The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/26/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Babe confronts JR with Bianca, Jamie and Tad siding with her. JR and Adam tell Babe she is unfit to raise Bess. Right then, Krystal calls Babe and informs her that she's discovered Bess is gone. Babe right away assumes JR and the crooked nanny, Beverly have kidnapped Bess. Krystal and David are determined to find their granddaughter. He tells her he will do everything he can to help.

Anita runs into Aidan who reveals to her that he and Edmund are investigating Zack Slater. She cannot find Bobbie. He tells her he does not want her to tell Bobbie that he and Edmund are investigating Zack and he tells her she is very beautiful. Maggie meets Jonathan Lavery. He sounds interested in her.

ATWT by Linda

Barbara finds that she’s suddenly going to be arraigned and in desperation calls Will at the hospital, convincing him that his father is persecuting her. Will calls his Dad, Hal tearing Barbara apart for her lapse in judgment. When Barbara tells Hal that they have no evidence to keep her behind bars, he informs her that Jennifer will be testifying against her. Jennifer finds Jordan, knowing that he and Roseanna had made love. She tells him never to see her again and then tells Hal she can’t testify because she’s too upset, Jordan walking in. Allison forgot to mail the bridal shower invitations, Kim telling her that she doesn’t think that Allison is ready to get married, setting Susan and Emily off. Aaron shows up with a gift as Allison runs off. Chris asks his Dad if he felt like he was making the biggest mistake of his life when he was getting married. Dusty and Lucy begin to make love, the fire alarm going off. Craig comes into the room once it’s empty, taking the receipt and burning it at his club. Dusty and Lucy come back, Dusty telling Lucy he loves her as much as she loves him and they make love. When they’re finished, Dusty notices that the receipt is gone, talking with someone on the phone about taking care of Montgomery.

B&B by Suzanne

Hector and Sam discuss how she let him down by not telling him about Rick and Caitlin. She beats herself up for not being a good mother. They agree to be firm with Caitlin. Hector says he will take care of Rick himself. Caitlin is still at Rick's bedside. He tells her about Hector reluctantly withholding his oxygen. She is shocked. She vows to stay with Rick, despite her father, but Rick isn't so sure now. While she is away for a minute, Hector comes in and threatens Rick, saying she is a minor so he will have to deal with the police. Caitlin sees her father leaning over Rick's bed threateningly and can't believe it. Rick and Deadon continue to have fun, and lots of sex, while they discuss her options. He wants her to move in with him, but she fears Massimo's reaction. Meanwhile, Massimo phones her.

Days by Danielle

will not air for two weeks

GH by Lisa

Felicia, Brook Lynn, Lucas and Trent have problems dealing with Sage's death. Nikolas turns himself in to Mac, who learns that Faith is hiding on the grounds. Brook Lynn, Lucas, Dillon and Trent conduct another seance and receive a message of warning for Emily. The killer is in Emily's room. Faith is discovered after an encounter with the killer. Brook Lynn is in danger when she goes to Emily's room. Heather covers her tracks with Edward, who remains very attracted to her.

BONUS GH by Suzanne

Georgie freaks out when they find Sage dead, saying she killed her and it's her fault. Tracy takes this to be a confession. Dillon and Felicia calm Georgie down. Edward finds Heather and Alice together, so they lie to explain it. Nikolas convinces Emily they have to both go back to the main house or else her mother will worry. Justus finds Faith lurking outside the boat house; they go back to the main house and he stashes her in a spare room. He asks her to stay there while he goes back to the Quartermaines. She worries he will turn her in, but he asks her to trust him. She leaves the room later and gets stabbed by the mysterious person in black who has been stalking Emily. Mac arrives and starts to investigate, questioning everyone. The Quartermaines argue and point fingers at everyone. The teens decide to use the channeling board again to find out who the murderer is. Trent is skeptical. The board spells out EMILY WARN so Brook and Dillon figure they must warn Emily. Emily and Nikolas go to the main house and tell everyone what has happened, how he got his memory back and escaped from Helena at the mental hospital. They also tell how Faith threatened them. Mac questions Justus when he comes by about Faith, but he denies seeing her. Faith screams, so Justus rushes up and finds her stabbed. Alan tends to her. Dillon realizes Brook is upstairs alone.

GL by Elizabeth

Buzz has a heart attack and is taken to the hospital. Phillip agrees with Reva about the adoption show. Sandy, using Phillip’s computer fakes a passport. Tony and Michelle receive their permit for ‘Light.’ Dinah changes her looks, offers to help Jeffery win Cassie and tries convincing Edmond that Cassie & Jeffery are together. Edmond & Cassie fight and then make love. Buzz tries reuniting Gus and Harley and tells them that love is the only thing there is. Phillip comes to the hospital with flowers and asks if there is anything he can do for Buzz. Harley attacks him and has to be held back by Gus.

OLTL by Janice

David convinces Kelly to see a psychiatrist. Natalie meets her nephew, Duke and gives him information regarding his father’s past indiscretions. Todd and Blair meet with Evangeline to protect their interests in the Buchanan Mansion. Todd asks Blair to seduce Duke in order to help keep the mansion. Jessica is worried about Antonio’s obsession with the Santi case. John refuses Jessica’s request to tell Antonio to drop the case even though he is worried too. Jessica gives Antonio an ultimatum – “let me now what is going on or we can’t be together anymore.” Antonio demands to know what Tico, Sonja, and Angelina know. They deny any knowledge of the Santi funds. Antonio is angry that the lies just keep increasing. Tico receives a visit from the man who took the Santi money from Puerto Rico.

Passions by Shirley

will not air for two weeks

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Dru and Neil reluctantly thanked Kevin for saving Lily, and agreed to let him wait at the hospital for news of her recovery. Neil comforted Devon, who - for the first time in his life - was dealing with the concept of loss of someone he loved. In the ICU, Neil and Dru got to see a comatose Lily. They pleaded with her to show signs of being okay. Nikki refused Paul's request that she see a psychiatrist, said she had to deal with her discovery alone, and promised to call him. Paul told JT to increase his search efforts to find Joshua Cassen's brother, and told him they'd soon be moving into Michael & Christine's offices. Brittany and JT discussed her upcoming wedding, his refusal to stand up for her, and her intention to make the cabaret a success. Nikki took her frustrations out on Bobby, who did his best to comfort her about her pain, and ended up kissing her, immediately saying it was something he shouldn't have done. Michael was furious to find Gloria still in town, and rocked to the core to learn John Abbott was her mystery man, whom she was going to live with. Brad warned Ash to tell Victor he couldn't see Abby alone again, or he would do it himself. Jack warned Brad not to let his hate for Victor destroy his whole world. Sharon told Victor to be proud of the rec center, despite what happened with Lily, and asked him to do his best to be there for Nikki. Ash met with Victor and they came up with a plan to have Abby spend time with Victor at the rec center. Both hoped Brad would finally go for one of their plans.

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