The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/12/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

ATWT by Linda

Jack finds his wedding ring and as he ponders it, he remembers a song. Julia tells him to look at his ring and they find the inscription “To Jack, forever.” Craig convinces Lily to involve the police about the evidence found in Alan’s things. Sierra finds a note left in her purse from Alan which he must have written before he went to drop off the ransom. Sierra wants it to also be included with the evidence, because she doesn’t believe that Alan could have been involved. Roseanna tells Carly that she will help her no matter what and Paul volunteers to be Parker’s baseball coach. James escapes with Barbara’s help – destination: Oakdale.

B&B by Matthew

Thorne and Sally decide to partner up to work together. Later, Darla comes home to find an energized Thorne. Ridge and Brooke discuss how hurt Thorne is and Ridge seems to feel some regret. However, the discussion turns to Thomas who isn't there. Thomas and Amber get really close on the bed at the beach house, but Ridge tracks down Thomas via his car (damn GPS!) and interrupts. Amber hides under the covers. Stephanie and Eric wonder if Thorne will ever speak to them again.

Days by Danielle

Jan gloats as she gives Shawn the play by play of Philip and Belle’s lovemaking. Shawn’s imagination runs wild after Philip and Belle go upstairs and out of Jan’s view. Shawn’s shaking of the cage in frustration loosens one of the beams. Shawn tries to pull it free. Jan decides to climb in the window and try to sneak upstairs to continue filming. Philip and Belle are interrupted when they hear her and come downstairs but find Mimi instead who came to talk to Belle. Mimi, flustered by what she interrupted, makes a quick exit without telling Belle what she came to talk about. Given time to think while Philip takes a cold shower, Belle regrets her recent actions and blames it on the alcohol before ending the night early. Mimi worries that she might be suffering from cancer of the uterus because her grandmother died of it and seeks help from Bonnie. Shawn pretends that he wants to go to sleep when Jan returns but returns to his attempt to break free when she leaves him alone.

Hope tries to remember where she dropped the coin, frantic to get back out in the jungle despite everyone’s insistence that she stay and rest. Roman stays behind to work on the transmitter as Doug and Abe go out in search of the coin with the promise that they’ll come back when they find it to get Hope and Roman. Roman gets the transmitter working but the signal is weaker than before. Doug finds the coin but tries to convince Abe not to go back and get Roman and Hope. They return anyway and reluctantly agree to let Hope go back out with them. Marlena decides to join them as well to offer medical assistance. Roman insists that Doug stay back and keep watch on the transmitter. Hope, Roman, Abe, and Marlena’s two attempts to get back through the force field don’t work. They begin to fear that their host knows what they’re up to and has changed the system. Patrick is able to blow the spider off his hand before it bites him but it lands on Jennifer. Patrick uses his foot to kick the spider off of her. Jennifer uses Patrick as a human ladder to pull herself back up. When Patrick’s calls to Jennifer for a vine go unanswered, he pulls himself up and finds Jennifer unconscious at the top. Patrick helps Jennifer come to and carries her to a safer spot to wait for help. Jennifer begins to hallucinate, believing Patrick is Jack.

GH by Lisa

Nikolas is overpowered by Helena's orderly's and committed to Shadybrook where she attempts to brainwash him to be what she wants him to be. Emily finds him and sees him being drugged.

Courtney tells Jason that she wished they had another chance to be together but knoes that could never be.

Felicia reveals herself as Lila's appointed judge and eliminates Ned from the competition because he had his daughter searching through Felicia's desk.

Georgie's plan to use Lucas to make Dillon jealous backfires.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley arranges a meeting with the corporation that is claiming eminent domain over Company and is shocked to find out Phillip Spaulding is the CEO of the corporation. Danny tries to do business with Phillip, who refuses. Michelle has in interesting conversation with Olivia. Tony offers a job to Danny which he promises is on the up and up. Danny refuses. Michelle lashes out at Danny for lying to her about their financial woes. Tammy tells Joey about Lizzie paying off the record executive. Joey doesn’t believe her. Phillip invites Joey to dinner at the Spaulding Mansion. Ross meets with Dinah, gives her some cash and tells her to leave Springfield.

OLTL by Janice

Rex asks Paul to help him with the art gallery heist in exchange for $10,000. Paul agrees after Natalie finds out that he only has $50 in his savings account instead of $1000 and Kevin refuses to give him an advance on his salary. Natalie begins to have second thoughts about Paul. Kevin brings her papers to sign regarding her trust fund. He asks her if she wants to know the truth about Paul. Antonio interrupts a conversation between Angelina and Carlotta. Antonio tells Angelina that he can be trusted, but before she can say anything Sonja arrives and delivers her back to Lion’s Den. Jessica meets with Tico and shares some family history from the news archives with him. They share a dance. Jessica witnesses Sonja hurting Angelina’s arm and yelling at her. Tico is upset that Jessica believes Sonja dislikes Angelina. Nora prepares for her weekend away with Daniel. She and Bo go shopping so that he and Matthew will have food. They visit a butcher and armed men grab the butcher and lock Bo and Nora in the freezer. Daniel is worried when Nora doesn’t show, but Matthew tells him that she and his Dad went away for the weekend. A mysterious perfumed letter is left on Antonio’s desk. Jessica recognizes the date is the same as when Manuel’s family was killed. Angelina returns to the diner just after Carlotta races out with all the cash register money.

Passions by Shirley

Luis and Martin, after enlisting the aide of a jungle guide, headed out to find Paloma. Sheridan and Katherine stayed behind, until Alistair called Sheridan and told her Luis was headed to his death. She took off to find and warn him of Alistair's plan. Meanwhile, Paloma managed to get the loose from the ropes she was tied with once the gunman took off to find Luis, and tried to run out to stop him and warn the others. A snake was standing guard at the door, however.

TC is still upset at finding Eve in bed with Julian, and about his own tryst with Liz. Liz continues to try to keep him from accepting what Eve had done and forgive her, but Sam enlisted the aide of Father Lonigan, who reminded TC that what Eve had done was before he knew her, while she had led an exemplary life after they married. He saw the light, and asked Liz to leave. She has other plans, however. Meanwhile, Julian is going to confront Alistair and get the name of their son from him, after assuring Fox he probably won't have to worry about the new Crane heir wanting to take over the business. Eve had another confrontation with Whitney in the hospital, but it was cut short by a sudden wave of sickness that washed over Whitney. Could she be pregnant?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Raul shared emotional good-byes with Mac and JT, before finally talking with Brittany. She said she wished he would stay, and that they could be friends. He thanked her for all they'd shared, and said good-bye to GC. JT, realizing joke time was over, arranged for his bags to be returned. Olivia read Brad's note saying he was going to spend time alone with Abby, told Ash to stop putting Victor first, and warned that Brad couldn't take much more. Jill confronted Ash about cutting the Men's Line budget. Ash gave her till January to get the numbers up and hinted at firing her. Nick and Sharon celebrated the Cameron nightmare ending with a barbecue. Nikki and Cassie both thanked Grace for helping Sharon. Grace flirted with Michael, who rejected her, then made peace with Sharon, agreeing Frank's murder was a travesty. In Victoria's old house, Nikki encountered Daniel and his attitude. Phyllis explained they were staying there at Victor's request, and apologized for catching Nikki off guard. Nikki said it was okay, put Daniel in his place, welcomed them, and said it was a sort of payback for Phyllis testifying on Victor's behalf months ago. Victor phoned Ash and asked if Abby could join the barbecue, but Ash said no and hung up. Panic setting in, Ash left Brad a message pleading with him to call her, then wondered aloud what he'd done with their daughter.

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