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AMC by Jenn

Krystal reveals to Babe that she knows that Jamie had Derek Fry wire him and let him go to the jail in order to get a confession from Seth that JR drugged Babe. She warns her daughter that JR might be guilty. But Babe immediately asks JR about this, against her mother's wishes. JR goes to the jail to visit them both, after hearing what Jamie's done. And at that point, Seth blurts out to JR that JR bought the drugs to drug Babe. Tad, Brooke and Derek overhear him on surveilence camera. But right then, Seth discovers that Jamie is wired and attacks him with a knife.

Ryan is investigating the credibility of Ethan who's alleged he's Michael Cambias' nephew. Kendall informs Zack Slater that she believes Ethan is for real and hopes he can take everything from Ryan. Ryan reveals to Jonathan that if Ethan is real, he will hand over Cambias and everything to him. Jonathan reveals that he can see that his brother doesn't care about the company as much as he cares about his marriage to Greenlee.

ATWT by Linda

Dusty decides not to press the case against Craig as Sierra realizes that she’d just given Craig two million dollars just before Lucy’s second kidnapping. Sierra goes to Dusty, but he initially refuses. Sierra gives him her number and tells him to call her when he changes his mind. Aaron tells Chris that he saw him and Emily together, Chris threatening Aaron to stay away from Allison. Aaron tells Allison he can’t go to her wedding, but she talks him into going and into finding the last key. Emily tells Chris that their kiss was just working out old feelings and that there isn’t anything between them. He declines looking for the key with her, but changes his mind at the last minute. James makes it back to Oakdale and creeps into Fairwinds. When Jordan, Jennifer, Paul and Roseanna decide to go to the fair, he follows them. He’s in the background when Paul asks Roseanna to marry him and she accepts, stealing one of the balloons that Paul had bought and giving it to another kid playing a game. As Paul is taking pictures of Roseanna and Cabot riding the carousel, Jordan runs to him and tells him that James has escaped. When the carousel comes back around, Roseanna and Cabot are missing.

B&B by Matthew

Days by Danielle

Chloe finishes a performance in Vienna and climbs into her limo but laments about being away from Brady. Chloe is anxious to get to her destination despite the flights being grounded due to a storm. Nicole and Brady kiss by the pool. Brady pulls away and regrets having kissed Nicole at Titan. Nicole is upset that Brady is turning away from her again and pushes him into the pool. Nicole’s bathing suit top falls off when Brady dunks her underwater. Nicole tries to convince Brady that Chloe has moved on but Brady won’t hear of it. Brady calls Chloe to hear the truth from her but the limo driver suddenly swerves off the road and the phone goes dead. Mimi is convinced that she is going to die from cancer despite Bonnie’s attempt to convince her that the bleeding is normal. Mimi agrees not to panic until her doctor examines her in the morning. Rex gets Mimi’s note and joins them at Bonnie’s house. Mimi makes Bonnie promise not to tell Rex anything and insists to Rex that everything is fine. Rex shows Mimi and Bonnie the news that he won a monetary prize from a contest and plans to take Mimi to Hawaii next winter. Mimi gets upset at the thought of not making it to next winter. Bonnie covers by claiming that Mimi is crying because she is happy.

John believes that while he won’t rest until Marlena’s body is found, he’s convinced that she is dead. John follows Kate up to the roof of Basic Black and tries to talk her into coming back downstairs. John and Kate begin to make love in the rain. Hope tries to turn off the force field again but it doesn’t work. Someone in the bushes uses a remote to turn it off but Abe warns the group that it could be a trap. Everyone makes it through and the force field comes back on right after the last person walks through. Roman falls into a trap and Abe pulls him out. Marlena tends to Roman’s injured foot and sends Abe and Hope to continue on to Jennifer and Patrick. Hope finds some branches she bent and helps Abe retrace her steps back through the jungle. The mysterious stranger follows close behind them, covering up their tracks and getting rid of all of Hope’s markers. Marlena kisses Roman to get him to relax but it sparks an attraction and they both continue to kiss. Patrick helps Jennifer through her labor. Jennifer continues to believe that Patrick is Jack and asks him to kiss her. Jennifer flashes back to all the times that she and Jack have had to save each other.

GH by Nancy

Jason breaks the news to Sonny that Justus is representing Faith. Later at PCPD, Sonny points out to Justus that he is representing Faith out of guilt over his past with her. Justus refuses to quit being her lawyer, effectively resigning as Sonny's counsel. Ric attempts to get Justus to tell Sonny's secrets, but it doesn't happen. Carly runs into Sam at GH. Dr. Meadows informs both women that she needs to have Sonny's medical history for baby Lila's records. While Sam is having her check-up, Jason arrives and sees Carly; she is still angry with him, but he tells her he won't apologize for lying to her in order to save her family. Later, Carly asks Bobbie about her birth father.

