonio’s apartment. Sonja tries to convince John that she was just leaving a note for Antonio. John takes her to the diner to discuss the Padilla case. They hear the gunshots in Angel Square. Sonja is distressed to find Angelina shot. She and John chase after the gunman. Kevin tries to convince Kelly to give him custody. Dorian and Evangeline demand that he leave La Boulez. The custody battle over Ace begins in court. Duke, Blair, and Todd all come to court to support Kelly. Jessica tells Tico about her fears of Antonio’s obsession with the Santi family. Tico is extremely sympathetic. John tells Antonio that he is on desk duty because he is too involved.

Passions by Shirley

Tabitha caught us up on what had been happening on the show before the break. Whitney and Chad were talking about their marriage, and how Chad doesn't want to have children right away. Whitney was worried, since she already is pregnant, and wonders how to tell him. She finally finds the way when he pours a drink for each of them and wants to toast their future. She tells him she can't drink it, then gets ready to explain. Julian and Fox are dealing with the fact Chad is Julian and Eve's son. Julian worries about Eve while Fox worries about Whitney. He worries what will happen to her when she finds out the man she wants to marry is her brother. Alistair makes rude comments and tries to make a joke out of it all. Meanwhile, he is thrilled to hear Luis is dead, and gives orders for Sheridan, Martin, and Katherine to get the next to go. Paloma is saved for last. Sheridan wants to get Luis out from the collapsed temple, but Martin tells her they have to go find Paloma. He then tearfully says he won't allow Alistair to kill another of his children, which catches Sheridan's attention.

Theresa is wary when Gwen and Ethan come into her room telling her they know everything. She wonders what they will do, never expecting Gwen will hug her and begin thanking her profusely. They were talking about the news the doctor had given them, that Theresa is carrying twins. Pilar wonders what Theresa is going to do and warns her she can't keep Gwen's child from her. Theresa says turnabout's fair play, so she can and she will, plus she'll get Little Ethan back, too. Liz is trying to get TC to believe that Eve was driving the car that crashed into his and ended his tennis career, but Eve swears it wasn't her. She said that Julian had told her he was driving, not her. TC struggles with the task of trying to believe which woman is telling the truth, but as Liz continues talking about it, Eve relives the night and finally realizes it is true.

Y&R By Christopher

Michael sat Gloria down and told her the entire story of Kevin's crimes. Gloria blamed herself, while Michael told her the best thing for everyone would be to refuse John's offer to live with him. John announced his decision regarding Gloria to the family. Jack told him he deserved to be happy, Mamie told him to be careful, and Ash remained skeptical and protective. Devon visited Lily, who thanked him for being there for her and said she knew he had a softer side, even if he hid it. Neil told Dru he thought they needed to find a home for Devon quickly. Dru didn't agree, but said she'd look into it. Miss Davis saw Neil alone, and stunned him by revealing Dru had begun the process to be Devon's foster parents. Phyllis confronted Daniel about Alex, ordered him never to have him over again, and said he'd play by her rules or leave. Daniel threatened to go to Christine's, so Phyllis told him to feel free, not responding to the manipulation. Kevin was horrified to learn that Alex wanted him and Daniel to help his gang gain access to the rec center. Phyllis met with 'Hollywood Harry', a beauty pageant guru, who agreed to help with her Safra plans. She and Jack shared coffee and caught up on each other's lives, before Jack's tennis date Elise arrived. She was annoyed by Phyllis' presence and took joy in talking about how she and Jack met, and how she knew what he wanted. Phyllis pushed between them, passionately kissed Jack, and told Elise she had no clue what he wanted. Elise stormed off when Jack laughed in amusement.

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