The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/24/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Jamie tells Maggie, Reggie and Danielle that he needs to get out of his hospital room in order to help Babe fight JR. At first they urge him to take care of himself and not worry about her. But he later convinces them to help him escape. Bianca tells Babe that she can help her present herself as an unfit mother to JR, with the help of Zack Slater. At first Babe is afraid to go through with it, but they plot a plan where JR and Adam catch Babe in bed with Bianca.

Adam and JR tell Ethan they want him to join forces with him to take over Cambias. But he questions their motive. He also questions what Zack Slater's involvement was when Michael Cambias was buried. But he gets no answers.

ATWT by Linda

Jessica finds Ben at a gym, fighting with Doc. When he injures his hand, Jessica offers to take him to the hospital and he tells her to stay away from him. Lucy confronts her father about the evidence that Dusty gave her. Roseanna asks Jennifer if she can count on her to testify against her mother, Jennifer telling her she can. Jennifer suggests that Jordan stay with Roseanna, to ease each others grief. James calls Barbara in jail, telling her that he’s thousands of miles away and good luck. Tom informs her that her jail stay will be quite lengthy, Hal also informing her that she’s out of options; her life as she knew it, is gone forever.

B&B by Suzanne

Eric confronts Hector about running over Rick. Hector explains it was an accident but admits he was upset and probably speeding. He yells at Eric and particularly Ridge for not protecting Caitlin like he promised. Rick finally tells Caitlin that it was her father that ran him over. She yells at Hector for that and for not trusting her. She refuses to go home with him and Sam. Jackie has trouble signing her divorce papers, but Deacon gives her a speech so she finally does sign them. She and Deacon make love.

Days by Danielle

will not air for two weeks

GH by Lisa

During the power outage, Justus finds Faith as Nikolas makes his way to Emily's room. The stalker is watching Nikolas and Emily.  Brook Lynn is certain that a spirit is trying to tell them something. Dillon comforts Georgie after she argues with Sage. Sage enlists Trent to help her spook Georgie. Sage runs when Georgie realizes she is responsible for haunting the house.

Edward and Heather find themselves on top of Alan and Monica. After arguing with Tracy, Edward calls Felicia to the mansion as Lila's appointed judge. Felicia gets ready to eliminate someone from the competition for Lila's estate.

GL by Elizabeth

Tony confronts Michelle about leaving Danny. Blake sells Danny’s house to Tony. Lizzie goes to NYC and invites Joey to go with her. Cassie calls Edmond and tells him that the imposter was caught. Edmond is ecstatic, thinking it means that Jeffery is going to leave town. Phillip makes a comment about using Emma against Olivia in the future. Tony tells Michelle he’ll take care of the denied permit for the lighthouse. Joey tells Cassie, Jeffery and Tammy that he met the imposter a few days earlier. Michelle misses Danny & Robbie. Danny invites Michelle to dinner and she agrees. Cassie notices the bullet hole in the wall and questions Jeffery about it. Olivia calls Bill and wants to meet with him, telling him that Phillip has something planned. Joey calls Lizzie telling her he can’t make it to NY; Lizzie overhears Tammy in the background and gets angry. Jeffery tells Cassie and Edmond he’s going to be heading to Washington DC after tying up some loose ends. Dinah is going through the phone book calls the Springfield Inn and makes a reservation for Jeffery.

OLTL by Boo

Dorian tries to get all the Cramer women to pull together again by getting them all to come to La Boule, including Addie. She hopes that Addie will be able to talk Blair into making up with Kelly. Her plan doesn't work. Addie meets Adrianna for the first time. Duke tells Todd and Blair that he will not allow them to use him against his father. When Kelly sees Duke, at first she gets paranoid that he is following her and working with Kevin. Duke assures her that he thinks what Kevin is doing to her is wrong, but will not commit to testify against him. Natalie starts to confide in Jessica. When Jess can't promise that she won't go to the police, Nat decides against getting advice from her sister. Antonio's captors allow him to see Carlotta, but threaten her life if Antonio doesn't do as he is told. He does exactly what they tell him to do, but when he returns the man in control orders his death. Sonia breaks into R.J.'s office and finds a connection between her father and R.J. Viki meets with Tico to discuss the charity ball and then heads to Asa's mansion to blast Blair and Todd about what they are doing to Asa.

Passions by Shirley

will not air for two weeks

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Victor organized a care group around Lily until paramedics arrived. Lauren, Christine and Michael worried because Kevin was missing and there were sirens. Victor told them all that Kevin had prevented a rape and perhaps saved a life. JT apologized for automatically suspecting Kevin. Daniel told Kevin to keep his mouth shut to ensure they never ended up in trouble. Michael was suspicious that the girl Kevin saved happened to be Lily Winters. Nick advised Victor to try to help Nikki through whatever difficult thing she was facing, and not judge her too harshly where Ashley and Abby were concerned. Phyllis realized Dru stole her disc, and Dru realized Phyllis cancelled her meeting. Both vowed serious payback. Damon visited Phyllis, apologized for their fight, and got emotional when she mentioned the pain of losing a child. They kissed and made up. A handsome man flirted with Brittany, but took off when he saw her scar. JT asked Mac out on a second date, while Brittany observed. Michael told Christine that Lauren wants her to stay away from Paul. Elliot visited Kay and admitted he was bothered by Jill's investigation. Jack and Jill discovered that if Elliot was fired from Chancellor Industries, his contract for dismissal could bankrupt the company. After Angelo got a call from a mob goon looking for someone to put pressure on Jill, Bobby warned her that someone didn't like her snooping around CI. With Paul by her side, Nikki finally remembered showing Joshua a gun when she was 5, and accidentally shooting him.

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