The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/25/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

JR catches Babe and Bianca in bed and is very certain he can get full custody of Bess and good reason to divorce Babe after this. But at that moment, it sounds like Babe is ready to give Bess to Bianca. Erica finds out that Reggie is going to stop at nothing in order to help Jamie. She tells him she's proud of him for having a good heart but wants him to use good sense. David assures Krystal that he will be there for his daughter, realizing that she will soon lose Bess.

ATWT by Cheryl

Craig confesses to Lucy, but when she gets to the police station, she changes her mind about turning him in and instead goes home to Dusty’s. Lily tells Molly to stay away from Holden. Jordan and Roseanna end up in bed together. Ben tells Jessica that he will never be enough for her and that their marriage is over.

B&B by Suzanne

Jackie and Deacon share an English breakfast and talk about how unsatisfying her life with Massimo was. She admits to him that she is having fun with him. Ridge informs Eric that Thorne is now working at Spectra; it's also in the morning paper. Clarke tells Thorne that he is now president of Spectra, per Sally's orders. He also tells Thorne and Darla that Sally broke her leg and is confined to bed. Thorne is welcome by all of the Spectra employees. He gives a short speech and informs them that they will no longer be doing knockoffs. They will be using all of his contacts that he made while at Forrester, so now they will have high quality fabrics and production. He vows to make them the preeminent fashion house in L.A. Eric and Ridge arrive at Spectra. Eric tries to talk Thorne into coming back to Forrester, but he refuses. Ridge yells at Thorne for hurting the family but says he isn't worried about Thorne's running Spectra. He thinks he will fall flat on his face. The Spectra employees cheer Thorne on.

Days by Danielle

will not air for two weeks

GH by Suzanne

Faith creeps around the Quartermaine mansion, sometimes with Alice chasing her. Felicia tells the Quartermaines that she has picked the new person who is to be off the list: Tracy. Tracy objects and they argue. Justus arranges for a boat for him and Faith to escape. Faith bursts into Emily's room; she threatens Emily and Nikolas with her gun. Faith and Nikolas struggle with the gun. It goes off but no one is hit, and Faith escapes. Later, Nikolas and Emily separate, and someone hits Nikolas from behind. Sage pretends to be stabbed in the boathouse when the teens find her, as a big joke. They are very angry at her and Trent for scaring them. Trent mentions that he saw her dressed all in black and looking creepy, but she denies that it was her. They find a big knife stuck in their channeling board and blame Sage for that, too. Georgie gets very upset and insists on locking Sage in the freezer. Nobody stops her. Felicia comes in and insists Georgie let Sage out. They find Sage dead for real this time. Heather "channels" Lila, speaking in her voice to the Quartermaines. She even knows the code words that Lila and Felicia came up with. Tracy yells at Heather while the rest of them wonder if it's true. The lights go out and Heather disappears. Heather and Alice are working together to make sure Edward gets the inheritance.  Monica phones the police on Emily's request. Someone watches Nikolas and Emily and then someone finds Faith's gun. Emily finds Nikolas in the boathouse with a lump from behind hit. Faith comes up behind them with the big knife.

GL by Elizabeth

Buzz launches his campaign against the Spaulding’s to save Company. Phillip lashes out at a servant, and he and Gus get into another argument about being loyal to the family. Harley, Bill and Olivia meet at a bar. Harley tells them that they need to chip away at the Spaulding’s a little at a time and Bill agrees. Harley decides to go meet with the Spaulding Legal Counsel and is shocked to see Gus. Gus tells Harley that he’s trying to help the Coopers. Michelle finds out that Tony bought the house and thinks that it was nice of him. Reva and Sandy work on ‘adoption’ show ideas for “The Reva Lewis Show.” Sandy doesn’t want to do the show and leaves. Billy tells Buzz that he and Josh have an idea about relocating Company. Billy offers to do it wherever Buzz wants to. Phillip goes into Company and Buzz threatens him, telling him he has nothing to lose. Phillip antagonizes Buzz and Billy has to pull Buzz away from him. Billy tries to kick Phillip out, but he refuses saying he’s meeting a business associate. Phillip introduces Buzz to the man who’s going to tear Company down. Reva and Sandy play a game of pool, where whomever lands a ball gets to ask the other person a question. Reva gives Sandy the papers to sign to release his trust fund money. Sandy tells Reva he doesn’t want the money and after she leaves makes a phone call wanting to know exactly what paperwork he needs to go about getting his trust fund. Two men are at the lighthouse when Michelle and Tony arrive and are rifling through Michelle’s things.

Billy tells Olivia to find another business partner. Phillip moves the demolition date up. Buzz flips out throwing chairs and food all around the restaurant. As Harley is walking into the restaurant she runs into Phillip who tells her that her father has lost it. Gus has to hold her back and when they get inside Company they find Buzz on the floor and call the ambulance.

OLTL by Boo

Antonio and Carlotta barely escape the Santi gang and return to Llanview. Antonio has lots of questions for Tico and Sonia. Jessica is hurt that he didn't want to spend time with her right away since she was so worried about him. Marcie overhears Rex and Natalie talking about the heist and warns Nat not to let him get her into something
illegal. Adrianna is flattered by Duke's attentions, no matter how much Dorian warns her off of him. John gets a tip from a snitch about the heist. We learn later that R.J. paid the snitch to go to John. Marcie helps a shy Mark ask the bartender at Rodi's, Justin, out on a date.

Passions by Shirley

will not air for two weeks

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Paul told Lauren that Nikki needed him for a while longer, but wouldn't say why. Lauren commended Kevin on being a hero, but didn't accept his invite to dinner. Instead, she went with Michael. They flirted, and Lauren kissed him to show him exactly how she was feeling about him. Trying to comfort Nikki, Paul suggested her Father could have killed Joshua. Nikki remembered more - that her Father had warned her to never tell anyone what she'd done. She told Paul she was a killer, through and through, and questioned whether or not she'd killed her Father years before as a way of getting rid of the only man who knew the truth. JT comforted Brittany, who decided not to let the cute man's rejection bother her. JT reminded her that she had Bobby now. Phyllis and Damon shared breakfast following their romp, and were interrupted by Daniel. He and Damon argued about his treatment of Phyllis. To keep the peace, she made small talk, but Damon came down hard on Daniel when he told them about Lily's attack and seemed calm about it. Daniel told him to stay away from them. Phyllis seemed to side with Daniel, and Damon left, saying he'd call her the following day. Jack and Jill thanked Bobby for his interest in helping her, but decided to do things their own way. Jill phoned Elliot, pretended she was ready to play nice, and accepted a dinner invitation, while Jack listened in. At the hospital, Neil and Dru learned about Lily's condition, worried she'd die, and discovered they had Kevin Fisher to thank. Dru blamed the kids for leaving, Victor for not having security, Phyllis for delaying her, and herself for not being at the center. As Dru insisted she could never thank Kevin, he showed up, as everyone stared at him.

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