The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/17/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Reggie is able to convince Derek to see that JR needs to be stopped. But Derek tells him there is still insufficient evidence and he needs to let the police do their job. JR goes to the hospital to see Jamie and sounds like he really does care about his brother. However, just about everybody, including Babe and Krystal, believe that he drugged Babe, set Jamie up, and is responsible for Jamie's getting stabbed. Kendall is talking to Ethan about their common lives, as unwanted pregnancies, raised by foster families, and their common goal of taking Cambias away from Ryan and Greenlee.

Ryan asks Aiden Devane if he has any information on Zack Slater. Aidan says he does not but a good source would be Maria Gray. Ryan tells him that he knows there's a lot more to Zack's secrets than just his affair with Maria. He's concerned about Zack's interest in Kendall, Bianca and the Miranda Montgomery foundation.

ATWT by Linda

Jack thinks that Julia is his wife and J.J. is his son, so he escapes the hospital to try and find them. Julia feels responsible, because she led him on. Chris and Emily squeak out of another situation and Aaron and Chris make a tentative truce, but Aaron is wary. Carly and Parker throw the bottle from the bridge and when they return home, Holden shows up and convinces Carly that it’s time for a memorial service for Jack. Barbara is hauled in for questioning, finally coming clean about helping James when Hal figures that it’s Paul that James is out to hurt. James taunts Paul, making him choose between saving Cabot or Roseanna from two locked rooms before a bomb that he’s rigged blows up. Paul finally gets Roseanna out, but when he goes back to rescue Cabot, the cabin blows up before he makes it up the first step.

B&B by Matthew

Ridge gets Rick to talk to Amber about Thomas. Caitlin and Amber have a nasty run in at Insomnia after she finds out about her and Thomas. Amber moves into a motel and decides not to take Thomas' calls. Rick visits Amber and lays down the law: she will not do to Thomas what she did to him.

Days by Danielle

will not air for two weeks

GH by Lisa

Ric warns Sonny that he is going to send him to prison. Sonny informs Sam that he has made arrangements for her and her baby if anything happens to him. Jason promises to take care of Sam and her baby. Carly steals Bobbie's diary in order to try and learn the identity of her father. Carly notes an entry mentioning a man with the initials J.D.

Nikolas refuses to leave Shadybrook with Emily and Jason. Emily has herself committed to Shadybrook with Lucky's help. Nikolas tells Emily that Helena has not brainwashed him. Tracy is furious when Felicia refuses to eliminate Edward from the competition after seeing him and Heather kiss.

GL by Elizabeth

Danny goes to Ross for help with Michelle. Phillip rents out Company for his dinner with Lizzie and Joey. Ross warns Michelle and Tony that he and the local government will be against their plans for the lighthouse. Joey makes a good impression on Beth and Alan. Lizzie tells Tammy that she’s going to ‘give Joey what he wants that she (Tammy) wouldn’t give him.’ Reva tells Sandy that since Marah and Shayne are gone it means that they have more time to get to know one another. Dinah breaks into the farmhouse and later slashes Cassie’s tires. Phillip tells Buzz that his tearing down Company is as personal as it gets and business has nothing to do with it. Danny tells Cassie about Edmond threatening him. Michelle accuses Tony of freaking out every time she gets near him. Michelle tells Tony that the only way to conquer his fears is to face them head on, and then takes her shirt off. In the garage Cassie grabs a tire iron and challenges her imposter to come out and face her.

OLTL by Janice

Passions by Shirley

will not air for two weeks

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Devon and Lily helped decorate for the upcoming grand opening of the rec center. Daniel noticed their closeness and commented to Devon that he was in a perfect position to help end some tension between Kevin and the Winters family. Devon refused, and told Daniel to warn Kevin to stay away from Lily. Neil told Dru he doubted her ability to help with Safra's beauty contest if she had to focus on Devon. She said she could do both, and promised Neil that she'd find out if a home had been found for Devon yet. Alone, she phoned Miss Davis to arrange to sign papers to be Devon's legal guardian. Paul showed Nikki the film reel and asked her about Joshua Casson. Upset, Nikki rushed out of his office, after he said he'd have to take the ruby earring to the police. Brad phoned Nikki and stunned her by admitting he'd taken Abby and fled Genoa City to get away from Victor and Ash. She asked if he'd return soon, but he hung up on her. Nick helped Victor at the center and recommended he stop his pursuit of Abby, accusing him of trying to replace him and Victoria, and of hurting Nikki in the process. While speaking to Victor about Abby, Nikki was overwhelmed by memories and images from her fifth birthday. She dissolved in tears and told Victor to focus on the center, and that she'd be okay. Cassie told Sharon something was wrong with Nikki and asked her to touch base with her. Sharon was reluctant to rock the newly stabilized boat. Michael and Lauren's romantic nightcap was interrupted by Gloria's sex romp with the male escort. Alone with Gloria, Michael chastised her for her behaviour then ordered her to find a place to live and be out of his apartment in 24 hours. Gloria thought that was plenty of time for... something.

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