The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/20/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

ATWT by Linda

Jack finds a piano at Julia’s and plays the song from his wedding. When she asks him how it makes him feel, he replies, happy. Back at home, Parker refuses to go to the memorial service so Mike offers to stay with him. As Carly is about to leave, Parker begins playing the same song that Jack is, Carly dumbfounded because he’d never played it ever before. James shows up in Barbara’s penthouse, assuring her that he’s leaving for good. When she pleads with him for his help regarding his escape, he tells her tough luck. At the church, Barbara arrives and tries to comfort Roseanna, but when it’s made evident that she helped James escape, Roseanna attacks her. The church fills up, Jennifer making sure that her mother fesses up, but Barbara still denies it. Hal and Nikki come in and arrest her. Ben comes home and Doc is there, infuriating him even more. He presses Jessica for the truth and when she won’t come clean, he states that the baby’s blood was AB negative and that the child she was carrying was Doc’s son, not his.

B&B by Matthew

Felicia tells Nick about her colon cancer. They go to the doctor to await some important test results. Hector blasts Sam and Caitlin for lying about Rick. Caitlin feels justified and tells her dad about her almost sexual encounter. Hector heads to Rick's house. Caitlin warns Rick that her dad is coming. He goes outside (in dark the rain) to wait for Hector. Hector pulls into the driveway, doesn't see Rick and mows him down! Hector radios for help and gets a barely concious Rick some oxygen. He holds back when he remembers Caitlin's words. Instead, he demands to know if Rick slept with Caitlin.

Days by Danielle

will not air for two weeks

GH by Suzanne

It's a dark and stormy night...Nikolas rescues Emily from Shady Brook; they go to the boathouse and hide there. He tells her he remembered everything and they kiss. Helena vows to kill Emily. Courtney has a dream that Jax tells everyone they made love, and it's in the newspaper and TV as well. She goes to Kelly's and smacks Jax around because she thinks he's bragging about taking her to bed, when really he's talking about his boat, which the guy wants to buy. She is stressed out. Jax thinks because she is not having sex with him like she wants, that she can't focus on anything else. She asks if he will brag to all his friends if they have sex. He tells her he wouldn't do that and gets insulted that she'd even ask. Jason demands to know from Justus where Faith is, but Justus won't give her up. Sonny orders Jason to take out Justus if he gets in the way. Courtney tries to explain to Jason what happened yesterday, but he tells her he doesn't want to hear about her love life; it's too painful.

Tracy locks the Quartermaine freezer, not realizing Faith is in there. She uses a pipe to hit the door to try to get out. Later, Justus brings her food and candles. Faith tells Justus she loves him. They make love. The noises from the freezer are heard in other parts of the house, making Edward think Lila's ghost is haunting them. Tracy chews him out for thinking that, but Dillon defends him. Dillon tells the other teens what happened and they decide to take a ouija board to the mansion so they can see if there is a spirit there. Sage makes plans with Trent to teach the others a lesson. The Ouija board reveals that Lila's spirit is there and has come to warn them. The board spells out the word "DIE". Sage screams that someone is going to die. The window opens, the lights go out, and someone screams. Bobbie comes by Sonny's penthouse to ask him to stop Carly from searching for her father. Carly argues with Bobbie about it, but Sonny tells Bobbie that he agrees with her. After Bobbie leaves, Sonny tells Carly that he was just telling Bobbie that to keep her off her guard so Carly can find out what big secret she's hiding. Jason visits and tells Carly she shouldn't look for her father because she will only be hurt. Carly decides to go to Florida to search for more clues. Before she can leave, the lights go out. Sonny and Max go to check on what happened. Bobbie phones someone to tell them that she needs their help and that Carly is asking questions.

GL by Elizabeth

Cassie and Jeffery lie to Edmond so that he thinks Jeffery is done protecting Cassie. Dinah breaks into the farmhouse and Jeffery meets up with her there. Danny contemplates selling his and Michelle’s house without telling Michelle. Michelle’s permit for the lighthouse project is denied by Ross. Harley asks Gus to give up his family and he tells her he can’t. Michelle confronts Danny with the fact that they will soon have to talk about going their separate ways. Gus leaves the police force and tells Alan he wants to work for Spaulding in the legal department. Alan asks if he’s sure about what he’s doing and Gus tells him he’s doing what he needs to, not what he wants to. Harley and Bill pinky swear on their pact/business deal. Edmond dreams that Jeffery and Cassie are together, and awakes ripping the phone out of Cassie’s hand. Dinah realizes that Jeffery has tricked her when police cars show up at the farmhouse.

OLTL by Janice

Passions by Shirley

will not air for two weeks

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Michael gave Gloria a plane ticket to Detroit and money to get on her feet and said a very cold good-bye. She phoned John, who asked to see her immediately. She agreed to go, and to herself, lamented the loss of the dream life she'd been building. Diane learned from Damon that Phyllis had left him to live in a home with her son. She told him to call her if his bed ever got lonely, and said Phyllis was a fool to let him go. While Brittany had her bandages removed, JT accused Bobby of lying to her about the cabaret just so she'd be his wife. Brittany's scar was reduced, but not gone. She agreed to join JT at the rec center to face the public. Brad warned Ash that despite his love for her, he wouldn't back down from not letting Victor see Abby alone. When Sharon refused to speak to Victor on Nikki's behalf, Nikki called her an ungrateful witch and warned she'd never go to bat for her again. Brad and Nikki discussed Victor and Ash, and Nikki confided in him that she was dealing with painful childhood memories. Lauren used Michael to try and make Paul and Christine jealous. Daniel and Mac were friendly at the center. Michael told Kevin that Gloria was leaving town for good. Alex got Lily to drink all of her juice, leaving her drugged and not in control. Kevin made his move, warning Cassie, Sierra and Devon that he'd seen Lily get in the elevator alone with Alex. In the elevator, Alex pressed the STOP button and moved in towards Lily.

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