The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/16/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Ryan reveals to Jonathan that he has feelings for Greenlee and their marriage is more than just a business arrangement. Kendall overhears and is very upset. Kendall is ready to talk to Anita and show her "altered photos" that look as Bobbie has slept with Greenlee, in a desperate attempt to end Greenlee's marriage to Ryan.

Jamie gets stabbed, in the jail cell, by Seth, and is taken to the hospital. Brooke and Tad and are very angry at JR and blame him for what's happened to their son. And Babe is ready to "do the right thing" if it turns out that JR is behind what happened to Jamie and what also happened to her. Greenlee offers to pay Ethan off. But he refuses the bribe and insists that he is the rightful Cambias heir.

ATWT by Linda

Mike convinces Carly to indulge a little in Parker’s hope, helping her and Parker make a note for a bottle. The note is a picture of Jack, Carly, Parker and Sage with a message on the back begging him to come home with their phone number. They’re going to throw it off the bridge where Jack’s car went into the river. Chris and Emily find the key, but also find themselves in a compromising position at the mattress store as Allison and Aaron talk to the owner. James has taken Roseanna and Cabot to the cabin, telling Paul that he’ll get to play hero, but on his terms. When he shows him inside, he informs him that what’s going to happen next is almost biblical. Jennifer gives Hal the tape that James sent Barbara and tells him of her mother’s confession to help him escape. Hal confronts Barbara and she denies any involvement, Hal swearing that once he finds out she’s behind his escape, she’ll rot in prison.

B&B by Boo

Ridge and Brooke try to get through to a defensive Thomas that Amber is not the girl for him. Thomas ends up storming off to his room. Brooke calms Ridge down and reminds him how she pushed Rick right into Amberís arms when she tried to keep them apart. Ridge calms down and has a heart to heart talk with Thomas. He reports back to Brooke that he thinks some of it has sunk in and that he thinks Thomas will stay away from Amber. Meanwhile, Thomas is calling Amber. Amber has a good talk with Oscar who advises her to stay away from Thomas. After some discussion, Amber finally agrees that it is best if she follows Oscarís advice.

Days by Danielle

No Show Today

GH by Nancy

 Courtney discovers that Jax's trip to Singapore was a lie, and accuses him of trying to manipulate her; he says he only did it to help move their relationship along. Sonny tells Ric, Alexis, and Justus that Faith has been knifed; he suggests that Faith did this to herself, to make escape easier. Later, Alexis tells Ric she is willing to use her "inside information" from having been Sonny's lawyer to help bring him down. Lorenzo signs Sage's L&B contract at the Q mansion. Tracy invites Heather to dinner at the Q's, while Edward invites Courtney over to make a donation to her charity. Lois walks in on them and tells Court that Edward is only doing it to look good to the inheritance judge. Felicia walks in on Edward and Heather kissing.

Helena convinces Nikolas that Emily is a threat to him. Jason agrees to help rescue Nikolas, and arranges legal papers to have him released. At Shadybrook, Nikolas refuses to leave with him, until Jason promises to take him someplace safe - and alone. On their way out, Emily shows up, causing Nik to change his mind and attack Jason, calling him a liar. Carly tells Sonny that she wants to find her father.

GL by Elizabeth

Josh, Reva, Buzz, Frank and Marina say goodbye to Shayne at the airport. Marina decides not to go to Bosnia with Shayne. Edmond and Dinah meet. Edmond threatens Danny about the loans, Dinah about withholding information from him and then later Jeffery. Tony agrees to put up the capital for Michelle’s business idea. Rick accuses Michelle of ignoring Robbie to spend time with Tony. Danny tells Michelle that both he and Michelle will do what they have to for their family. Bill tells Olivia that Dinah was in town and makes her promise not to tell anyone. Dinah decides not to leave town and makes contact with RJ again.

OLTL by Janice

Evangeline tries to convince John to let her go undercover to find out the truth about RJ and Sonja. Evangeline meets with RJ to try to win back his trust. Sonja is suspicious of Evangeline’s motives. Natalie confronts Paul about his bank account lie. He tells her that he will be working with Rex to earn money. Natalie tells Paul that she will leave him if he is caught committing a crime. At Rodi’s John finds Natalie talking to herself about Paul. John listens to her concerns about Paul and Rex’s relationship. Natalie returns home to find Rex and Paul together. She tells Rex to stay away from Paul. Todd hires someone to fool Asa into thinking that there is a wild animal on the property. Kevin and Jessica are distressed to see Asa heading outside with a shotgun. Tico offers Kevin aid in returning to politics.

Passions by Shirley

no show for two weeks

Y&R By Christopher

Kevin admitted to Daniel that he was in love with Lauren Fenmore. Daniel said she was a former girlfriend of his father's and couldn't believe Kevin was after an older woman. Kevin lunged at him for questioning his love, but relented and said it was now more important than ever to change his image in town so that Lauren would let herself love him. At dinner, Michael revealed to Lauren that Paul would be coming to work with him and Christine. Clearly annoyed by the news, Lauren accepted an invite to dance, then agreed to go home with Michael for a nightcap, since the apartment was empty. Gloria and the male escorts met John at the same restaurant, but the men made an abrupt exit when her money ran out. One of them said he hoped to see her later. Gloria said good-night to John, then went back to Michael's place to have sex with one of the escorts. While they got down and dirty in the living room, Michael and Lauren prepared to enter the apartment. Phyllis and Dru's constant bickering led Neil to offer them a challenge - design the best beauty contest for Safra, and winner gets the office. He warned them not to get in each other's way, to keep quiet about the contest, and suggested they at least try collaborating. Ash tried to downplay the significance of Brad's disappearing act for a concerned Victor. He wasn't swayed, suggested Brad had kidnapped the girl to get back at Victor, and warned Ash to alert him of any changes soon, or he'd take matters into his own hands. Paul sent JT to research Joshua Casson's missing brother, and admitted they'd soon have to go to the police with what they knew. Nikki stopped by and Paul asked her to remember her fifth birthday, told her about the skeleton and showed her the earrings. As Paul asked her to try and connect the dots and remember who had given her the earrings, Nikki stared off into space.

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