The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/23/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Bobbie is ready to seduce Greenlee because of Kendall's threats but he breaks down and confesses to her what Kendall put him up to. Kendall tries to convince Ryan that Greenlee is sleeping with Bobbie. Ryan tells Kendall, even if she is, he will never go back to Kendall again. When Ryan and Greenlee return home, they both reveal that they are not ready for intimacy or trust.

Babe reveals to JR that she knows he put birth control pills in her OJ. But he catches her in the lie about her being pregnant. Bianca tells Babe she has a better plan for how she can find out what JR is up to. Maria finally breaks down and kisses Zack Slater.

ATWT by Linda

Jack’s memorial is very touching, the biggest surprise, Craig got up and spoke. In the meantime, Jack is helping Julia with J.J., as well as other repairs around the house. Mike tells Parker that he can call him anytime he wants to talk about Jack. Barbara is put in jail, Jennifer visiting and getting her to tell her how Barbara planned to get out of her charges. Jennifer informs her mother that she’s taking everything to the police and hopes she rots in jail. Dusty find the transfer receipt and shows it to Lucy. Ben leaves Jessica.

B&B by Suzanne

Hector keeps oxygen away from Rick while he finds out if he slept with Caitlin, and even after Rick tells him that he didn't. Then he finally puts it on and helps the paramedics take him away. Nick and Felicia find out that she will live; she seems to be cancer-free. They flirt and kiss. Hector phones Caitlin, so she and Sam go to the hospital. Ridge finds out from Eric about Felicia's "drug problem". Sam phones Eric to tell him about Rick's accident. Hector tells the police that he is the one who hit Rick with his car. Mark works on Rick and then tells his family that Rick has a compressed lung and two broken ribs. Caitlin goes in to see Rick, who isn't supposed to talk. He tries to tell her about her dad running him down with his car. Caitlin vows they will never be apart. Eric is shocked to learn that Hector is the one who hit Rick.

Days by Danielle

No Show Until 8/30

GH by Suzanne

The teen's sťance is interrupted when Heather is almost struck by lightening right outside the door. A lot of them, and Edward, think it's Lila's spirit behind the sťance and the lightening. Nikolas and Emily kiss and catch up at the boathouse, hiding out from Helena. She goes to get supplies. He hears sirens and gets antsy, so he heads to the house, too. Faith and Justus make love in the freezer and then talk about running away together. Alan and Monica try to fix the fuses but ended up making love in one of the spare bedrooms. Sage makes Lila's old wheelchair fall down the stairs, scaring everyone. Alice tells everyone that they are stuck there for the night because of an accident down the road. The teens have another sťance. Edward shows Heather the spare room. She kisses him and starts to drag him into the room. They don't see that Alan and Monica are already in there on the bed. Alice threatens Nikolas, who is hiding behind a couch.

GL by Elizabeth

Buzz and Frank move in with Harley. Michelle and Danny agree to taking some time apart. Edmond tells Cassie he needs some time alone. Dinah threatens Jeffery and he tells the cops to leave. Harley takes a leave of absence from Harley’s Angels to please Olivia & her concern over Harley having too much on her plate. Gus offers to take out Beth for a drink, and Beth tells Gus he should deal with what’s going on in his life without pulling her into it. Beth is shocked when she overhears a phone call Phillip has and accuses him of turning into Alan. Jeffery tells Cassie that the imposter took the bait, showed up at the farmhouse and is now in custody. Dinah goes to Edmond and she tells him that Jeffery tried killing her. Dinah tells Edmond that Jeffery won’t stop until he has Cassie and that she thinks it will be soon. Dinah stays with Edmond.

OLTL by Boo

Rex is very upset to learn that Paul has brought Natalie in on the heist job. Natalie convinces her brother that she not only can do this job, she wants to. She later starts to have second thoughts and almost comes clean to John. The strip tease fund-raiser finishes up and Viki announces that because of the setbacks with the building, they will not be able to finish in time for the fall semester. She is proud of the work they have all done, but is afraid they will not be able to get the grades that they need. Later, she calls Mr. Love to discuss extending the project.

The whole Manning family enjoy Asa's mansion and his food. Renee brings the police in and announces that they must leave. Evangeline and Daniel show up and go over all the legal paper work together. After seeing the
paperwork for himself, Daniel reluctantly informs Renee that Todd and Blair have every right to move into the mansion. A disgusted Renee moves to the motel.

Passions by Shirley

no show for two weeks

Y&R By Christopher

Sharon and Victor worried about Nikki. Nick offered to help her, but Nikki said she didn't know what was wrong and would tell him if he could do anything. Nikki suddenly was haunted by the memory of discovering an object Joshua wanted to see, and telling him no, then telling him to "stick em up", while he said he didn't want to be "the robber". As she broke down in tears, she demanded Paul tell her everything he knew. Brittany snapped at both JT and Mac, but apologized and adjusted to being in public without her bandage. Lauren told Christine the only way to have peace between them was if she backed off from Paul. Michael warned Paul that Lauren wasn't as flippant about their romance as he seemed to be. Dru and Phyllis taunted each other about their superior pageant plans. Dru stole a CD from Phyllis' computer, while Phyllis posed as Dru's assistant and canceled an appointment with a very important businessman. Jack and Ash argued about John's new love interest. John stunned Gloria with an invite to live with him at the Abbott Mansion; she agreed. Ash met Gloria and was floored to learn she'd be living with John. Jill rejected another of Elliot's attempts to dine with her. Elliot gave her the last of the paperwork and told her to do her worst. Jack helped her go through the papers and discovered Elliot was engaging in shady money practices. He agreed to help Jill find out what exactly was up. Kevin led Devon, Cassie and Sierra to the elevator where he prevented Alex from raping Lily, and beat him up. Alex got away, Devon ran for JT - who immediately thought Kevin was to blame - and Lily went into shock and began having a seizure, as a horrified Kevin realized what he'd caused.

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