The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/27/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Babe handcuffs JR to her until he tells her where the baby is. Krystal and Jamie are both there for her. Greenlee has a problem with the fact that Jonathan lied about his education, but Ryan doesn't care and says he can keep his position with Fusion.

Bianca seems to trust and respect Zack Slater. But Ryan discovers from Aidan Devane that Zack has tons of black and white photos of all the people who have been connected to Michael Cambias and that today is the year anniversary of the day Michael disappeared. Kendall is still up to her old tricks determined to break up Ryan and Greenlee, not listening to Erica and ready to blackmail Bobbie if he doesn't help her ruin their marriage

ATWT by Linda

Aaron throws a surprise shower for Allison. Susan asks Chris if he thinks that Allison is too immature for him and he replies (after much discussion) that he feels in his heart that she is the woman for him. Susan then sends him to Emily’s with the leftover food from the shower. Jennifer changes her mind about testifying and Barbara fires her lawyer opting to represent herself. After getting the judge to remove her handcuffs and giving a long speech about how she did it for the love and protection of her children, she bids them all farewell and leaps through the plate glass window. J.J. convinces Jack to come to Waterworld with him and Julia, Jack relenting. Parker calls Mike and then convinces him and his mother to go looking for Jack. When they pass Waterworld, he insists they go in. As Mike is going in to the snack bar on the far side, Jack emerges from the front and sees the back of Carly holding Sage.

B&B by Suzanne

Deacon tattoos Jackie's arm with a musical sharp sign (for Deacon's last name, Sharpe). He shows her that he got one on his shoulder: the British flag. She is grateful for his making her feel sexual and for listening to her. They both agree that they understand one another very well. He goes out to run some errands. She gets a call from Massimo to meet him at the house. Deacon comes back and wonders where she is and why she doesn't call him back. After a short exchange, Massimo tells her that he wants her back. He feels she has learned her lesson; he kisses her and they hug. Caitlin confronts her father about why he has been leaning over Rick's hospital bed in a threatening way. Before Rick can tell her what Hector wants him to say, Brooke comes in. She learns about what's been going on. Brooke thinks it's fine if Rick and Caitlin promise to take it slow, but that's not good enough for Hector. He tells them in no uncertain terms that Rick and Caitlin can't be together any more. They all argue with him. Hector makes some good points about how Rick and Caitlin have not discussed sex in a mature, responsible way. Just when we think Rick is going to break it off with Caitlin, he tells her that she won't lose him. Hector tries to drag her away, but she refuses to go with him. She warns him not to make her choose between them.

Days by Danielle

will not air for two weeks

GH by Amanda

Faith's wounds are superficial, but she can't identify her attacker. When Nik asks if she hit him, she denies it; she was too busy running for her life. Later, Nik wonders to Emily why he was spared when Sage and Faith were stabbed. Dillon is attacked by the mystery person, but escapes to bring Mac a description of sorts; all in black with a white mask and garden tool Monica wants to send Emily and the kids to safety, but she refuses and goes with Nik to help search. A shot rings out and Em screams, but no one is hurt. Edward comforts Heather, but she is not afraid with him to keep her safe. Georgie continues to angst over her guilt and Felicia reams Tracy out over her lack of compassion. Alice finds Mac's badge, covered in blood, halting Felicia and Tracy's cat fight. Nik tries to convince Emily to stay in safety, but she refuses to cede her right to protect him. Faith continues to beg Justus to take her away. Mac shows up, safely, advising everyone to stay together. Faith and Justus come to an
understanding about who each of them is; he vows to never leave her. Meanwhile, everyone begins arming themselves. Predictably, Dillon wishes for hairspray, thinking to make a flame thrower. Leaving a freaked out Georgie, Dillon finds Nik and Em trying to figure out Helena (their suspect's) motives. He urges them to return to the others, saying that Alan, Monica, and Tracy are setting traps for the killer. Too late. Alice finds Trent dead. Faith fights the killer. Brooke feels guilty over causing the teens to be trapped. Heather, at Edward's prompting goes into a trance, announcing Emily is not alone. Edward takes off to find her, then Alice congratulates her on realism. She wasn't faking this time. Emily struggles with the knife welding killer and manages to get the mask off. The killer is Mary!

GL by Elizabeth

Sandy is forging his passport for Jonathon Randall when Reva walks in. Reva gets a phone call from Shayne. At the hospital, Phillip tells Harley that he was ready to put an end to it all and give Buss the papers that relinquished his rights to Company, but now he won’t. He tears the papers up in front of Harley that we later find out to be menus. Jeffery escorts Dinah onto a plane headed for Europe and she escapes without him knowing. Rick and Phillip have an argument about what Phillip is doing. Phillip challenges Gus to think about who he really is. Gus gets a phone call that the demolition date for Company has been pushed up to today. Tammy asks Joey why he’s hanging around with her – if it’s out of love or because he’s worried about her. Edmond confronts Jeffery with the news that he heard Jeffery was on leave of absence from the FBI. Gus is at Company trying to stop the bulldozers from coming and is attacked by picketers. Meanwhile, inside RJ is with Mrs. Chitwood who needs to take a call and leaves RJ alone for a minute. Dinah arrives at Company and talks with RJ, convincing him to go away with her. Jeffery tells Edmond that the whole imposter thing was blown out of proportion because he wants to be with Cassie.

OLTL by Janice

Jessica is frustrated with Antonio’s obsession with Sonja and the Santi Family. She tells Antonio that she just can’t wait around for him to be killed. Tico speaks with Renee about arranging for the gala to benefit heart disease. Kevin and Todd clash about the rightful ownership of Buchanan Mansion. Kelly tries to run away with the baby, but David brings her back. Kelly tells Evangeline the truth about Ace. After finding Tico and Duke together, Kevin is suspicious about Tico’s motives. Kevin and Duke disagree about Ace’s custody hearing. Duke decides to testify for Kelly. Kevin goes to La Boulee to convince Kelly to sign over custody of Ace temporarily. Angelina and Carlotta’s intense conversation is interrupted by Antonio. John catches Sonja breaking into Antonio’s apartment.

Passions by Shirley

will not air for two weeks

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Over dinner, Jill bluntly asked if Elliot had hired someone to intimidate her. He swore he hadn't and promised he'd cooperate with her. She said she liked this side of him and he asked if they could consider dinner a date. With Lily still comatose, Kevin decided to leave to give the family privacy, while Dru and Neil questioned the kids about Lily's attacker. After Cassie compared her to sleeping beauty, a kiss on her cheek from Devon brought Lily back. Neil and Dru agreed with Olivia not to ask too many questions while Lily recovered. Michael confided in Phyllis that Gloria had a new rich love. Phyllis told him to give his Mom a chance to change. Michael questioned Jack about John's love life, making him suspicious. Alex showed up at the ranch demanding Daniel help drug dealers do business in the rec center in exchange for his silence about Lily's attack. Phyllis came home, was disgusted by Alex's rudeness, and slapped him hard across the face after he called her a 'bitch'. Daniel threw him out, while Alex warned they would both pay for Phyllis hitting him. Kevin visited Lauren, discussed the pain of growing up hated by everyone, and said he hoped this thing with Lily would change his life. Lauren refused another date, but let him have hope for a possible dinner in the future. Abby overheard Ash pitch the rec center visitation to Brad, begged to go, and told Brad that - regardless of Victor - he would always be her best daddy. Victor was too concerned about Lily to listen to Nikki, who went to bed with images and voices of Joshua's shooting in her head. She cried, alone, next to a man only interested in his own world.

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