Nikolas is heavily drugged and in a straightjacket. Helena tells him who and what he is; he to resists her. Emily gets a court order to see Nikolas; Helena doesn't interfere. Em realizes she has to rescue Nik before Helena drives him mad. Later, she shows up at Jason's, begging him to help her. After Emily leaves Nikolas, Helena goes in to see him and he tells her that he is "Prince Cassadine"; she is thrilled. Jax tells Courtney he has to go to Singapore on business. She asks him not to go. Sonny goes to visit Faith in her cell, and finds she has been stabbed in the gut.

GL by Elizabeth

Tony and Danny fight again. Tony asks Ray to talk to Danny about accepting some help/money as he’s deep in financial trouble. Cassie teaches Tammy to defend herself. Michelle and Danny get into an argument. Phillip tells Buzz and Harley to simply accept the money for Company. Harley thinks that getting Gus on their side will help them ‘defeat’ the Spaulding’s. Cassie decides to upgrade the security system at the Beacon. Edmond finds out that Jeffery is no longer working for the feds. Jeffery breaks into Bill’s house and is caught by Bill. Bill tells Dinah she needs to leave town. Michelle proposes a deal to Tony about the Lighthouse and turning it into a club/restaurant. Tony and Michelle kiss. Bill and Danny argue over Michelle and the warehouse bomb. Jeffery returns to Bill’s house after he leaves and he and Dinah kiss. Edmond and Dinah head over to Bill’s house.

OLTL by Janice

Starr asks Todd to give Travis’s Mom a job so that she can have a love life. David and Blair visit Tico to get a Euro Craze going, but Tico is more interested in starting his own newspaper. Bo taps Morse code on the pipes in the freezer to get himself and Nora rescued. Daniel thinks Nora has gotten “cold feet” so goes to the shore without her. Evangeline and John share lunch and learn more about each other. Antonio finds out that Carlotta has disappeared and accuses Tico of having something to do with it. Antonio gets angry with Jessica when she suggests he get help to find his mother. Todd and Blair continue to try to make Asa think he’s losing his mind so that they can get the Buchanan mansion. Tico tells Kevin that he will give him a life changing offer.

Passions by Shirley

Luis, Martin, and the jungle guide are searching for Paloma in the jungle, while Sheridan is searching for Luis. Katherine finds her just in time to keep her from running into a poisonous snake, and to save her from the gunman. They team up to find Luis. Paloma got out of the shed, and went running through the jungle, calling Luis. He heard her and started following her voice, which led him to an ancient temple. Meanwhile, the gunman had rigged the temple with electonic tripwires and grabbed Paloma again, holding her where she could watch Luis walk into the booby trapped temple. Just as Sheridan and the others see Luis, he walks into the temple and sets off an explosion, knocking it down and burying him.

Theresa has an ultrasound done and finds out she is pregnant with twins. She wonders about all the possibilities of parentage of the two babies, but Pilar tells her that doesn't matter, it's just more trouble for them all. Whitney tells Fox to leave her alone, again, after a passionate kiss, then realizes what is making her sick every morning. She performs a pregnancy test when she gets home and finds out she is, indeed, pregnant. Meanwhile, a drunken Alistair finally tells Julian who his son with Eve, Whitney's half brother, is: Chad Harris, the father of her baby. Fox hears the name and realizes what it means to them all.

TC decides to toss Liz out and work things out with Eve, so he calls the doctor and tells her to come over for a talk. Liz is very upset, both because he wants to forgive Eve, and also because he doesn't want her, so she tells him that Eve is the one who was driving the car that ended his tennis career. Eve walks in at that point and wonders why TC just keeps staring at her, saying nothing. Then she sees Liz, and realizes her sister has done something else to mess things up. She calls her on it, and TC jumps her, telling her it's not what Liz has done, but what Eve did. He damns her to hell.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nick and Sharon shared a private poolside celebration for having survived the Cameron nightmare. Nikki told Victor he was consumed by Ash and Abby and said she was having personal problems he couldn't help her with. She told him to go to Ash, since he was obviously distracted by her. Gloria annoyed Michael when she refused to tell him the identity of her new boyfriend. Phyllis was non-committal with Damon when he phoned to ask when he could see her again. Daniel told Kevin he was interviewing 'candidates' to help with their plot to renew Kevin's reputation, and asked if he was doing this for a job, or for Lauren. Michael and Lauren dined together, and she admitted that seeing him help Kevin had shown her what a big heart he has. Jack advised Ash not to let Victor destroy her marriage. Paul and JT discussed the skeleton, and learned it was a little boy with a gunshot wound in his skull. Paul worried that evidence would eventually lead back to Nikki and dredge up painful memories for her. Nikki saw a reflection of the little birthday girl in the pool, heard the screaming and gunshots again in her mind, and ran into the house crying. Gloria hired two male escorts to impersonate her sons during dinner with John, and had a laugh when they showed up assuming she wanted sex. Ash asked Damon to keep an eye out for Brad. Victor showed up and demanded an explanation for why she wouldn't let him see Abby earlier. Ash frightfully admitted that Abby was missing, and that it seemed Brad had taken her away.

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