The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/18/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

JR and Adam are up to no good, plotting a plan to make it look like Babe tried to kill JR, so he may get her locked up and get full custody of Bess. Greenlee discovers that Jonathan lied about his MBA achievements and asks him about that. But he denies it.

Bianca is getting ready for the Miranda Montgomery fundraiser, with the support of Kendall and Erica. Babe reveals to David that she wants him to find out if JR really drugged her. He confirms it. She goes to apologize to Jamie for what's happened and comes up with a plan to scam JR by telling him that she's pregnant again.

ATWT by Cheryl

Julia finds Jack sleeping in the park and tells him that they were never married and she’d never met him before. She also invited him to stay with her until he gets his memory back and he gratefully accepted. Molly helps Holden with his grief, ending in a kiss. Sierra tells Dusty that she gave Craig two million dollars before Lucy was kidnapped and Dusty is on his way to Reno where he left the money to try and find it so it can be traced. Lucy tells everyone that she’s not going to Williams College, her mother, father and Dusty all telling her to go. Sierra convinces her to talk with the college and explain things, deferring her enrollment for the time being. When Dusty tells her to trust her mother, Lucy does. Lily tries to comfort Sierra, but Sierra rebuffs her, telling her that until she gets to the bottom of this mess, she would rather they didn’t speak. Roseanna is devastated by Cabot’s death and when she visits the demolished cabin, James had left a letter for her in the mailbox. It tells her that Paul chose her over Cabot, which sends her reeling and angry with Paul, Carly taking her home. Jordan refuses to talk to Paul, but Jennifer hugs him and tells him that she knew he did his best and that she was behind him. Hal also tells Paul not to blame himself, Paul vowing to him that he was going to search out James and kill him.

B&B by Matthew

Ridge asks Caitlin to break it off with Rick. She decides to keep it on, but agrees to tell her dad. Rick tries to convince Amber and then Thomas that Amber is sick and in a pattern of seducing younger men. Thomas defends Amber and throws Rick out. Thomas goes to tell Hector something about Caitlin. Caitlin and Rick meet at his house and decide to have sex.

Days by Danielle

will not air for two weeks

GH by Nancy

Justus throws Jax out of Faith's hospital room. - Brook makes Georgie sit down and talk to Dillon and try to work out their relationship. Georgie ends up leaving, upset, and Lucas approaches Dillon, warning him not to make Georgie cry again. - Jason and Courtney see each other on the docks and talk about the miscarriage. It's very emotional for both of them. After she leaves, Jason goes home to find Sam babysitting Morgan. She realizes he is upset about something and he tells her about the miscarriage. Courtney shows up. Realizing that Court and Jase need to talk some more, Sam leaves. She is walking on the docks when she runs into Jax, and ends up telling him what's wrong with Courtney today; he thanks her and mentions that Mike had refused to give him that information. - As an orderly enters his room, Nikolas hides Emily in the closet. Knowing that Helena is approaching, he assaults the orderly. Helena is thrilled to see Nik being so much like Stavros, and tells him so, as she gives him some meds. He sends her away and lets Emily out of the closet; she warns him not to drop his guard where Helena is concerned, but he says that he finally knows what he's doing, for the first time in a long time. Later, she tells him that she believes Jason can still get him out of there; he wants Emily out of Shadybrook for her own good. - Justus tells Faith that Ric has offered a deal of 10 years, with parole after 5. Faith tries to convince Justus that she has some money stashed away, and that they could run away together, instead, but he resists, even after she kisses him. - Lucas finds Brook on the docks. He explains why he kissed Georgie, but she accuses him of doing it to pick on Dillon. When she is ready to get to know him, he says, she should let him know. - Brook gets Dillon to talk to her as if to Georgie, to help him figure out what to say. He becomes very emotional and pours out his feelings, crying. As he is finishing, Georgie arrives, and sees him and Brook together. - After Courtney has gone, Sam asks Jason I, had Courtney not lost the baby, would they still be together, but he says you can't speculate on what never happened. - Jax is at Courtney's apartment, with flowers. He tells her he knows what's wrong and she invites him in. She kisses him and he tries to slow her down as it's obviously heading towards sex, but she says she doesn't want to talk. He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.

GL by Elizabeth

OLTL by Kathy

Passions by Shirley

will not air for two weeks

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Neil offered Phyllis advice on how to raise a teenager, and told her he had faith that if she could handle a woman like Dru, she could handle anything. Lily and Devon watched a scary movie together and ended up holding hands. Neil witnessed the moment. Victor told Dru that he had full confidence in Neil's decision to bring her aboard at NE, and praised her on the difficult task of raising Devon. Miss Davis told Dru that both she and Neil would have to sign the forms to begin training to be foster parents, and warned that Devon could be sent to a harsh group home if they didn't act fast. Christine surprised Paul with chinese food and got him to agree to work with her and Michael. Lauren found them together, was annoyed by their flirting, chased Christine off, and warned Paul that he was making a mistake. JT reluctantly played music for Brittany, but stopped when she questioned why it was all so gloomy. Alone, Brittany found his lyrics and started writing in his book. Michael told Kevin about Gloria's romp with the male escort. Kevin misinterpreted Lauren's reasons for being at the apartment, and Michael encouraged him to stop fantasizing about a woman he could never have. Daniel told Kevin that their mysterious plan would go down the following night, that Lily wouldn't know what hit her, and that someday, Kevin would have to help Daniel with a problem as pay back. Kevin was thrilled to know his reputation was about to change, that Lauren would soon see him different, and asked to know all the details of the plot.

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