The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/19/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Kendall is still determined to ruin Ryan's and Greenlee's marriage. Erica tells her daughter that she is following and addictive pattern very much like alocholism.

Ethan Cambias demands to know why his uncle's coffin is filled with rocks and why Michael was buried in a landfill. Bianca takes him aside and tells him he must not blame Ryan Lavery nor believe Ryan wants to take what could rightfully be his Cambias inheritence. She also tells him that although nobody looks favorabley upon anybody who announces that he is a family member of Michael Cambias, she is invited him to stay at her fundraiser because is the the cousin of her daughter.

Babe has growing suspicions about JR and tells him she's pregnant again. JR is very worried that might be true and ruin his whole plan. But Adam tells him he need not worry.

ATWT by Linda

Ben discovers that the baby Jessica lost may not have been his. Margo promises Jessica that she'll never tell Ben about Doc and they make up. Tom presents Margo with legal separation papers when he takes Casey home to live. Molly feels badly about the kiss her and Holden shared, going to Carly's and telling her that she messes everything up. Carly forgives her and they make up. Holden tells Lily about the kiss, both of them deciding they need to try harder at their marriage. Jordan and Roseanna mourn Cabot's death.

B&B by Matthew

Hector finds out the truth about Caitlin and Rick. Sam calls Caitlin to get her home, just before she and Rick have sex. Caitlin is shocked when her father demands to know where she has been. After some fun time with Hope, Nick admits that he knows why Felicia is taking pills. He says he is sorry and Felicia sobs. Thomas informs Rick that his secret is out.

Days by Danielle

will not air for two weeks

GH by Lisa

Helena spots Emily with Nikolas at Shadybrook and sets her evil plan in motion. Jason urges Carly to stop searching for her father.

Justice hides Faith in the freezer of the Quartermaine mansion and their relationship deepens.

Mike is not pleased when Lois tells him that Courtney is with Jax. Jason hears Courtney announcing that she will probably sleep with Jax at some point.

GL by Elizabeth

Reva asks Sandy to work at the TV Station and he agrees as long as Reva can get him out of his internship at Spaulding. Joey and Tammy share a kiss on the beach. Lizzie goes to Alex for help with Joey and they come up with a plan. Bill and Olivia’s company is final, and Bill asks Harley to join them against the Spaulding’s. Olivia doesn’t think Harley joining Slingshot Enterprises is a good idea. Gus tells Phillip to back off the Coopers. Bill and Olivia warn Alan & Phillip and Phillip does not look worried. Gus apologizes to Harley and agrees to help her and her family. Gus and Harley kiss. Phillip agrees to let Sandy out of his position at Spaulding Enterprises and tells Reva not to do an interview on the New Springfield Corporation and Company, he then tells Reva that he bought the TV station and he’s now her new boss.

OLTL by Janice

Passions by Shirley

will not air for two weeks

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Victor and Ashley were seconds away from having Victor's people locate Brad, when he and Abby showed up and he explained he'd taken her to a waterpark. Alone, Ash blasted Brad for making her so afraid, and he said she now knew the powerlessness he'd been feeling. He stunned her by revealing that he doubted her ability to make decisions for Abby. Ash asked if he wanted a divorce and a custody battle. Brittany and JT sang a song, with the lyric changes she'd made, and sounded great. He told her he'd go with her to have her bandage removed, then left when Bobby stopped by. Bobby admitted to Brittany that the club was in financial trouble, but that Nikki Newman had stepped in as an advisor. Brittany told him things would work out in the end. Nick and Sharon noticed Nikki's distracted mood at the rec center. Victor told Nick that Nikki had gone into business with Bobby Marsino. Paul refused to tell Nikki all he knew about Joshua Casson, infuriating her. She took her anger out on an unsuspecting Sharon. Lauren and Christine traded catty remarks, and Lauren took pleasure putting her on the spot by introducing her to Kevin, a man she almost helped keep in prison. Paul and Christine chastised Kevin for being there, prompting Lauren to phone Michael and beg him to show up. Neil told Dru about Lily and Devon holding hands, but Lily swore to Dru they were friends only. At the center, Daniel and Kevin's plan began as a mysterious and creepy boy, Alex, befriended Lily and - without her knowing - emptied a packet of powder into her drink.

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